File Title
1 Cellular Nanocrystals from Recycled Wood Waste Make Carbon-Fiber Composites Tougher
2 Spintronics Breakthrough: Efficient Valves for Electron Spins
3 NASA Data Shows a Third of the U.S. Faces Drought
4 Jetting into the Dark Side: ATLAS' Precision Search for Dark Matter
5 Yale Chemists Make New Nitrogen Products Out of Thin Air
6 Climate Scientists Sound the Alarm: Warming Greenland Ice Sheet Passes Point of No Return
7 How Computer Science and AI Can Help Fight COVID-19--"We Have the Potential to Alter the Course of this Global Pandemic"
8 The Human Genome's Instruction Manual: 17-Year Research Project Has Generated a Detailed Genomic Atlas
9 The Difference Between Success and Failure: (Neuro)science of Getting and Staying Motivated
10 New Type of Multi-Tasking Taste Cells Discovered in Taste Buds
11 NASA Perseveres Through COVID-19 Pandemic--Here's What's Ahead in 2020, 2021
12 Solar Energy Isn't Available in the Dark, So Researchers Designed an Efficient Low-Cost System for Producing Power at Night
13 Neutron Star Extreme Matter Observatory (NEMO)--Building a $100 million Black Hole Detector
14 Cosmic Detective Work: Asteroid Fragments May Have Jumped the Gap in the Early Solar System
15 The Problem with Microwaving Tea: Why Microwaving Liquids Is Different from Other Heating Techniques
16 What's Required for Massive, Rapid Production of COVID-19 Vaccines
17 Heavy Metal Psyche: Biggest Main Belt Asteroid Might Be Planet Remnant
18 How to Better Cope with the Mental Burden and Loneliness of the COVID-19 Pandemic
19 Complex Puzzle Revealed: Never-Before-Seen Image of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Copy Machine
20 1.1 Million Joules of UV Laser Energy: Shedding Light on Stellar Evolution and "Cosmic Clocks"
21 Aurora, Meet Airglow: Two of Earth's Most Colorful Atmospheric Phenomena Meet in Stunning Photo from Space Station
22 Physicists New Pulsed RF Control Method for Improving the Performance of Fusion Reactions
23 Titanate Nanowire Mask Filter Can Kill Bacteria and Viruses Including SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19
24 Ariane 5 Rocket Launches 3 Spacecraft into Orbit from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana
25 Photosynthesis Hacks Boost Yield and Conserve Water
26 Earth from Space: Flinders Ranges, South Australia [Video]
27 MIT's Asegun Henry on "Grand Thermal Challenges" to Save Humanity from Extinction Due to Climate Change
28 Spin Wave Detective Story Redux: More Surprising Behavior Discovered in a 2D Magnet
29 New Zealand's Southern Alps Glacier Melt Has Doubled--Up to 77% of Little Ice Age Glacier Volume Already Lost
30 Spectacular Cosmic Fireworks Captured by Hubble
31 Sustainable Green Chemistry Used to Create Safer, More Comfortable Uniforms for Soldiers
32 New "Cyborg" Technology Could Enable Merger of Humans and AI
33 Machinery of Photosynthesis Supercharges Solar Energy to Hydrogen Fuel Conversion
34 Using Genetics to Battle Harmful Algae Blooms
35 Researchers Find Early Spread of COVID-19 Was Far Greater than Reported
36 International Endeavor: NASA's Webb Telescope Will Be the World's Premier Space Science Observatory
37 Scientists Design "Acoustic Diode"--Device Would Allow Sound Waves to Propagate in Only One Direction
38 Energy-Efficient Tuning of Spintronic Neurons to Imitate the Non-linear Oscillatory Neural Networks of the Human Brain
39 Mysterious Gamma-Ray Heartbeat Coming from Cosmic Gas Cloud Leaves Scientists Baffled--"As Unexpected as Amazing"
40 Math Riddle from the 1980's Finally Solved--Could Be Used to Improve Phones and Computers
41 Deep Inside the Brain: Neuroscientists Discover the Missing Piece of the Brain's Multitasking Network
