File Title
1 'Galaxy-sized' observatory sees potential hints of gravitational waves
2 Non-Hispanic Black patients are disproportionately left off liver transplant waitlists
3 Trained medical staff can perform safe, effective hernia surgery
4 Inspired by kombucha tea, engineers create "living materials"
5 Neuroscientists identify brain circuit that encodes timing of events
6 Big differences in how coral reef fish larvae are dispersed
7 NIH study suggests using cannabis while trying to conceive may reduce pregnancy chances
8 Landmark human study is first to reveal strong links between gut microbes, diet and health
9 COVID-19 pandemic indirectly disrupted heart disease care
10 Uncovering basic mechanisms of intestinal stem cell self-renewal and differentiation
11 Nurse involvement promotes discussion of advanced care planning during office visits
12 Physician-pharmacist collaboration may increase adherence to opioid addiction treatment
13 Scientists reach new milestone in vaccine development for leishmaniasis
14 COVID-19 drug prospects boosted by discovery of short form of coronavirus's 'entry point'
15 Researchers use LRZ HPC resources to perform largest-ever supersonic turbulence simulation
16 Galaxy mergers could limit star formation
17 More than just a sun tan: Ultraviolet light helps marine animals to tell the time of year
18 Scientists create 'living materials' using kombucha-inspired microbial mixture
19 ALMA captures distant colliding galaxy dying out as it loses the ability to form stars
20 Mindfulness can improve mental health and wellbeing--but unlikely to work for everyone
21 Spikes in cardiovascular deaths shown to be an indirect cost of COVID-19 pandemic
22 Climate change has caused billions of dollars in flood damages
23 More management measures lead to healthier fish populations
24 Ocean acidification is transforming California mussel shells
25 Understanding origins of Arizona's Sunset Crater eruption of 1,000 years ago
26 Study identifies exposure to common food-borne pathogen linked to rare brain cancer
27 Higher coffee intake may be linked to lower prostate cancer risk
28 Make-up of gut microbiome may influence COVID-19 severity and immune response
29 Study finds new evidence of health threat from chemicals in marijuana and tobacco smoke
30 Youth using e-cigarettes three times as likely to become daily cigarette smokers
31 First human culture lasted 20,000 years longer than thought
32 Drinking water in several Chinese cities contains high levels of persistent chemicals
33 Osteoporosis drug could half number of redo hip replacement operations
34 Marijuana use typically drops at the beginning of the year, then climbs in summer and fall
35 Team creates hybrid chips with processors and memory to run AI on battery-powered devices
36 Study reveals strong links between gut microbes, diet and metabolic health
37 Canada must dismantle anti-Black racism in medicine
38 Small towns are bigger than we think
39 Timing and intensity of oral sex may affect risk of oropharyngeal cancer
40 ACP releases comprehensive framework to address disparities and discrimination in health care [plus additional topics]
41 This tree snake climbs with a lasso-like motion
42 U.S. mental health system needs broad changes to improve access and quality
43 Imagining a face reactivates face-detecting neurons in humans
44 Scientists discover bizarre new mode of snake locomotion
45 Cracking the code of a shapeshifting protein
46 USTC obtains Pd-Pt tesseracts for oxygen reduction reaction
47 Scientists discover key enzyme responsible for skin blistering in the elderly
48 Perceptions of police using PPE during the pandemic--SFU study
49 Impact of COVID lockdown on aeromedical retrievals in remote parts of Australia
50 UCI researchers use deep learning to identify gene regulation at single-cell level
51 UCI scientists measure local vibrational modes at individual crystalline faults
52 Researchers speed up analysis of Arctic ice and snow data through AI
53 No-till practices in vulnerable areas significantly reduce soil erosion
54 Reviewing the evidence for cloth mask use among health care workers
55 Mothers, but not fathers, with multiple children report more fragmented sleep
56 Wives bore the brunt of child care during the shutdown
57 Black and Hispanic Californians face health discrimination; less trusting of clinicians
58 Higher vaccine rates associated with indicative language by provider, more efficient
59 Researchers find wildfire smoke is more cooling on climate than computer models assume
60 Twitter croudsourcing found effective for dermatologic diagnoses
61 January/February 2021 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
62 Beating the 'billion-dollar bug' is a shared burden
63 Hunters and busybodies: Researchers use Wikipedia to measure different types of curiosity
64 New study reveals how fences hinder migratory wildlife in the West
65 Nanoparticle immunization technology could protect against many strains of coronaviruses
66 The earliest supermassive black hole and quasar in the universe
67 Metabolism may play role in recurrent major depression
68 New process evaluates patients for elective surgeries following COVID-19
69 Killing cancer by unleashing the body's own immune system
70 Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for nursing mothers?
71 DNA in water used to uncover genes of invasive fish
72 New method helps pocket-sized DNA sequencer achieve near-perfect accuracy
73 'Old Faithful' cosmic eruption shows black hole ripping at star
74 Mechanisms in the kidney that control magnesium and calcium levels discovered
75 Gene-editing produces tenfold increase in superbug slaying antibiotics
76 Boomerang performance is on par with internal employees who never left the firm, new paper finds
77 NASA missions help investigate an 'Old Faithful' active galaxy
78 Johns Hopkins scientist develops method to find toxic chemicals in drinking water
79 More than half of COVID-19 health care workers at risk for mental health problems
80 When AI is used to set prices, can inadvertent collusion be a result?
81 Noted experts challenge conventional wisdom within the field of radiology
82 Family court decisions distorted by misuse of key research, say experts
83 Scientists identify 'immune cop' that detects SARS-CoV-2
84 High doses of saccharin don't lead to diabetes in healthy adults, study finds
85 Study of flowers with two types of anthers solves mystery that baffled Darwin
86 Enlightening dark ions
87 Soil degradation costs U.S. corn farmers a half-billion dollars every year
88 Researchers develop laser-based process to 3D print detailed glass objects
89 Scientists study use of abundant enzyme in tumor cells to monitor cancer treatment
90 Study identifies immune response biomarkers, novel pathways in four marine mollusc species
91 UCF researchers use advanced light to reveal how different biofuels behave
92 How many tests after vasectomy? Guideline update leads to change in practice
93 Cats may help increase empathy, decrease anxiety for kids with autism
94 Shortening college athlete COVID quarantine may boost adherence without increasing risk
95 SARS-CoV-2 can infect neurons and damage brain tissue, study indicates
96 Texas A&M research explores how melanoma grows and spreads
97 New treatment allows some people with spinal cord injury to regain hand and arm function
98 Tapping the brain to boost stroke rehabilitation
99 Unsure how to help reverse insect declines? Scientists suggest simple ways
100 Strategy tested in mice protects against SARS-CoV-2 & coronaviruses that represent human threats
101 Discovery of a new approach to inhibiting a highly treatment-refractory liver cancer
102 Formula predicts ideal dose of stem cells to cure HIV
103 Organizations collaborate to develop international von Willebrand Disease guidelines
104 Hip fracture incidence expected to increase two-to-three fold in some Eurasian countries
105 Study finds NRA stakeholders conflicted in wake of shootings
106 School testing plans risk spreading COVID-19 more widely, warn experts
107 Scientists reveal how gut microbes can influence bone strength in mice
108 Artificial intelligence puts focus on the life of insects
109 Study finds future too warm for baby sharks
110 Museum scientists: Prepare for next pandemic now by preserving animal specimens in natural history