File Title
1 Mapping out a transient atom
2 Scientists discover mutations associated with early onset dementia
3 Pregnant women with COVID-19 pass no virus but fewer-than-expected antibodies to newborns
4 COVID immunity lasts up to 8 months, new data reveals
5 Safe gun storage counseling and lock distribution could lower military suicide rate
6 Too much of a good thing--persistent IFN[gamma] depletes progenitor blood cells via BST2
7 Community-based programs reduce sexual violence, study shows
8 Community spread of COVID-19 tied to patient survival rates at area hospitals
9 N/A
10 Americans underestimate public support for key gun policies
11 Frozen: Cutting-edge technology reveals structures within cells
12 Regulatory RNAs promote breast cancer metastasis
13 Model predicts where ticks, Lyme disease will appear next in Midwest states
14 Artificial intelligence predicts gestational diabetes in Chinese women
15 Hand-held device measures aerosols for coronavirus risk assessment
16 Study finds patients with kidney failure are ready and willing to use mobile health
17 A groggy climate giant: subsea permafrost is still waking up after 12,000 years
18 Pregnant women in third trimester unlikely to pass SARS-CoV-2 infection to newborns
19 The first endovascular technology that can explore capillaries
20 Cornell University to extract energy from manure to meet peak heating demands
21 One in four women with ADHD has attempted suicide
22 Eavesdropping on the pH levels inside the brain
23 COVID-19 severity affected by proportion of antibodies targeting crucial viral protein
24 Astrocytes eat connections to maintain plasticity in adult brains
25 Ludwig Cancer Research study reveals how ecDNA forms and drives cancer drug resistance
26 Breaking bad: how shattered chromosomes make cancer cells drug-resistant
27 Cost-effective hood reduces aerosol exposures to patients, otolaryngologists
28 Research reveals compromised transfer of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies through placenta
29 High-brightness source of coherent light spanning from the UV to THz
30 Immersive virtual reality boosts the effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain
31 AI-designed serotonin sensor may help scientists study sleep and mental health
32 Changing the perspective on the 'Cinderella of the cytoskeleton'
33 Tracing the many paths of vision
34 Light smokers may not escape nicotine addiction, study reveals
35 New mechanisms to control dental procedure spray emissions
36 Scientists identify new gene involved in autism spectrum disorder
37 What does 'do not resuscitate' mean? Varying interpretations may affect patient care, reports American Journal of Nursing
38 With COVID exacerbating superbug threat, researchers ID new weapon
39 New mammal reference genome helps ID genetic variants for human health
40 Physician-led Spanish-speaking volunteers address health care inequities during a crisis
41 Cost-effective or not? New research on national vaccination programs
42 Understanding nanoparticle entry mechanism into tumors
43 Metabolic syndrome 'interacts' with COVID-19
44 Trophoblast motility in a gelatin hydrogel
45 Cooperation with R&D organizations is significantly distinctive for advanced innovators
46 Similar factors cause health disparities in cancer, COVID-19
47 Discovery of chemical clue may lead to solving cacao's black pod rot mystery
48 Sex Differences in Death After Stroke
49 Scientists at Tel Aviv University develop new gene therapy for deafness
50 Quantum wave in helium dimer filmed for the first time
51 TPU chemists convert plastic bottle waste into insecticide sorbent
52 Study suggests great earthquakes as cause of Arctic warming
53 Plastic is blowing in the wind
54 Christmas trees can be green because of a photosynthetic short-cut
55 Estonian-led international network publishes first study of growing influence of social media
56 Researchers develop new way to break reciprocity law
57 Theory describes quantum phenomenon in nanomaterials
58 Perfect transmission through barrier using sound
59 Turning the heat down: Catalyzing ammonia formation at lower temperatures with ruthenium
60 The ABCs of species evolution
61 Disposable surgical masks best for being heard clearly when speaking, study finds
62 Covering faces around kids won't mask emotions
63 Ancient DNA retells story of Caribbean's first people, with a few plot twists
64 Triple chemotherapy combination improves metastatic colorectal cancer outcomes
65 Are two phases of quarantine better than one?
66 Genetic engineering without unwanted side effects helps fight parasites
67 Climate crisis is causing lakes to shrink
68 Molecular reporters expose the allies of the brain tumor
69 How our brains track where we and others go
70 Wistar reports new class of antibiotics active against a wide range of bacteria
71 Chest pain risk assessment may reduce treatment disparities
72 Global trial reveals life saving drug for acute myeloid leukemia
73 Scientists discover how our brains track where we and others go
74 Caspian crisis: Sinking sea levels threaten biodiversity, economy and regional stability
75 The thymus as key to healthy pregnancies
76 Weedy Seadragon genomics reveal highly distinct populations
77 No. 1 news release on EurekAlert!'s 2020 Trending List smashes previous all-time record for visits
78 People in rural areas less likely to receive specialty care for neurologic conditions
79 Neurology patients faced with rising out-of-pocket costs for tests, office visits
80 New research highlights the importance of a forgotten organ in ensuring healthy pregnancies
81 Remarkable new species of snake found hidden in a biodiversity collection
82 New research highlights the importance of the thymus in successful pregnancies
83 Capturing 40 years of climate change for an endangered Montana prairie
84 Experiment takes 'snapshots' of light, stops light, uses light to change properties of matter
85 Highest levels of microplastics found in molluscs, new study says
86 Evidence for a massive paleo-tsunami at ancient Tel Dor, Israel
87 Survival of the thickest: Big brains make mammal populations less dense
88 Modeling can help balance economy, health during pandemic
89 A new TanSat XCO2 global product for climate studies
90 Protein tells developing cells to stick together
91 Discovery of aging mechanism for hematopoietic stem cells
92 Shapeshifting crystals-varying stability in different forms of gallium selenide monolayers
93 Human-made landscape promotes coexistence of two normally separated Andean warblers
94 International research team calls for 'glocal' approach to help mitigate flooding damage
95 Novel method reveals small microplastics throughout Japan's subtropical ocean
96 RUDN University scientist showed global warming effect on greenhouse gas emissions in paddy soils
97 Early mammal with remarkably precise bite
98 Multi-population risk scores could improve risk prediction for inflammatory bowel diseases, study finds
99 Atomic-scale nanowires can now be produced at scale
100 NBA's 'bubble' reveals link between circadian rhythm, home court advantage
101 Study: Economic decline, rising inequality breeds polarization
102 SpaceX launches satellite for SiriusXM from Florida
103 Climate change fuels new toxic algal blooms along Pacific Coast
104 Ancient ceramic oil-lamp workshop unearthed in Israel
105 Environmental value of renewable energy varies from place to place
106 Brain scans, surveys help scientists paint neural portrait of loneliness
107 Physics of chaos help scientists create insect-like gaits for robots
108 U.N. report says humans must release grip on nature
109 Disaster awaits if aging Red Sea oil tanker isn't emptied soon, scientists warn
110 Launch company Astra reaches space for first time
111 Universities prepare to launch experiments with NASA, Virgin Orbit