File Title
1 Biden Receives First of the Two Shots of COVID-19 Vaccine
2 Two Vatican Cardinals Dear to the Pope Test Positive with COVID-19
3 COVID-19 Cases in Wuhan, Possibly Half a Million Study Shows
4 At Least Seven Killed as 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Croatia
5 Oxford/AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine Gets UK Regulator Approval
6 Disease X: Doctor Who Discovered Ebola Says a Deadlier Virus Is To Come
7 WHO: New COVID-19 Variant a Normal Part of Pandemic Evolution
8 Fauci: Assume New COVID-19 Strain From UK is in the US Already
9 Global Pandemic Reaches Antarctica, Infects 36 at Research Base
10 COVID-19 Vaccines: Inside the First Batch of Distribution in the US
11 Dr. Fauci, Other Health Officials Administered COVID-19 Vaccine on Live TV
12 The Big Differences Between Vaporizers vs. Humidifiers
13 Your Guide to COVID-19: What You Need to Know About Its Essentials
14 Overstress Can Lead US off Track in Lockdown Due to Cortisol
15 Donald Trump Challenges Big Tech Liabilities, "Determined" To Get $2000 Stimulus Package, Says Graham
16 COVID-19 Pandemic Would Not Be the Last, According to WHO Chief
17 Early Vaccine Skeptics Are Slowly Declining According to Polls
18 Dr. Fauci Defends His Change Yet Again on COVID-19 Herd Immunity Goals
19 Dr. Fauci: Mutant COVID-19 Strain Should Be Taken 'Very Seriously'
20 COVID Caseloads On The Rise
21 COVID-19 Vaccine Overdose Sends German Care Home Workers to Hospital
22 Human Error Leads to Disposal of Dozens of COVID-19 Vaccine in Wisconsin
23 Spain to Create Registry of People Who Refuse to Be Administered COVID-19 Vaccine
24 Report: Some COVID Patients Develope Severe Psychotic Symptoms
25 New York Health Care Provider May Have Fraudulently Acquired COVID-19 Vaccines
26 Luke Letlow, Louisiana Congressman-Elect, Dead From COVID-19
27 Rubio Appalled at Fauci for 'Lying' to Americans About Herd Immunity Targets
28 US Considers COVID-19 Tests to Add in International Travels
29 Dr. Fauci: Life Will Return to Normal by Autumn of 2021
30 Wisconsin Medical Worker Deliberately Destroys COVID-19 Vaccine Doses, Officials Say
31 Discovery of Virus Variant in Colorado and California Alarms Scientists
32 33 Countries Report Cases of New COVID-19 Variant From UK
33 Gut cells alert immune system to invading parasites
34 NASA approves two new missions to study space weather
35 Elon Musk's SpaceX crewed launches led space events in 2020
36 Sustained teleportation of quantum information achieved in test
37 Scientists figure out how to make desalination membranes more efficient
38 Asian tiger mosquito presents limited risk for Zika virus outbreaks
39 Drug offers hope for acute myeloid leukemia treatment in older adults
40 Lessons of COVID-19 research pivot in 2020 could improve medical studies
41 Vegetarian diet may lower asthma risk for children
42 Birth mortality, heart attack deaths worse in U.S. than other wealthy nations
43 Study: Psoriasis, metabolic syndrome combo may increase heart disease risk
44 Study: Too few with high blood pressure tested for hormone disorder
45 Study: Blood pressure often differs widely between two arms
46 Experts: Amid setbacks, reason for hope against COVID-19 as 2020 ends
47 Gun safety counseling could cut military suicide rate, study says
48 Older adults, non-English speakers less likely to use telemedicine
49 New U.S. dietary guidelines emphasize fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat
50 Study: Cancer survivors at higher risk for second cancer
51 Study: ADHD raises adult suicide risk, especially for women
52 'Stepped' approach to exercise may help with arthritic knees
53 Study: 1 in 4 children with common hearing condition receives treatment
54 Validating people's emotions makes a real difference, study shows
55 Dating apps foster long-term, satisfying relationships, study finds
56 Study: Preterm babies don't benefit from higher red blood cell transfusions
57 Study: As pot rules relax, more U.S. teens driving while stoned
58 Individualized exercise best for easing lower back pain, study says
59 COVID-19 brain damage caused by immune response, study says
60 Clowns help hospitalized kids cope, study shows
61 Study: Modified immunotherapy may work in advanced breast cancer
62 Chemotherapy drug may be effective against COVID-19, researchers say
63 Genetic mutations that cause malaria drug resistance common in Asia, Africa
64 A Chain Reaction Led by Cells Lining the Intestines Sounds the Alarm When Parasites Invade
65 Clues to Missing Components of the Universe From Ripples in Space-Time
