File Title
1 Lighting a Path to Find Planet Nine
2 The mountains of Pluto are snowcapped, but not for the same reasons as on Earth
3 U.S. Coast Guard Stone to patrol illegal fishing in South Atlantic
4 Oyster shells given new life as reefs off Texas coast
5 Pandemic disrupted commercial fishing in Northeast, study finds
6 The moon controls the release of methane in Arctic Ocean
7 Can sting rays and electric rays help us map the ocean floor?
8 New US-European satellite reports back with first sea level measurements
9 An escape route for seafloor methane
10 China sees booming satellite navigation, positioning industry
11 Galileo satellites help rescue Vendee Globe yachtsman
12 China's lunar rover travels about 600 meters on moon's far side
13 Researchers identify over 109,000 impact craters on moon
14 Cholera outbreaks predicted using climate data and AI
15 NASA Approves Heliophysics Missions to Explore Sun, Earth's Aurora
16 Why 2021 could be turning point for tackling climate change
17 New Year Honours 2021: 'Green' economist recognised
18 Woolly rhino from Ice Age unearthed in Russian Arctic
19 Japan developing wooden satellites to cut space junk
20 The best science long reads of 2020
21 Green body gives verdict on Boris Johnson carbon-cutting policies
22 Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals
23 Wildfire smoke may spread infectious disease
24 Astronaut Scott Kelly: How to survive a year in space
25 SLS: Crucial test for NASA's 'mega-rocket'
26 Josef Aschbacher to be next European Space Agency boss
27 How Ugandan NASA scientist Catherine Nakalembe uses satellites to boost farming
28 Climate podcasters: Our 10 favourite planet-saving solutions
29 Norway landslide: Body found as rescuers search Gjerdrum landslide
30 Paradise Wildlife Park: Public donates more than 52k pounds to zoo
31 The north Wales couple who created an 'animal nirvana'
32 Why 2021 could be turning point for tackling climate change
33 Dartmoor: Snow day-trippers urged not to visit the moor
34 Roman road remains uncovered in Northumberland
35 Climate change: 10-point Basis plan urges more action from sport
36 Wang Xiangjun: China's 'Glacier Bro' presumed dead
37 The benefits of having many lovers
38 Why the 'paradox mindset' is the key to success
39 Is this the most powerful word in the English language?
40 The largest dam-removal in US history
41 The corporate ideals driving 'secret parenting'
42 Apple executes New Year's Eve apps purge in China
43 Apple removes app promoting private parties in pandemic
44 China bans 105 apps including TripAdvisor
45 Hacked home cams used to livestream police raids in swatting attacks
46 TikTok faces legal action from 12-year-old girl in England
47 Drone users face new rules across Europe and UK
48 Ticketmaster fined $10 million for business 'intrusions'
49 Tech 2020: Our biggest stories and what happened next
50 Los Angeles to offer vaccine record on iPhones
51 Snapchat boss: US faces 'century of competition'
52 UK internet use doubles in 2020 due to pandemic
53 Brexit deal mentions Netscape browser and Mozilla Mail
54 LG makes shift to Mini-LED television tech at CES 2021
55 Is the Ant Group shake-up a sign of things to come?
56 What changes will 2021 bring for the media world?
57 Maestro Dudamel takes virtual reality Symphony on tour
58 COVID lockdown helped teacher Holly King-Mand realise her dream
59 Games of 2020: The Press X To Continue awards
60 The KLF's songs are finally available to stream
61 Mobile roaming: What will happen to charges after Brexit?
62 Adobe Flash Player is finally laid to rest
63 Online drone display lights up skies for Hogmanay
64 Hacked home cams used to livestream police raids in swatting attacks
65 Grace Victory: YouTuber with COVID 'responding well to treatment'
66 New Year's Eve: 'Why we're happy it's cancelled'
67 Vaccine and water unseats Mukesh Ambani as Asia's richest person
68 COVID: All London primary schools to stay closed
69 COVID-19: School closures will be 'as short as possible'
70 School closures: We've all seen this coming, say angry heads
71 COVID: Secondary school new term delayed by two weeks
72 COVID: Military back-up for pupil testing as heads urge delay to start of term
73 COVID-19: Gove 'confident' schools can reopen in England
74 Staggered return for England's secondary schools next term
75 'Game changer' COVID tests for secondary schools in January
76 Pandemic 'fuelling numbers of children out of school'
77 COVID in Scotland: Teachers asked if they would strike
78 COVID: Children more likely to be infected in second wave
79 Brexit: 'Au pairs are a practical solution to a big problem'
80 Transfer test: Pupils to sit AQE test on 9 January
81 COVID: Councils call for all London schools to stay shut
82 COVID-19: Post-primary pupils in NI to wear face coverings in class
83 COVID: 'No logic' to keeping schools open in London
84 COVID-19: 'Flexible' school return plan in place in Wales from Monday
85 COVID: How does mass testing work?
86 School closures: We've all seen this coming, say angry heads
87 Support for schools 'not as it should be'--Wiltshire head
88 COVID-19: Homeschooling returns for first week of January
89 COVID: What is happening with schools in January?
90 New Year Honours 2021: Hays Travel boss Irene Hays made a dame
91 COVID-19: School return expected to be delayed for many pupils
92 COVID-19: NI Assembly to meet to discuss school return
93 What my grandfather's life taught me about China and America
94 COVID: Military back-up for pupil testing as heads urge delay to start of term
95 COVID: Teachers' union wants answers over school closures
96 Why the pandemic is causing spikes in break-ups and divorces
97 Canada's mysterious lake monster
98 COVID-19: New variant 'raises R number by up to 0.7'
99 COVID-19: China approves Sinopharm vaccine for general use
100 COVID-19: Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine approved for use in UK
101 China COVID-19: Nearly 500,000 in Wuhan may have had virus, says study
102 Trump's call for $2,000 cheques blocked by Senate leader
103 Coronavirus: India confirms six cases of new COVID variant
104 Coronavirus: Spain to keep register of those who refuse COVID vaccine
105 The family with no fingerprints
106 Coronavirus variants and mutations: the science explained
107 COVID: Are countries under pressure to approve a vaccine?
108 New COVID strain: How worried should we be?
109 COVID-19: Five ways to stay positive through the winter
110 COVID: 12-week vaccine gap defended by UK medical chiefs
111 New Year, new you? 21 ways to get fit in 2021
112 COVID: A day in the life of a coronavirus test centre worker
113 COVID-19: UK reports a record 55,892 daily cases
114 US government's dietary guidelines say no added sugar until age two
115 COVID: Wales' hospital cases hitting highest levels
116 COVID vaccine: Wales to get 22,000 Oxford-AstraZeneca jabs next week
117 Isle of Man to receive population-based share of new vaccine
118 COVID: Doctors call for rapid rollout of vaccines
119 Norwich dementia care home fails first CQC inspection after 2.7 million pounds refurb
120 COVID-19 in Wales: What do the stats tell us?
121 Coronavirus: Doctors hail progress after PPE legal challenge
122 Argentines on abortion legalisation: 'I felt relieved'