File Title
1 Giant Antarctic iceberg A68a is not done yet
2 Coronavirus variants and mutations: the science explained
3 Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals
4 NASA's Mars rover and the 'seven minutes of terror'
5 SLS: Crucial test for NASA's 'mega-rocket'
6 DeepMind's AI agent MuZero could turbocharge YouTube
7 Wildfire smoke may spread infectious disease
8 Climate change: 2021 will be cooler but still in top six warmest
9 China biodegradable plastics 'failing to solve pollution crisis'
10 Air pollution death ruling: What comes next?
11 Climate change: Snowy UK winters could become thing of the past
12 Josef Aschbacher to be next European Space Agency boss
13 Capella delivers super sharp satellite radar pictures
14 China's Chang'e-5 mission returns Moon samples
15 Hayabusa-2: Pieces of an asteroid found inside space capsule
16 'Dog kennel' satellite returns first ocean observations
17 COVID: Wuhan scientist would 'welcome' visit probing lab leak theory
18 Ivory: Elephant decline revealed by shipwreck cargo
19 'World's ugliest orchid' tops list of new discoveries
20 Climate change: 700-year history of wind recorded in island mud
21 Newton Rigg College: Campaign group asks government to pause sale
22 Withernsea: Stranded whale pod washes up on beach
23 Second baby gorilla born at Bristol Zoo this year
24 COVID pandemic leads to 'inevitable' plastic waste rise
25 EU to allow post-Brexit UK farm produce exports
26 Kernowite: New mineral found on rock mined in Cornwall
27 How dependent is the UK on the EU for food?
28 Families return home after February's floods in Rhondda Cynon Taf
29 Tidal energy: Plans for Mostyn lagoon take step forward
30 Are there health benefits to going vegan?
31 The rise of Japan's 'super solo' culture
32 Cacio e pepe: Italy's beloved three-ingredient pasta dish
33 Chadwick Boseman: A film icon who changed Hollywood
34 The daring plan to save the Arctic ice with glass
35 The 'Batman Effect': How having an alter ego empowers you
36 Nuro set to be California's first driverless delivery service
37 Tech trends in 2021: Fast planes and homeworking
38 Hackers threaten to leak plastic surgery pictures
39 Deepfake queen to deliver Channel 4 Christmas message
40 Alibaba being investigated by China over monopoly tactics
41 Doctor Who Christmas special to be offered in 4K HDR on iPlayer
42 Pete Evans: Facebook removes celebrity chef's page over conspiracies
43 Twitter to wipe Trump's followers before Biden handover
44 Viral 'butt-less' pyjamas ad sparks confusion
45 Crypto-currency firm Ripple charged by US watchdog
46 SolarWinds Sunburst: UK data watchdog issues hack alert
47 Elon Musk says Apple's boss snubbed takeover deal
48 Games of 2020: The Press X To Continue awards
49 5G: Masts at centre of row in Bath
50 How tech can just about save Christmas Day
51 How should you talk to friends and relatives who believe conspiracy theories?
52 Blickling Hall: American man shares gingerbread house creation
53 Shopify stores riddled with fakes and fraudsters
54 Macau gambles on tech for its COVID-19 recovery
55 France bans use of drones to police protests in Paris
56 Signal: Cellebrite claimed to have 'cracked' chat app's encryption
57 'I got dressed up even though I had nowhere to go'
58 Tanzania 'using Twitter's copyright policy to silence activists'
59 UK government 'likely to miss' broadband and 5G targets
60 Schools 'may need to close to control new variant'
61 Hawaiian shirts and gravy: Christmas tributes for loved ones lost to COVID
62 School of rocks aims to train new generation of dry stone wallers
63 'COVID my excuse for not seeing relatives at Christmas'
64 Will schools be closed next term by variant of virus?
65 COVID: Rapid tests 'useful public health tool'
66 Transfer test: Some schools set out COVID mitigations
67 Staggered return for England's secondary schools next term
68 'Game changer' COVID tests for secondary schools in January
69 Pandemic 'fuelling numbers of children out of school'
70 COVID in Scotland: Teachers asked if they would strike
71 COVID: Children more likely to be infected in second wave
72 COVID-19: 'Living with 50 people has been a blessing'
73 Brexit: 'Au pairs are a practical solution to a big problem'
74 Inner-city teacher beats Olympians as 'sailor of the decade'
75 Coronavirus: How did your lockdown container garden grow?
76 Erasmus: What could happen to the scheme after Brexit?
77 Newton Rigg College: Campaign group asks government to pause sale
78 COVID means rise in Cranfield students staying on campus over Christmas
79 COVID: How does mass testing work?
80 Bristol special needs children 'continue to be failed'
81 Llanelli regeneration: Mixed emotions as flats face demolition
82 COVID in Wales: Support bubble call for families of babies
83 Calderdale councillor condemned for 'can't feed, don't breed' comment
84 Weston-super-Mare forest preschool approved
85 COVID-19: The international students making NI home at Christmas
86 Bullying Rotherham care boss guilty of abusing centre users
87 Marcus Rashford backs free school meals extension in Wales
88 COVID: Can I travel home for Christmas? And other questions
89 Tashaun Aird: Family of murdered boy critical of school exclusion
90 COVID-19: UK bans travel from South Africa over variant
91 Coronavirus: New York City orders international visitors to quarantine
92 Coronavirus: What's happening to the numbers in Africa?
93 COVID: Thanksgiving the cause of a spike in US infections?
94 COVID jab 'very likely' to protect against new variant
95 COVID: Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved for EU states
96 COVID: Australian states enforce travel bans amid Sydney outbreak
97 COVID: Are countries under pressure to approve a vaccine?
98 New COVID strain: How worried should we be?
99 Is the COVID vaccine safe?
100 COVID: Sharp rises in infection levels in England, says ONS
101 Coronavirus: Why are we looking at the 'R number' in Wales?
102 Proposed new transparency rules for Isle of Man health service
103 COVID-19 in Wales: What do the stats tell us?
104 Rapid COVID test trialled on relatives of Bristol dementia patients
105 Cossington boy, 7, finishes 'mile-a-day' lockdown runs
106 COVID in Scotland: When will I be vaccinated against the virus?
107 Christmas: Archbishop of Wales urges positivity
108 South Shields Indian takeaway rejected over obesity fears
109 Girl's prosthetic arm is 'early Christmas present'
110 COVID means rise in Cranfield students staying on campus over Christmas
111 COVID: Johnson and Starmer thank 'very best' at Christmas
112 COVID: Army begins assisting Welsh Ambulance Service
113 COVID vaccine: Older people's commissioner warns of 'confusion'
114 COVID: 2,500 infections in Wales hospital outbreaks