File Title
1 Oral Peanut Allergy Tx OK'd
2 Promising Peanut Allergy Treatments Hit Snags in 2020
3 Slaoui Floats Half-Dose Vax; Oxford/AZ Vax Debuts in Britain; COVID Santa?
4 CDC Updates Contraindications to COVID-19 Vaccination
5 Thinning, Leaky Brain Blood Vessels Seen in COVID-19
6 Who Nurses the Nurse?
7 Op-Ed: Should Those Who Recovered From COVID Take the Vaccine?
8 Some Healthcare Interoperability Rules Delayed Due to COVID
9 Gov't Takes Steps Toward Better EHR Interoperability
10 COVID Clot Prevention Evidence Beginning to Bud
11 Should Docs' Spouses Be Higher Up on COVID Vaccine Priority List?
12 COVID-19: Abnormal Clotting Common in More Severe Disease
13 Psychological First Aid; Making Healthcare Pricing Transparent
14 Op-Ed: COVID Vaccine Selfies and Difficult Conversations
15 Best of The Skeptical Cardiologist in 2020
16 Switching Tenofovir HIV Regimens Can Cause Weight Gain
17 Op-Ed: Beware of Health Insurance Brokers
18 Op-Ed: Gym for Surgeons?
19 L.A. Hospital to Ration Care; Dubious Alzheimer's Protocol? Secret Admin. Salaries
20 Some Healthcare Interoperability Rules Delayed Due to COVID
21 Gov't Takes Steps Toward Better EHR Interoperability
22 Who's Missing Out With Virtual Visits?
23 Chinese Doctors Share the Playbook for Severe COVID-19
24 Just How Much More Transmissible Is the New Coronavirus Variant?
25 'COVID-ized' Science; Ethics of Placebo; Gender-Affirming Healthcare
26 Guselkumab Approved for PsA, Benefits Persist at 1 Year
27 Guselkumab a Hit in Phase III for PsA
28 Op-Ed: Vaccines Are Here, but Don't Let Your Guard Down
29 Pandemic Mental Health: Entering the 'Fourth Wave'?
30 Psychiatrists Anticipate Mental Health Needs With COVID-19
31 COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment: 'Lower than What We Hoped For'
32 Aggressive RBC Transfusions No Help in Extremely Small Babies
33 Hypertension in Pregnancy Tied to Later Cognitive Impairment
34 More COVID Variants Expected on U.S. Shores
35 COVID Question: Is Hydroxychloroquine Safe in Rheumatoid Arthritis?
36 Three Drugs Top Two for BRAF+ Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
37 COVID Clot Prevention Evidence Beginning to Bud
38 Op-Ed: Why Did Fauci Move the Herd Immunity Goal Posts?
39 Congressman-Elect Dies of COVID; U.K. Variant Is Here; What's Next for Pandemic?
40 Vaccine Line Chaos; U.K. Strain Already Here? 'Toxic Individualism'
41 I Can't Wait for My Second Dose
42 Metformin Recalls Ballooned in 2020
43 COVID Vaccine Diversion? Relief Bill Signed; Leaky Net for COVID Variant
44 Biden Details COVID Response Plan
45 Telescope sales and stargazers are both looking up these days
46 First Look: Moon rock samples brought to Earth for first time in 44 years
47 First Look: Asteroid samples: Japanese space capsule brings 'treasure box' to Earth
48 India's fossil heritage is vast. It's also under threat.
49 Trust in science becomes a political issue. How did that happen?
50 First Look: Why China plans to drill an almost 7-foot-deep hole on the moon
51 First Look: SpaceX flight successfully delivers astronauts to space station
52 Science on the half shell: Mussels yield new material
53 First Look: Dragon riders: NASA preps for SpaceX's second crew launch
54 First Look: Tourists, toilets, and 20 years: Stories from the Space Station
55 First Look: Evidence of water on the moon opens new frontiers
56 Did prehistoric climate change help make us human?
57 First Look: NASA spacecraft expertly lands on asteroid after 2-year orbit
58 People are bad at predicting their emotions. Is that why we're so polarized?
59 First Look: Two scientists win Nobel chemistry prize for gene-editing tool
60 First Look: Nobel Prize in physics celebrates mysteries of black holes
61 First Look: Could plant-based meat open up space for lab-grown varieties?
62 Life in clouds of Venus? Why murky clue tantalizes scientists.
