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1 Stars, galaxies, dust clouds and Uranus: take a tour of the January night sky
2 Australia has lots of ancient volcanoes. But how did they form?
3 How to check your holiday rental for hidden surveillance cameras
4 Why are children less likely than adults to spread COVID-19?
5 Mannar Island is a bird paradise that survived Sri Lanka's civil war. Now an Australian mining company wants its sand
6 Former Huawei employee speaks out on Shenzhen's '996' culture as Chinese city enforces paid leave
7 Fewer crocodiles captured in the Northern Territory as poor wet seasons restrict movement
8 Try setting an open goal for your New Year's resolution if you want to exercise more
9 Remains of well-preserved Ice Age woolly rhino found in Siberia
10 How do the COVID-19 variants found in the UK and South Africa affect the illness? Why are they more infectious? And will they make you sicker?
11 Suspected Chinese submarine drone found by Indonesian fishermen in crucial maritime passage to Australia
12 4 Paws Animal Rescue finds elderly pets new permanent homes after owners die, go into care
13 ATLAS research project discovers new species in lowest depths of the ocean
14 Marine toxicologists call for chemical monitoring to be expanded on Great Barrier Reef
15 Should 'ring vaccination' begin immediately to bring northern beaches COVID-19 outbreak under control?
16 Australian study finds COVID-19 'long haulers' suffer symptoms months after coronavirus infection
17 Feel drained after a year of Zoom meetings? There's brain science behind that fatigue
18 COVID vaccines will be recommended to almost all Australians. But are there people who can't be immunised?
19 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson flags tougher COVID-19 restrictions likely on the way
20 Oxford-AstraZeneca, local COVID vaccines given urgent approval in India
21 Victorian coronavirus testing sites battling demand, more staff urgently called in
22 Australia to trial 'backup' COVID-19 vaccines that can be modified to fight virus mutations
23 Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell's homes vandalised after increased COVID payments not approved
24 Larry King hospitalised with coronavirus, reports say
25 Israel leading global race to vaccinate population against coronavirus
26 Returned travellers face six-hour wait times at Queensland coronavirus clinics
27 NSW records eight new COVID-19 cases, infections at BWS Berala put authorities on edge
28 Victoria records three locally acquired coronavirus cases as exposure sites list grows
29 NSW businesses react to coronavirus restrictions and mandatory masks in Greater Sydney
30 Isolating in silence: How coronavirus has affected my life
31 Victorians on wrong side of coronavirus hard border with NSW face anxious waits for information
32 Britain will allow mixing of COVID-19 vaccines on rare occasions, as fears grow NHS could be overwhelmed
33 Number of Victorian travellers currently in WA unknown, WA Government says
34 Queensland urges anyone returning from Victoria from December 21 onwards to 'test and isolate'
35 I'm a Victorian stuck on the wrong side of the border. Can I get home?
36 UK prepares emergency 'Nightingale' coronavirus hospitals and closes London primary schools
37 Sydney's new coronavirus restrictions explained, from masks to gym classes and weddings
38 Pair who allegedly absconded from Melbourne Airport report to police in Goulburn, NSW
39 NSW records seven COVID-19 cases, mandatory masks introduced in Greater Sydney
40 WA's hard border reveals just how fragile interstate travel is during COVID
41 Victoria records 10 locally acquired coronavirus cases as authorities confirm link to NSW outbreak
42 Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Confirmed in NEJM Study
43 Two Genes in Prefrontal Cortex Implicated in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
44 Higher Red-Cell Transfusion Limit for Preemies Offers No Survival, Developmental Benefit
45 Flu Season Unlikely to Affect Elective Heart Surgery Outcomes in Older Adults
46 ALBI Likely Bests MELD-Na for Outcomes Prediction Across a Wide Range of Surgeries
47 Severe Sepsis Mortality Worse for Black Children in US South, West
48 Face Masks Protect Wearers, Others From COVID: Studies
49 Over 12.4 Mln Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines Distributed, 2.5 Mln Administered: US CDC
50 ALBI Likely Bests MELD-Na for Outcomes Prediction Across a Wide Range of Surgeries
51 Severe Sepsis Mortality Worse for Black Children in US South, West
52 Face Masks Protect Wearers, Others From COVID: Studies
53 Over 12.4 Mln Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines Distributed, 2.5 Mln Administered: US CDC
54 AstraZeneca Says It Has Provided Full Data for European Approval of COVID Shot
55 Do US Firefighter Medics Get Early COVID-19 Vaccines? Depends on the State
56 They Were Experts in Viruses, and Now in Pitfalls of Fame
57 California Hits Record COVID-19 Deaths as New Variant Found
58 Race to Vaccinate Millions in US Off to Slow, Messy Start
59 Microvascular Injury of Brain, Olfactory Bulbs Seen in COVID-19
60 CRC Risk in Young Adults: Not as High as Previously Reported Implications for CRC Screening
61 'Those of Us Who Don't Die Are Going to Quit': A Crush of Patients, Dwindling Supplies, and the Nurse Who Lost Hope
