File Title
1 Comb of a lifetime: a new method for fluorescence microscopy
2 Nanoparticle drug-delivery system developed to treat brain disorders
3 Putty-like composites of gallium metal with potential for real-world application
4 Clinical criteria for diagnosing autism inadequate for people with genetic conditions
5 Charging ahead for electric vehicles
6 Using solar energy and agriculture to limit climate change, assist rural communities
7 Researchers regenerate deactivated catalyst in methanol-to-olefins process
8 Scientists develop new approach to understanding massive volcanic eruptions
9 Uncovering how plants see blue light
10 New USC study on circadian clock shows "junk DNA" plays a key role in regulating rhythms
11 Study resolves long-running controversy over critical step in gene silencing
12 Gas pressure depletion and seismicity
13 Focusing on diversion yields positive results for kids with behavioral issues
14 More women embracing 'going flat' after mastectomy
15 One in four doctors attacked, harassed on social media
16 Sweetened beverage sales bounced back quickly after Cook County tax repealed
17 Fluoride to the rescue?
18 Scientists seek faster route to treat depression
19 First glimpse of polarons forming in a promising next-gen energy material
20 New clues on why pregnancy may increase risk of organ transplant rejection
21 Astronomers agree: Universe is nearly 14 billion years old
22 Severe sepsis predicted by common protein
23 Prediabetes subtypes identified
24 Super surfaces
25 Fires, flooding before settlement may have formed the Amazon's rare patches of fertility
26 Chemists succeed in synthesis of aminoalcohols by utilizing light
27 A robotic revolution for urban nature
28 Psychological distress during first months of pandemic equal to that during prior year
29 Better together: Scientists discover applications of nanoparticles with multiple elements
30 Study of 50,000 people finds brown fat may protect against numerous chronic diseases
31 New data-driven global climate model provides projections for urban environments
32 Scientists discover how mother-of-pearl self-assembles into a perfect structure
33 Single-cell analysis of metastatic gastric cancer finds diverse tumor cell populations associated with patient outcomes
34 Immunology study finds protein critical to T cell metabolism and anti-tumor immune response
35 Traditional stereotypes about masculinity may help explain support for Trump
36 Pandas' popularity not protecting neighbors
37 Supercapacitors challenge batteries
38 Researchers discover a new tool for reconstructing ancient sea ice to study climate change
39 Inflammation from ADT may cause fatigue in prostate cancer patients
40 Impact of COVID-19 on children with disabilities, caregivers and healthcare providers
41 How to motivate people to follow restrictions: 13 principles for COVID-19 communication
42 In kefir, microbial teamwork makes the dream work
43 Elephant ivory continues to be disguised and sold on eBay
44 Parents' finances differently affected by having a child diagnosed with cancer
45 Convex to concave: More metasurface moire results in wide-range lens
46 Scrambled supersolids
47 Alpha-ray missile therapy: tumor cells attacked from intracellular region
48 The true cost of chemotherapy
49 Innovative battery chemistry revolutionizes zinc-air battery
50 A polarization-driven guide to making high-performance, versatile solar cells
51 Scientists reach limit of multi-parameter quantum measurement with zero trade-off
52 Risk of extinction cascades from freshwater mussels to a bitterling fish
53 Novel film that that evaporates sweat six times faster and holds 15 times more moisture
54 Largest, most diverse ever study of prostate cancer genetics brings disparities into focus
55 Pollutants rapidly changing the waters near Ieodo Island
56 Frequent travel could make you 7% happier
57 Reawakened geyser does not foretell Yellowstone volcanic eruptions, study shows
58 Why do males have to wait for 'round 2'? The reason may be different from what we think
59 A high order for a low dimension
60 Drug discovery study identifies promising new compound to open constricted airways
61 Alert system shows potential for reducing deforestation, mitigating climate change
62 Research shows a few beneficial organisms could play key role in treating type 2 diabetes
63 Results of comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 animal model study published in Nature Microbiology