66 Two, Six, Many: Physicists Observe the Emergence of Collective Behavior
67 Listen to the Strange "Singing" of a Possible New Species of Mammal Found in Africa's Montane Forests
68 All Dark Matter in the Universe Could Be Primordial Black Holes--Formed From the Collapse of Baby Universes Soon After the Big Bang
69 Optimized Quantum Algorithms: Breakthrough Toward Quantum Advantage
70 Chemists Develop a New Drug Discovery Strategy for "Undruggable" Targets
71 The Ancient Moon's Missing Magnetism
72 Lung Ultrasounds Could Help Physicians Predict if a Patient With COVID-19 Will Worsen
73 A Frightening New Explanation for the Lack of Blood Oxygenation in Many COVID-19 Patients
74 Skyrocketing Suicides Were Predicted During First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic--Here's What Johns Hopkins Researchers Actually Found
75 A Martian Roundtrip: NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Sample Tubes
76 Ecologically Important El Bibane Lagoon Photographed by Astronaut Aboard the Space Station
77 Mental Fog: Research Suggests Vaping Could Cloud Your Thoughts
78 Rise of the Underdog: A Neglected Mechanism in Antiferromagnets May Be Key to Spintronics
79 Scientists Develop System for Visualizing Breath to Provide Insights Into COVID-19 Transmission
80 Improving Carbon Capture Technology: Faster, Greener Way of Producing Carbon Spheres
81 Spacecraft Movement Control Specialist Suggests How to Clean Up Space Debris
82 Acceleration of the Solar System Measured by the Gaia Space Telescope
83 Innovative New Model Reveals Previously Unrecognized Complexity of Oceanic Earthquake Zones
84 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Raja Chari [Video]
85 Study Finds Vitamin D Supplements Reduce Risk of Developing Advanced Cancer
86 Cold Bending: New Tool Enables Economic Curved Glass Design
87 Biggest Vaccination Effort in U.S. History, yet Some States May Lack Facilities for Administering COVID-19 Vaccine to Residents
88 NASA Approves Two Heliophysics Missions to Explore Sun, Earth's Aurora
89 New MIT Model Could Help Determine Quarantine Measures Needed to Reduce COVID-19's Spread
90 Pharmaceutical Scientist Warns of Potential Problems With Remdesivir As COVID-19 Treatment
91 Diet Changes--Including More Wine and Cheese--May Help Reduce Cognitive Decline
92 The Most Incredible Groundbreaking Results From Space Station Science in 2020
93 Do Dating Apps Destroy Love? Here's the Surprising Research Results
94 Deconstructing an Ancient Jewish Parchment by Imaging Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
95 NIH Researchers Uncover Brain Damage in COVID-19 Patients, Despite No Infection of the Brain
96 Green Chemistry Creates Coatings From Nature: Turning Biomass Into High-Quality Coatings
97 Scientists Develop High Performance Mitochondria Transfer Device
98 The White House Releases National Strategy for Planetary Protection
99 UK Scientists to Produce Low-Cost, High-Performance Ventilators
100 Will It Kombucha? Breaking Down Kombucha's Chemistry [Video]
101 Robinson Crusoe Island Captured by Landsat 8 Satellite
102 Meteorite Discovery: Key Building Block for Organic Molecules
103 NASA Research Shows Even Very Low Blood Alcohol Levels Impair Hand-Eye Coordination
104 N/A
105 Genomic Study Reveals Evolutionary Secrets of Banyan Tree and a Wasp That Coevolved With It
106 Fertilizer Made From Urine Could Enable Space Agriculture
107 Researchers Discover Way to Boost Immunotherapy Against Breast Cancer
108 Some Masks Can Be Worse Than Not Wearing One at All: Physics of How Masks Affect Airflow and COVID-19 Protection
109 Experts Warn: Drinking Alcohol Linked to Decline in Brain Health From Cradle to Grave
110 Media Bias? Countries Led by Women Haven't Fared Significantly Better in COVID-19 Pandemic
111 Desalination Breakthrough Maximizes Flow for Cheaper Water Filtration
112 94.1% Efficacy Shown in Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
113 See Inside Living Cells in Greater Detail Using New Microscopy Technique
114 Can White Dwarf Stars Help Solve the Cosmological Lithium Problem?
115 Map of Nuclear Deformation Takes the Form of a Mountain Landscape
116 U.S. Needs Clear COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Strategy to Defeat Coronavirus
117 Order and Disorder in Crystalline Ice: Fundamental Property of Very Low Temperature Ice Explained
118 Scientists Peer Into the 3D Structure of the Milky Way and Observe Star-Forming Processes in Unprecedented Detail
119 Unprecedented--Unusual Planetary Nebula Fades Mere Decades After It Arrived