File Title
1 As COVID-19 Cripples Guards, States Are Closing Down Prisons
2 Inflatable Christmas Costume Possible Cuplrit in Kaiser Permanente COVID-19 Outbreak
3 'Miracle COVID-19 Patient' Wakes From Coma a Day Before Her Family Decides to Remove Life Support
4 Scientists Debate Over Coronavirus Vaccine Second Dose Release To People
5 Iran Escalates Middle East Tension Following 20% Enrichment of Uranium and Seizing Foreign Oil Tanker
6 Operation Warp Speed Chief Dr. Slaoui: Third COVID-19 Vaccine Could see FDA Approval In 4-6 Weeks
7 North Korea Seeks Assitance from Gobal Alliance to Procure COVID-19 Vaccine
8 Virus Variant Rages Sweeping Britain to Re-enter Stricter Lockdown
9 Amid Growing Crisis Over Vaccine Rollout in New York the New Coronavirus Variant Was Detected
10 Houston Methodist Offers Workers $500 to get Coronavirus Vaccine; Thanks them for their Hardwork
11 People who Received Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Must Get Two Full Doses, FDA Reiterates
12 According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, South African COVID-19 Variant May Render Antibody Drugs Useless
13 Researchers Guise To Stretch Vaccine Supply Due To Shortages
14 New York Nurse First in US to Be Fully Vaccinated After Being Administered Final Shot
15 COVID-19 Vaccine: What It Feels like and Everything You Need to Know
16 Report: 2,500 Patients Sued by Northwell Hospital in New York During the Pandemic
17 Flight Attendant's Death: Prosecutor Orders Release of 3 Suspects, 'Insufficient Evidence for Rape-Slay Charge'
18 Experts Say the US Could Be Blind to the New Virus Variant
19 Vaccine Rollout Being Called: US Distribution Gets Worst, Only 26 Million Vaccinated
20 European Union Approves Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, Rollout Next Week
21 China Locks Down Part of Province, Virus Restrictions Heightened
22 Report: As COVID-19 Cases Soar Japan Declares Tokyo Under the State of Emergency
23 Asymptomatic Cases Cause Virus Infection to Spread in the US, Researchers Say
24 Oxygen Shortage Affects Hospital Assistance to COVID-19 Patients
25 CDC Reports More than 50 Cases of UK COVID-19 Strain in the US
26 US Recorded Five Deadliest Days with More than 4,000 COVID-19 Deaths in Less than Two Weeks
27 Wisconsin To Start Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines Weeks Later Than the Other States
28 COVID-19: South Africa Variant Virus and What to Know About This Strain
29 Vaccines Available to More Groups of People as US Officials Under Pressure
30 COVID-19 Vaccine Calculator: This Tool Can Help You Know When Your Turn to Get Vaccinated Is
31 New COVID Variant Expected To Affect More People, Says US Experts
32 New York Vaccination Guidelines Aim to Follow-up Distribution of Vaccine to Peoples' Arms
34 Americans with Intellectual Disabilities Who Are High Risk of COVID-19 Still Waiting for Vaccines
35 Capitol Lockdown Possibly Exposed Lawmakers to COVID-19 Says, Physicians.
36 What patients need to know about new recommendations for prostate cancer screening
37 You may feel lousy after getting the COVID vaccine. Experts say that's OK
38 It's not too late for a flu shot--even if you also get the COVID-19 vaccine
39 South Africa struggles with post-holiday spike in COVID-19
40 Young Chicago students begin return to classroom learning
41 South Africa struggles with post-holiday spike in COVID-19
42 'The most dangerous time': UK sees toughest virus threat yet
43 Snow and ice disrupt lives, vaccine rollout in Spain
44 Village doctor in Ukraine faces coronavirus challenge
45 California virus deaths top 30,000 after deadliest weekend
46 The Latest: BioNTech says it plans 2 billion vaccine doses
47 Lebanon considers tighter lockdown amid coronavirus surge
48 Albania carries out 1st vaccinations with donated doses
49 China: WHO experts arriving Thursday for virus origins probe
50 Asia Today: Virus rules tightened in province near Beijing
51 Indonesia green-lights emergency use of Chinese vaccine
52 India's quick nod to homegrown COVID-19 vaccine seeds doubt
53 Mexican president's spokesman tests positive for coronavirus
54 The Latest: Scores test positive in China's Hebei province
55 Africa exceeds 3 million COVID-19 cases, 30% in South Africa
56 Spain shovels out of snowdrifts left by Storm Filomena
57 Vaccine rollout confirms public health officials' warnings