62 FBI Investigates After Hundreds of Vaccine Doses Intentionally Ruined
63 New Evidence COVID-19 Invades the Brain
64 Pregnancy Safe After Arterial Switch Operation for Transposition of the Great Arteries
65 Bringing Traditional Healing Under the Microscope in South Africa
66 First CAR T-cell Therapy for Mantle Cell Lymphoma Fills Unmet Need
67 Hair Shedding Surges in Low-Income, Non-White NYC Communities During Pandemic
68 NETs a Possible Therapeutic Target for COVID-19 Thrombosis?
69 Oxygen Desaturation Common in Babies With Acute Bronchiolitis
70 Stepped Exercise Program Shows Benefits for Knee OA
71 Regeneron's COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Shows Promise in Hospitalized Patients
72 University Reopenings Tied to Some COVID-19 Spikes
73 AstraZeneca Vaccine Not Ready for Quick European Approval, Watchdog Official Says
74 Which Imaging Criteria Identify Progressive Forms of MS?
75 EU Is Asked to Approve Extra Dose From Pfizer Vaccine Vials
76 COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Faces Delays
77 Neurologists Call for End to Neck Holds by Law Enforcement
78 Malaria Prevention Pushes Forward in Africa Despite Pandemic
79 First Reported US Case of Virus Variant Triggers Questions
80 FDA OKs First Generic Injected Glucagon for Hypoglycemia
81 Transdiagnostic Approach to Mental Illness Effective in Teens
82 'Unexplained' Drug Load in Patients With Epilepsy
83 Medicaid to Cover Routine Costs for Patients in Trials A Boost for Patients With Cancer and Other Serious Illness
84 Little Improvement in Late-Onset Epilepsy Outcomes Over 30 Years
85 Surgery Equals Drug Treatment for Bleeding in Diabetic Retinopathy
86 PPI Therapy May Render Infliximab Less Effective in IBD Patients
87 Risk of Unhealthy Alcohol Use Increased After Bariatric Surgery
88 Asthma Inhaler Sensors Improve Pediatric Asthma Control
89 One in Eight Lung-Cancer Patients Have Never Smoked Cigarettes
90 Vaginal Microbiota Can Affect HIV PrEP Drug Metabolism
91 More Sunscreen Products Appear to Meet National Recommendations
92 Against CDC Guidance, Some States Give COVID Vaccines to People 65 and Older
93 First Reported US Case of COVID-19 Variant Found in Colorado
94 Even for Wealthy, US Healthcare Fails to Match Care in Many Other Countries
95 Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen PET/CT Cost Effective vs. Conventional Imaging
96 Treating Inpatient Hypertension Likely Does More Harm Than Good: Study
97 More Evidence for Lower Risk With Certain Blood Groups
98 Lp(a) and LPA Gene Score 'Modest' Predictors of CVD Risk
99 New Dietary Guidelines Omit Recommended Cuts to Sugar, Alcohol Intake
100 Dermatologists Call for Regulation of Direct-to-Consumer Skin-Lightening Products
101 Brain Stimulation May Help Improve Emotional Regulation
102 Complete Blood Count Scoring Can Predict COVID-19 Severity
103 Early Antibody Production Key to COVID-19 Recovery
104 COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions: Allergy Group Updates Guidance
105 Neanderthal Gene Protects Against COVID-19
106 UK Coronavirus Variant Associated With Higher Viral Loads
107 COVID-19 Survivors Benefit From Home Health Care
108 Triggers of COVID-19 'Cytokine Storm' Identified
109 Vitamin D Fails to Help in Severe COVID-19
110 Pfizer to Complete Supply of COVID-19 Vaccines to EU by September
111 Kids Get Virus at Gatherings More Often Than School: Study
112 2.1 Million COVID Vaccine Doses Given in U.S.
113 Texas Hits New Record High of COVID-19 Hospitalizations
114 'Surge on Top of a Surge' to Challenge California Hospitals
115 Patients With Cancer a 'High Priority' for COVID-19 Vaccine
116 Los Angeles Vaccine Recipients Can Add Proof to Their Smartphones
117 COVID-19 Mortality in HF Patients: Nearly 1 in 4
118 It's a Primary Care Issue, Says Oncologist
119 COVID-19, Protests, Wildfires Were Biggest Medical News in 2020, Readers Say
120 Far Too Few With Treatment-Resistant Hypertension Get Hormone Test
121 Study: Doctors Underreport Side Effects of Breast Irradiation
122 Still Happening: Pelvic Exams on Anesthetized Patients. Why?
123 Adolescent Girls Need Tailored Aid for Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Settings
124 US Black Communities Missing Out on COVID-19 Testing