63 First Look: Chemical detected in Venus' clouds could point to life
64 Holy misdirected anger! Bats not to blame, say scientists.
65 Where are the Black geoscientists? Online campaign calls for diversity.
66 Did life on Earth come from space? Chummy microbes offer clues.
67 Herd community: There's more to cows than we thought, say scientists
68 In a polarized world, what does ‘follow the science’ mean?
69 How are zoo, aquarium animals coping with all this? Not badly, say keepers.
70 First Look: SpaceX brings astronauts home, ending historic mission
71 With Perseverance, NASA launches new stage in Mars exploration
72 The Explainer: As pandemic halted much of the world, scientists shifted gears
73 The Warsaw Ghetto beat an epidemic. Scientists say they know how.
74 First Look: What the first snapshot of another solar system can teach us
75 NASA's spacesuits have a gender problem. These women are fixing it.
76 First Look: A first for the Arab world: UAE spacecraft en route to Mars
77 First Look: Mission to Mars: 3 countries to launch rovers in search of life
78 As US cases soar, 'coronavirus detectives' face new pressure
79 Lockdowns are turning cooped-up residents into citizen scientists
80 How one science hub grapples with diversifying STEM
81 Why coronavirus modeling is so hard to pin down
82 First Look: Historic first: SpaceX delivers US astronauts to space station
83 Rocketing toward history: Why spaceflight still captivates America
84 First Look: SpaceX and NASA unite to return Americans to space
85 What day is it? Why the pandemic warps your sense of time (audio)
86 At home with Galileo: Simple science for cooped-up kids
87 'Psst! The poachers are coming.' How tiny birds tip off rhinos.
88 First Look: Apollo 13 turns 50: The space mission that gripped the world
89 COVID-19 models vary widely. What that means for leaders under pressure.
90 Heads up, maple leaf. Canada's eyeing another national icon.
91 Freezing point: An icy pick-me-up
92 66-million-year-old 'wonderchicken' offers lesson in resilience
93 Science says rats can be kind. Here's why that matters.
94 Why your next lithium battery might come from the US
95 Science Notebook: Katherine Johnson: Remembering a brilliant mathematician, role model
96 First Look: Katherine Johnson: NASA math whiz and pioneer for black women
97 Cave diving, microbes, and slime: A love story
98 The Explainer: A dimming Betelgeuse has stargazers bursting. Three questions.
99 What do babies and warring groups have in common? Altruism.
100 Why the sun's mysteries could soon be revealed
101 First Look: What scientists hope to find in the Indian Ocean 'Midnight Zone'
102 Behold the xenobots--part frog, part robot. But are they alive?
103 Say goodnight, Spitzer. Farewell to a groundbreaking space telescope.
104 The Explainer: Could 2020 mark a new era in US space exploration? Three questions.
105 For those about to rock: The scientist who played AC/DC for ladybugs
106 Etched in DNA: Decoding the secrets of the past
107 First Look: NASA astronaut sets new space endurance record for women
108 In the final frontier, how should we behave?
109 Needling question: Can science create a perfect Christmas tree?
110 Interstellar visitors open new window to the cosmos
111 In Jordan's desert, ancient rock art finds modern defenders
112 'Property' or 'person'? How animal rights could open new moral frontier.
113 Focus: Mini but mighty: How microbes make the world
114 The Explainer: Shedding light on black holes
115 A physics Nobel for seeking our place in the universe
116 First Look: New 'moon king': Saturn passes Jupiter with 20-moon discovery
117 First Look: Elon Musk unveils latest Starship designed to go to Mars
118 Pitch perfect? How culture shapes the way you hear music
119 Astronomers find water vapor on distant, temperate planet
120 It's 'tangible': How 'Sharpiegate' touches chord on scientific integrity