File Title
1 Beating the bulge with a nice cup of tea
2 Hawai'i drought during El Nino winter? Not always, according to new research
3 Swinburne-led research team demonstrates world's fastest optical neuromorphic processor
4 Vaccine myths on social media can be effectively reduced with credible fact checking
5 Not just a guys' club: Resistance training benefits older women just as much as older men
6 Low risk of severe COVID-19 in children
7 New strategy to fight botulinum toxin--expert available
8 A third of US families face a different kind of poverty
9 The link between opioid medication and pancreatic cancer
10 Mouse study finds link between gut disease and brain injury in premature infants
11 A new approach to study autoimmune diseases
12 uOttawa study shows that mindfulness can help ease the pain of breast cancer survivors
13 Light-based processors boost machine-learning processing
14 Shiga toxin's not supposed to kill you
15 Resist the resistance: fighting the good fight against bacteria
16 Protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 could last eight months or more
17 CytoDel announces successful intra-neuronal antibody delivery without a viral vector
18 UCI study first to link disparities and 'pharmacy deserts' in California
19 Wait for me: Cell biologists decipher signal that ensures no chromosome is left behind
20 Physicists observe competition between magnetic orders
21 Dual smoking and vaping doesn't cut cardiovascular risk: Boston University study
22 Young adults say porn is their most helpful source of information about how to have sex
23 The biggest chemistry stories of 2020
24 In changing oceans, sea stars may be 'drowning'
25 'Sniffing out' fruity thiols in hoppy beers
26 Researchers turn coal powder into graphite in microwave oven
27 A better pen-and-ink system for drawing flexible circuits
28 Detecting CRISPR/Cas gene doping
29 Light-carrying chips advance machine learning
30 New research finds ginger counters certain autoimmune diseases in mice
31 How Earth's oddest mammal got to be so bizarre
32 Businesses stand to benefit from sustainable restructuring
33 How can we help victims of torture?
34 Why we use our smartphone at cafes
35 Gut microbe may promote breast cancers
36 Israel can expect a major earthquake of 6.5 on the Richter scale in the coming years
37 New paper describes use of geographic monitoring for early COVID cluster detection
38 Study: Black Americans, women, conservatives more hesitant to trust COVID-19 vaccine
39 New evidence: Effects of Huntington's disease mutation may begin in childhood
40 It's getting hot in here: Warming world will fry power plant production in coming years
41 A prognostic Alzheimer's disease blood test in the symptom-free stage
42 Long-term study finds dozens of new genetic markers associated with lifetime bone growth
43 Guinea baboons grunt with an accent
44 Surrey unveils breakthrough manufacturing process of ultra-thin sensor for smart contact lenses
45 Mighty morphing 3D printing
46 Researcher cracks the hidden strengthening mechanism in biological ceramics
47 Link between dietary fiber and depression partially explained by gut-brain interactions
48 Sexual dysfunction hits some women harder than others as they age
49 Identifying strategies to advance research on traumatic brain injury's effect on women
50 Researchers discover how a bio-pesticide works against spider mites
51 New review says the ineffective 'learning styles' theory persists in education
52 An epidemic of overdiagnosis: Melanoma diagnoses sky rocket
53 Smoking associated with increased risk of COVID-19 symptoms
54 The new face of the Antarctic
55 'Virtual biopsies' could replace tissue biopsies in future thanks to new technique
56 Chinese scientists uncover gene for rice adaption to low soil nitrogen
57 First global study shows uneven urbanization among large cities in the last two decades
58 A bit too much: reducing the bit width of Ising models for quantum annealing
59 Liver cancer cells manipulate stromal cells involved in fibrosis to promote tumor growth
60 The revelation of the crustal geometry of the western Qilian Mountains, NE Tibetan Plateau
61 The world's first integrated quantum communication network
62 Solo seniors with cognitive impairment hit hard by pandemic
63 Scientists need to understand how gill development limits fish growth
64 Antibiotics not needed after most sinus surgeries: randomized controlled trial
65 Scientists create ON-OFF switches to control CAR T cell activity
66 Advancing the study of T cells to improve immunotherapy
67 New drug form may help treat osteoporosis, calcium-related disorders
68 Common drug may protect hearts from damage caused by breast cancer chemotherapy
69 Neuronal circuits for fine motor skills
70 How market incumbents can navigate disruptive technology change
71 Mental health of UK women, ethnic minorities especially affected during pandemic
72 The Lancet Planetary Health: Meeting India's air quality targets across south Asia may prevent 7% of pregnancy losses, modelling study estimates
73 COVID-19 infection linked with higher death rate in acute heart failure patients
74 Modern microbes provide window into ancient ocean
75 Will global warming bring a change in the winds? Dust from the deep sea provides a clue
76 Study reports patient-reported loss of smell in 86% of mild COVID-19 cases
77 Does a mother's pre-pregnancy weight affect her children's future fertility?
78 Statins may protect the heart from chemotherapy treatment of early breast cancer
79 Orange is the new 'block'
80 How to talk about death and dying
81 Old silicon learns new tricks
82 Designer protein patches boost cell signaling
83 DNA-editing method shows promise to treat mouse model of progeria
84 Majority of biotech companies completing an IPO from 1997-2016 achieved product approvals
85 When Uber and Lyft enter cities, vehicle ownership increases
86 Investment risk & return from emerging public biotech companies comparable to non-biotech
87 Cattle grazing and soybean yields
88 Short-Period Hot Jupiter Discovered Circling HAT-P-68
89 New Species of Hermit Crab Discovered in Gulf of Mexico
90 Almost Six Hundred New High-Velocity Stars Spotted in Milky Way
91 Australian Palm Cockatoos Threatened with Extinction
92 Neuroscientists Identify Brain Network Critical for Consciousness
93 Researchers Demonstrate High-Fidelity Quantum Teleportation
94 Gravitational Waves May Help Find Universe's Missing Components
95 Mars Express Spots Chaotic Terrain near Valles Marineris
96 Astronomers Detect Large-Scale X-Ray Bubbles in Milky Way's Halo
97 Researchers Make Progress Toward High-Performing Water Desalination Membranes
98 Mangoes May Help Reduce Facial Wrinkles in Women
99 Hubble Looks at Face-On Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946
100 Flowering Plants Can Be Larks or Night Owls: Study
101 Astronomers Create Radio Map of Perseus Galaxy Cluster
102 Archaeologists Unearth 1,700-Year-Old Oil-Lamp Workshop in Israel
103 Frequent Travelers are More Satisfied with Their Life than Non-Travelers, Study Says
104 Byzantine-Period Church Uncovered in Israel
105 Brown Fat May Protect against Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases
106 Physicists Create 'Soft' Supersolid
107 Astronomers Discover New Supercluster of Galaxies
108 Source of Sunquakes is Submerged beneath Solar Surface, Study Shows
109 MicroRNAs Play Key Role in Regulation of Circadian Rhythms
110 Researchers Discover New State of Matter: Liquid Glass
111 Hayabusa-2 Reveals New Details about Asteroid Ryugu
112 Learning Boosts Happiness, New Study Suggests
113 Newly-Developed Artificial Chromatophores Change Color in Response to Light