File Title
1 COVID: Wales' schools and colleges shut until half term unless cases fall
2 University of Nottingham rent protesters offered 'support package'
3 COVID in Scotland: Students' return to universities delayed
4 Transfer test: NI ministers clash over plans for exam
5 Coronavirus lockdown: 'I'm not paying 9,250 pounds for Zoom university'
6 Can I get proof I've been vaccinated? And other questions
7 COVID-19: Sheffield Uni students get lockdown rent freeze
8 COVID: School closures 'throwing children under the bus'
9 COVID-19: Birmingham laptops appeal as pupils face lockdown
10 Norwich teacher banned over relationship with ex-pupil
11 Two more life-saving COVID drugs discovered
12 COVID: WHO team investigating virus origins denied entry to China
13 COVID-19: UK daily coronavirus cases top 60,000 for first time
14 COVID: LA ambulances told not to transport some patients to hospital
15 Coronavirus: India to export COVID vaccines 'within weeks'
16 US doctor forgives $650,000 in medical bills for cancer patients
17 South Africa coronavirus variant: What is the risk?
18 What's happening to the EU vaccine scheme?
19 Coronavirus: Dutch shocked to be EU vaccination stragglers
20 Coronavirus: Israel leads vaccine race with 12% given jab
21 Eva Williams, 10, dies one year after brain tumour diagnosis
22 COVID-19: Non-urgent operations stopped in Worcestershire
23 COVID: India to begin vaccine rollout on 16 January
24 COVID: Wales 'ready to vaccinate at a higher rate'
25 COVID-19: Lockdown needs to be stricter, scientists warn
26 COVID-19: Act like you've got the virus, government urges
27 Prince William talks about NHS and COVID with his children 'every day'
28 Southampton and Portsmouth medics criticise false COVID posts
29 Are COVID patients getting younger?
30 COVID: Locked-down women turn to pills amid Malta abortion ban
31 COVID-19: UK sees highest daily toll of 1,325 deaths
32 COVID-19: Staffordshire hospitals to move some patients
33 Mayor says public 'misled' over Birmingham rollout
34 COVID in Scotland: How do hospital numbers compare with April's peak?
35 British Family Doctors Criticise Change of Plan on Vaccine Boosters
36 The Cat's Meow: Felines as Seizure Detectors?
37 US Hits 20 Million Cases as COVID Variant Spreads
38 US Vaccinations in 2020 Falling Far Short of Target of 20 Mln People
39 BioNTech Founders Warn of Vaccine Supply Gaps: Spiegel
40 Mouth Bacteria Linked to Lung Cancer Risk in Never Smokers
41 Invasive Tests Prompted by Cancer Screening Show High Real-World Complication Rate
42 Fauci: Vaccinations Are Increasing in a 'Glimmer of Hope'
43 Simple Parent-Child Cooking Lessons Help Toddlers Eat Healthier
44 Minority Children More Likely Than Whites to Be Infected With SARS-CoV-2
45 Phone Cameras May Replace Lab Equipment in COVID-19 Testing
46 US Treatment of Children at Southern Border Is 'Torture': Pediatricians
47 Parents Often Decide on Their Own They Want Tonsillectomy for Children's Sleep Apnea
48 Children May Be Missing Vaccinations During Pandemic
49 Gene Expression Different in Allergic, Irritant Contact Dermatitis
50 Symptom Screening, Isolated Spaces Could Reduce COVID-19 at Homeless Shelters
51 Online Misinformation Fuels a Fight Over Folic Acid
52 'Last Responders' Brace for Surge in COVID Deaths Across US
53 Heading Off the Next Pandemic
54 US, UK Officials Seek to Stretch Vaccine Doses
55 ACC/AHA Valvular Heart Disease Update Backs Less-Invasive Approach
56 Inexplicably Drunk: A Case of an Underdiagnosed Condition?
57 Physician-Level PCI Mortality Data May Be Misleading
58 Experts Debate Wisdom of Delaying Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose
59 The Woman in the Mirror: A Reflection of a Life-Threatening Condition
60 'Premature' to Change Authorized COVID-19 Vaccines Dosing, Schedules, FDA Says
61 COVID Variant Found in New York as U.K. Locks Down
62 Black California Surgeon 'Walks the Walk' on Virus Vaccine
63 Oncologist Cancels Medical Debt for 200 Cancer Patients
64 'Keep Glucose in Check' to Thwart Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy
65 DOACs Look Safe in Elective Endoscopic Procedures