42 NASA Tracking Slowly Splitting "Dent" in Earth's Magnetic Field--Could Cause Big Headaches for Satellites
43 Transparent Solar Panels for Windows Hit New Efficiency Record--Could Help Enable Skyscrapers to Serve as Power Sources
44 Atmospheric Rivers: Australian Meteorologists Spot Double Cloud Trouble
45 One of the Most Difficult Missions Humanity Has Ever Undertaken: NASA Establishes Board to Review Mars Sample Return Plans
46 COVID-19 Treatment Possible as Preexisting Drug Shows Promise in Fight Against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
47 Greenhouses of the Future Offer Desert Growth Opportunities
48 Scientists Warn on Flu & COVID-19: Shocking New Research Shows Viruses Can Spread Through the Air on Dust Particles
49 New Heat Conduction Technology a Game Changer for Server Farms and Aircraft
50 Scientists Test Creative Sandwich of Materials to Protect Against COVID-19 as Well as N95 Respirators
51 Vega Launch Set for September 1--Will Deploy 53 Satellites in Proof-of-Concept Mission
52 A Quick, Cost-Effective Method to Track the Spread of COVID-19 Through Untreated Wastewater
53 A Sandy Flower in the Pacific: Unusual Island Growing in Shallow Coastal Waters Near Hainan, China
54 Simulations Show Lunar Lander Exhaust Could Contaminate Scientifically Vital Moon Ice
55 Two-for-One Energy from Photons: Tomorrow's Super-Efficient Solar Cells
56 COVID-19 Warning: Humid Air Can Extend Lifetime of Virus-Laden Aerosol Droplets
57 Researchers Capture Incredible Footage of Fluid "Fracturing" like a Solid Under Stress
58 A New Software Tool--Fawkes--Cloaks Your Images to Trick Facial Recognition Algorithms
59 Another Twist in the Debate Over the Origins and Structure of Mysterious Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua
60 A New Phase of Matter Known as "Time Crystals" Observed Interacting for the First Time Ever
61 The Mystery of Why Zebras Have Their Stripes Has Baffled Scientists--Now a Dazzling Answer
62 SUV-Size Space Rock Buzzes by Earth--The Closest Asteroid Flyby Ever Recorded by NASA
63 Low-Cost Second-Generation Ethanol Production Powered by Genetically Engineered Enzyme Cocktail
64 Dramatically Shrinking Salmon Are Affecting Alaska's People and Ecosystems
65 Solar Physicists Measure Global Magnetic Field of the Solar Corona for the First Time--Here's the Stunning Map
66 New "Bioloop" Science Behind Biodegradable Algae-Based Flip-Flops
67 Researchers Created a Virus that Mimics SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 Coronavirus--Here's Why
68 Explaining Everything: Mathematicians Unravel a Thread of String Theory
69 New Research Finds Hydroxychloroquine Is Not a Possible Defense Against COVID-19
70 Similar to Humans, Mother Bats Use "Baby Talk" to Communicate with Their Pups
71 100 Cool Worlds Discovered Near the Sun--Fundamental to Our Understanding of the Universe
72 Mystery Gas Discovered that's Been Shot Out from the Center of the Milky Way "Like Bullets"
73 Japanese HTV-9 Cargo Ship Completes Space Station Resupply Mission
74 Distributed Energy Storage: Biomorphic Batteries Could Provide 72x More Energy for Robots
75 NASA Explores Splitting "Dent" in Earth's Protective Magnetic Shield [Video]
76 Same Metabolic Benefits Gained from Major Weight Loss--Whether from Diet or Gastric Bypass Surgery
77 COVID-19 Warning: Flushing Public Restroom Toilets Can Spew Clouds of Particles Carrying Viruses
78 Equatorial Winds Ripple Down to Antarctica, Revealing New Connections in Global Circulation
79 Green Bananas--New Research Shows Exploding Stars May Have Caused Mass Extinction on Earth