64 Using artificial intelligence to find new uses for existing medications
65 For moms, oxygen during childbirth often unnecessary
66 Brain cancer linked to tissue healing
67 Subscriptions to satellite alerts linked to decreased deforestation in Africa
68 Study explains why patients with cancer spread to the liver have worse outcomes
69 Surprising news: drylands are not getting drier
70 Long live the efficient, pure-blue OLED
71 State laws promoting flu vaccination for hospital workers may help prevent deaths from flu and pneumonia
72 Vaping combined with smoking is likely as harmful as smoking cigarettes alone
73 How to identify heat-stressed corals
74 Elephant Island: The Incredible Survival Story of Ernest Shackleton and the Crew of HMS Endurance
75 New Physics Breakthrough in Field of Topological Matter
76 Study Finds Eating Mangoes Reduces Women's Facial Wrinkles
77 Fluorescence "Lifetime" Microscopy Technique Uses Frequency Combs and No Mechanical Parts to Observe Dynamic Biological Phenomena
78 Chemical Analysis of a Black Spot in a Diary Sheds New Light on Legendary Polar Explorer's Final Hours
79 Chaos Swirls at the Heart of the Orion Nebula
80 Detective Work in Theoretical Physics: Comprehensive Review of Physics of Interacting Particles
81 Life Discovered in Deep Ocean Sediments at Temperatures Above Water's Boiling Point
82 Quasars Rip Across Galaxies Like Tsunamis--The Most Energetic Outflows Ever Witnessed in the Universe
83 Future Zero-Emissions Power Plants: Scientists Collaborate on Development of Commercial Fusion Energy
84 Iconic Sunflower Sea Star Is Now Critically Endangered
85 Shrinking Margins of Greenland: At Least 200 Coastal Glaciers Have Retreated Over the Past 20 Years
86 Biochemists Switch DNA Functions on and Off Using Light
87 New Scintillator Detector Developed for Investigating the Sun
88 Nanoscale Control of Desalination Membranes Could Lead to Cheaper Water Filtration
89 Researchers One Easy Tip to Help You Succeed in Keeping Your New Year's Resolution
90 New Research Reveals Exercising One Arm Has Twice the Benefits
91 Artificial Intelligence Solves Schrodinger's Equation, a Fundamental Problem in Quantum Chemistry
92 States of Growth: When and Where American Entrepreneurship Has Thrived
93 New Research May Explain Severe Virus Attacks on the Lungs, Contribute to Future Treatments for COVID-19
94 Scientists Replicate Self-Cleaning Anti-reflective Nanocoating of Insects' Eyes
95 Scientists Believe US Embassy Staff and CIA Officers Were Hit With High-Power Microwaves--Here's How the Weapons Work
96 Science Made Simple: What Are Quarks and Gluons?
97 From Rooftop Dweller to Vigorous Globetrotter: Researchers Discover the Secret of How Moss Spreads
98 Stellar Snowflake Cluster Spotted by Spitzer Space Telescope
99 800 Years of Paleoclimate Patterns Unearthed in Largest Study of Asia's Rivers
100 MIT Anthropologist's View on Planetary Change and Human Health
101 Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam and the Legend of the Mother Dragon
102 Prototype Microprocessor Developed Using Superconductors--80 Times More Energy Efficient
103 How Hope Can Make You Happier With Your Lot in Life
104 How Stars Form in Nearby Galaxies
105 Supermassive Black Hole's Dust Ring May Be Casting Shadows From Heart of a Galaxy
106 Photoconductive Diamond Switches: Diamonds Are Not Just for Jewelry Anymore
107 Scientists Discover How Aerosols From Pollution, Desert Storms, and Forest Fires Can Intensify Thunderstorms
108 Scientists Tracked Arctic Animals' Movement Patterns for Three Decades--This Is What They Found
109 Researchers Analyze the Most Effective COVID-19 Control Policies
110 New Smart Thermostat Algorithm Can Learn Optimal Temperature Thresholds Within a Week
111 U.S. Army Research Leads to More Effective Training Model for Robots
112 Six Incredible Space Missions to Look Forward to in 2021
113 Common Brain Malformation--Affecting About 1 in 100 Children--Traced to Its Genetic Roots
114 Want Cheaper Nuclear Energy? Turn the Design Process Into a Game for Artificial Intelligence
115 World's Oldest Python Found in Messel Pit
116 Intelligent Cameras That Can Learn and Understand What They Are Seeing
117 Hubble Captures Breathtaking View of the "Fireworks Galaxy"
118 Breakthrough for Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy: Artificial Intelligence Reveals Recipe for Building Artificial Proteins
119 Combined Approach Could Boost Breast Cancer Immunotherapy