66 In Utero SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Unlikely, but Neonates May Be Unprotected
67 Germany Mulls Delaying Second COVID-19 Vaccine Shot, Denmark Approves Delay
68 Yemeni Boy, Ravaged by Hunger, Weighs 7 Kg
69 As End to Pandemic Mask-Wearing Nears, South Koreans Scramble to Arrange Cosmetic Surgery
70 New York, Florida Tell Hospitals to Dispense COVID-19 Vaccines Quicker or Lose Supply
71 Anorexia and Diarrhea Top List of GI Symptoms in COVID-19 Patients
72 Spanish Doctors Disappointed by Slow Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccinations
73 Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Healthcare Joint Venture to Shut Business Next Month
74 Major US Airlines Back 'Global' COVID-19 Testing Requirements: Letter
75 EU Drugs Agency Still Undecided on Moderna COVID Vaccine: Dutch Regulator
76 California Governor Says Vaccination Pace 'Not Good Enough'
77 Laws Promoting Flu Vaccines for Hospital Workers Tied to Lower Patient Mortality
78 'Antireflux' Lifestyle Might Help Prevent GERD Symptoms
79 Dual Use of Traditional Cigarettes, E-cigarettes May Not Reduce Heart Disease Risk
80 TTR V122I Variant Linked to Adverse Cardiac Mechanics in Middle-Aged Black Americans
81 CDC Hopes to Double Tests for New COVID-19 Mutations
82 Worries About Vaccine Rollout Rise as NY Finds Virus Variant
83 One in Five Gestational Carriers Do Not Meet ASRM Criteria
84 'Lipid Paradox' Seen in Nonobese RA Patients With Low LDL
85 Swedish Registry Study Finds Atopic Dermatitis Significantly Associated With Autoimmune Diseases
86 Media Reports Paint Overly Rosy Picture of ECMO
87 Experts Advise Against Antibody Drugs in Pediatric COVID-19
88 Disinfecting During Pandemic Puts Asthmatics at Risk
89 Wisconsin Pharmacist Thought Vaccine Was Unsafe
90 Getting Closer to a Lifesaving RSV Vaccine
91 FDA Warns About Risk for False Negatives From Curative COVID Test
92 US May Cut Some Moderna Vaccine Doses in Half to Speed Rollout, Official Says
93 Has Your Career Been Affected by a Noncompete Clause?
94 COVID Variant Spreads Again, Confirmed in Georgia
95 Oral JAK Inhibitor for Alopecia Areata Advances to Phase 3
96 How Diet and Exercise Can Help Manage NAFLD, According to the AGA
97 'Dad' of UK Renal Medicine Dies of COVID-19
98 Microplastics Permeate Human Placentas
99 Hospital Prices Just Got a Lot More Transparent
100 Why the Smallest State Has a Big Virus Challenge
101 Disparities in Child Abuse Evaluation Arise From Implicit Bias
102 Analysis Characterizes Common Wound Microbes in Epidermolysis Bullosa
103 Many Health Plans Now Must Cover Full Cost of Expensive HIV Prevention Drugs
104 Hospitals Struggle to Keep Up in COVID-19 Hotspot California
105 Hospital Offers Workers $500 to Get COVID-19 Vaccine
106 U.S. Mothers Underestimate Role Breastfeeding Plays in Curbing Breast Cancer
107 Racial, Ethnic Disparities in Maternal Mortality, Morbidity Persist
108 China Doubles Down on COVID Narrative as WHO Investigation Looms
109 Italy to Invest in Biotech ReiThera to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Development
110 A COVID-19 Shot for $150? Online Scams Surge as Slow Vaccine Rollout Frustrates
111 Drugmakers Kick Off 2021 With 500 US Price Hikes
112 Coronavirus Variants, First Found in UK and South Africa, Spread Worldwide
113 How Safe Is It to Switch and Space COVID-19 Vaccine Doses?
114 France Cranks Up Vaccine Rollout to Deliver Shots Faster
115 WHO Recommends 2 Doses of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Within 21-28 Days
116 COVID Vaccinations Lag as Virus Rages
117 South African Variant Unlikely to 'Completely Negate' COVID Vaccines, Scientist Says
118 Studies to See if Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Can Be Halved May Take 2 Months
119 Survey of NCI-Funded Investigators
120 Remote Intensive Management by Allied Healthcare Providers Safe in Low-Risk MI Patients
121 Most Docs Lack Confidence in Using Ultrasound for Thyroid Cancer Surveillance
122 Screen COPD Patients With Worsening Lung Function for Pulmonary Embolism?
123 Laparoscopic Lavage an Alternative to Resection in Perforated Diverticulitis