80 3D Printing Greener Buildings Using Sustainable Building Material Made from Local Soil
81 COVID-19 Coronavirus Breathalyzer Test Developed
82 Thick Smoke Obscures California Skies After Wildfires Exploded Across the North
83 These Enzyme-Mimicking Polymers May Have Helped Start Life on Earth
84 Mummified 23-Million-Year-Old Leaves Show Ancient "Global Greening" Spurred by High Atmospheric Carbon
85 Breaking Free from Batteries: Industrial "Internet of Things" Platform Built on Battery-Free Sensors
86 New Evidence that Cells in the Nose Are Key Entry Point for SARS CoV-2 / COVID-19
87 Bacteria-Sized Microscopic Deformation of a Neutron Star Inferred from 4500 Light-Years Away
88 Egyptian Animal Mummies from Over 2000 Years Ago Digitally Unwrapped with High-Resolution 3D X-rays
89 NASA's Terra Satellite Captures the Scene of Intense Wildfires in California
90 New Breakthrough in "Molecular Computers" Improves Targeting of Cancer-Killing Car T Cells
91 YouTube's "Engineer Guy" Bill Hammack Awarded Hoover Medal--Recognizing His Great, Unselfish Service to Humanity
92 Nearly 100 Cool New Worlds Found in Our Cosmic Backyard with Key Help from Citizen Scientists
93 New Rapid Saliva Test for COVID-19 Enables Fast and Frequent Testing on a Large Scale
94 Unprecedented Observations of Calcium-Rich Supernova Reveals a Compact Star's Final Moments
95 Massive Reptile Discovered in the Belly of a Triassic Megapredator
96 Crew Spending Weekend in Russian Segment Due to Space Station Air Leak
97 Southeast Asia Megadrought: Previously Unknown Mid-Holocene Event Led to Major Changes in Human Settlement
98 California's Intense Record-Breaking Heat Wave Monitored from NASA's ECOSTRESS
99 SnS Crystals Open Pathway for Improved Next Generation Solar Cells
100 Better Tool Created to Aid COVID-19 Diagnosis
101 Grim Global Warming Milestone: Record Loss of Greenland Ice in 2019-532 Billion Tons
102 Hubble Space Telescope Helps Uncover the Mystery of Betelgeuse Dimming
103 New Brain Study Shows Why Obeying Orders Can Make Us Do Terrible Things
104 Rogue Planets that Float in Space Without Orbiting a Sun Could Outnumber the Stars
105 Smoke Shrouds the U.S. West After More than 10,000 Lightning Strikes Ignite Hundreds of Wildfires Across California
106 Large Hadron Collider Beauty Discovers First "Open-Charm" Tetraquark
107 Researchers May Have Discovered the True Cause of Low Oxygen Levels in Severe Cases of COVID-19
108 Defects Deliver the Best of Both Worlds: Highly Efficient Ultrahigh Energy Density Capacitor
109 Leonardo da Vinci's Biological Enigma: New Clues to a 500-Year Old Mystery About the Human Heart
110 Extreme Heat in Death Valley Monitored by ECOSTRESS on Space Station
111 Princeton Perovskite LED Breakthrough Enables Next-Generation Lighting and Displays
112 Photonic Multishells Made of Liquid Crystals Can Replace Color Shifting Ink to Prevent Counterfeiting
113 Furious Derecho Flattens Iowa Corn and Soybeans with Hurricane-Force Winds
114 NASA's New $10 Billion Telescope to Study Quasars and Their Host Galaxies in Three Dimensions
115 New 3D Imaging Technique to Visualize Lung Tissue Damage in Severe COVID-19
116 Stanford Scientists Slow Light Down and Steer It with Resonant Nanoantennas
117 Beguiling Phytoplankton Bloom in the Baltic Sea Looks Incredible
118 Astronomers Mystified by Eerie Phenomenon on Mars: Ultraviolet "Nightglow" Spreads Across the Planet's Sky Every Night
119 1200+ Mile Trail of Smoke Stretches Across California in These NASA Terra Images of the Wildfires
120 Single Dose of Nasal Vaccine Against COVID-19 Prevents Infection in Mice--Works Better than Injection
121 How You Speak Reflects Who You Are: The Way We Talk Both Unites and Divides Us