58 Possible virus exposure for lawmakers sheltering during riot
59 Algeria leader back to Germany for COVID-19-linked treatment
60 Johnson under fire as UK again faces onslaught of COVID-19
61 UK ramps up vaccine rollout, targets every adult by autumn
62 Asia Today: China reports 380 cases south of Beijing
63 AP PHOTOS: Ukraine's hospitals grapple with COVID-19 surge
64 The Latest: Mexico sees record 16,105 new virus cases
65 California reports record 695 virus deaths in a day
66 VIRUS TODAY: California in dire need of more medical workers
67 California is desperate, but volunteer health corps dwindles
68 What we know about the COVID-19 variant spreading in South Africa
69 Capitol Hill riot could prove to be COVID-19 superspreader event, experts say
70 French vaccine rollout slowed by red tape, focus on elderly
71 Asia Today: China asks residents in 2 cities to stay home
72 UK to vaccinate out of pandemic by looking to local GPs
73 Death of 9 nuns highlights toll of coronavirus in convents
74 The Latest: 2 Chinese cities urge people to stay at home
75 With virus surging, Biden to speed release of COVID vaccines
76 Congress, LA take divergent paths after COVID test warning
77 Tennessee is 1st to be approved for Medicaid block grant
78 U.S. tops 4,000 daily deaths from coronavirus for 1st time
79 For nurses, California's virus outbreak has a personal toll
80 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine likely to work against new, rapidly-spreading variants: Study
81 Record daily COVID deaths soar past 4,000 in US
82 Miami coroner reviewing doctor's death 2 weeks after vaccine
83 Cyprus to return to lockdown conditions to stem virus spread
84 WHO: Rich nations, vaccine firms should stop bilateral deals
85 Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots
86 Groundbreaking Experiment Tracks the Real-Time Transport of Individual Molecules
87 First Glimpse of Polarons--Ephemeral Distortions--Forming in a Promising Next-Gen. Energy Material
88 Supercomputer Simulations Target the Deadly Coils of Ebola
89 When Good Governments Go Bad: History Shows That Societies Collapse When Leaders Undermine Social Contracts
90 The Giant Magellan Telescope Will Revolutionize Our View and Understanding of the Universe
91 New Research Shows High Bodily Emissions During Workouts, Intensified by Chemical Reactions With Cleaners
92 NASA Explores Upper Limits of Global Navigation Systems for Artemis Moon Missions
93 Spectacular Snowcapped Mountains Discovered on Pluto Are Very Different to Those on Earth
94 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Stephanie Wilson [Video]
95 Climate-Change-Induced Conflict? Rare Footage Captured of Jaguar Killing Ocelot at Waterhole
96 Kirigami Cuts--Japanese Art Form Inspires New Engineering Technique
97 The Long, Troubling Decline of Arctic Sea Ice
98 Researchers Zero In on Natural Products That Disrupt Lethal Viruses, Including the COVID-19 Coronavirus
99 New Electron Microscopy Technique Offers First Real-Time Look at Previously Hidden Processes
100 China Builds the World's First Integrated Quantum Communication Network
101 Will Global Warming Bring a Change in the Winds? Dust From Ancient, Deep Sea Sediments Provides a Clue
102 Old Silicon Learns New Tricks: Atomically Architected Silicon Pyramids With Unusual Magnetic Properties
103 Quantum Nanodevice Can Be Both a Heat Engine and Refrigerator at the Same Time
104 Hand-Held Particle Detector Measures Aerosols for Coronavirus Risk Assessment
105 SPHEREx: A New NASA Space Telescope Will Help Unravel the Mysteries of the Big Bang
106 Ultra-Fast Gas Flows Through Tiniest Holes in One-Atom-Thin Membranes--Validates Century-Old Equation of Fluid Dynamics
107 NASA Space Launch System Rocket Proceeding with Green Run Hot Fire Test
108 Researchers Turn Coal Powder Into Valuable Nano-Graphite in Microwave Oven
109 Human Migration Patterns Over the Last 500 Years Connected to Vitamin D Deficiencies Today
110 ESA 2021 Preview--Very Exciting Year Ahead for the European Space Agency [Video]
111 Crocodiles Have Changed Very Little Since the Age of the Dinosaurs--New Research Explains Why
112 COVID's Collateral Damage: Germicidal UV Lamps Can Damage Corneas
113 Sudden Stratospheric Warming May Trigger "Beast From the East"
114 AI Boosted by Parallel Convolutional Light-Based Processors