File Title
1 AI accurately identifies infants with low risk of serious bacterial infection
2 Engineers use heat-free technology to make metallic replicas of a rose's surface texture
3 Cochlear implants should be recommended for adults more often
4 COVID-19 less deadly and causes milder symptoms in children
5 Breakthrough in using stem cells to treat enteric nervous system disorders
6 Rejuvenating old organs could increase donor pool
7 Continuous infrared winds discovered during the eruption of a stellar mass black hole
8 First complete dinosaur skeleton ever found is ready for its closeup at last
9 Reduce insecticide spraying by using ant pheromones to catch crop pests
10 When liver cirrhosis is deadly
11 Detailed dataset of measures to curb COVID-19 ready for statistical analyses
12 Mosquito immune system mapped to help fight malaria
13 Newly discovered rare dinosaur embryos show sauropods had rhino-like horns
14 New tool identifies which cancer patients are most likely to benefit from immunotherapy
15 Children and young people have less severe COVID-19 than adults and death is exceptionally rare
16 Daylight study reveals how animals adapt between seasons
17 Age no criteria for decisions on heart attack treatment, new research finds
18 Weight in first years of life can affect lung health in later childhood
19 Fabrication of a single-crystal giant magnetoresistive device on a polycrystalline film
20 Princeton labs report new platform for stereocontrol
21 Survey finds election concerns vary by race, education levels, party affiliation
22 Study finds younger and older drivers more likely to drive older, less safe vehicles
23 AI as good as the average radiologist in identifying breast cancer
24 Prior Zika virus infection increases risk of severe dengue disease
25 Char application restores soil carbon and productivity
26 Lung injuries from vaping have characteristic patterns on CT
27 New era in brain monitoring technology
28 Life expectancy gap between Black and white people in Washington, DC, analyzed
29 Archaeology: Ceramic cooking pots record history of ancient food practices
30 Spouses shed more pounds together than alone
31 Gut microbes could unlock the secret to healthy aging
32 Are all vegetarian diets healthy?
33 Unexpected abundance of hydrogen in meteorites reveals the origin of Earth's water
34 Zika infection enhances Dengue disease risk
35 Fossil evidence of 'hibernation-like' state in 250-million-year-old Antarctic animal
36 Premature deaths from alcoholic liver disease rising as gap between men and women narrows
37 Artificial pancreas can prevent dangerously low blood sugar in people with T1D
38 During COVID-19, liver disease and transplant patients need targeted and sustained support
39 New data on emerging treatments for liver cancer raise hope for advanced disease patients
40 New insights into liver regeneration as a potential role for the MAGL enzyme is identified
41 Liver fibrosis in routine care for diabetes could uncover advanced liver disease patients
42 Novel agents for the treatment of chronic HBV infection have cure in their sights
43 Penis bones, echolocation calls, and genes reveal new kinds of bats
44 Using the past to maintain future biodiversity
45 A new method for making a key component of plastics
46 Early Cambrian fossil discovery gives new understanding into the origin of hemichordates
47 Sulfur-scavenging bacteria could be key to making common component in plastic
48 Cigarette-like 'cigarillos' flout efforts to curb smoking
49 A tailor-made molecule that ties nerve connections
50 Genetic testing for kidney diseases in embryos from in vitro fertilization
51 First 3D look at an embryonic sauropod dinosaur reveals unexpected facial features
52 Helminth infections common in Medieval Europe, grave study finds
53 Researchers develop a fast, accurate, low-cost COVID-19 test
54 Researchers identify RNA molecule that helps lung cancer cells evade immune system
55 Researchers identify mechanism underlying cancer cells' immune evasion
56 Waiting for Godot Metaphor
57 Natural disasters must be unusual or deadly to prompt local climate policy change
58 Experiment contradicts assumptions about sleep loss and criminal interrogations
59 Scientists listed the main approaches to the treatment of coronavirus
60 Atheists are more likely to sleep better than Catholics and Baptists
61 Look beyond opioids to solve national substance use epidemic, study suggests
62 Study finds that sleep restriction amplifies anger
63 Host tissue T cells may have an unexpected role in graft-versus-host disease
64 Research brief: Researchers 3D print lifelike heart valve models
65 Researchers dramatically downsize technology for fingerprinting drugs and other chemicals
66 Farmers' quick sale of poultry during outbreaks may increase deadly virus transmission
67 Cellular energy audit reveals energy producers and consumers
68 Tungsten isotope helps study how to armor future fusion reactors
69 Infants in households with very low food security may have greater obesity risk
70 Physiological test for autism proves effective independent of co-occurring conditions
71 Preventing infection, facilitating healing: New biomaterials from spider silk
72 The "gold" in breast milk
73 Change is constant: How the COVID-19 pandemic may shape the future of studying abroad
74 Why are there differing preferences for suffixes and prefixes across languages?
75 Researchers explore how retail drone delivery may change logistics networks
76 Algorithm aims to alert consumers before they use illicit online pharmacies
77 What did the katydids do when picking up bat sounds?
78 Maternal insecticide use during pregnancy and neonatal jaundice
79 LSU Health study explains multipronged SARS-CoV-2 attack and widespread COVID-19 infection
80 New study examines long-term aesthetic outcomes of implant-based breast reconstruction
81 Failures of Germany's largest cliff coast sensed by seismometers
82 Can't be away from your phone? Study finds link to higher levels of obsession-compulsion
83 International screening of the effects of a pathogenic fungus
84 Structural colors from cellulose-based polymers
85 Observation charge accumulation at nanocavity on plasmonic photocatalyst
86 Jumping DNA regulates human neurons
87 A novel salvinia-like slippery surface
88 How Neanderthals adjusted to climate change
89 A review of ridge subduction, magmatism and metallogenesis
90 How bacteria adhere to fiber in the gut
91 Giant nanomachine aids the immune system
92 Knowledge about the past can preserve the biodiversity of tomorrow
93 Engineers uncover biomechanical effects of skin rubbing
94 Sunflower oil shows unexpected efficiency in corrosion prevention
95 COVID-19 exposes broadband gaps
96 Women with higher neuroticism are less physically active
97 A coffee and catnap keep you sharp on the nightshift
98 New analysis reveals where marine heatwaves will intensify fastest
99 Portland State lab finds finds new levels of detail about key membrane proteins
100 Amateur drone videos could aid in natural disaster damage assessment
101 Fossil trees on Peru's Central Andean Plateau tell a tale of dramatic environmental change
102 Researchers find potential to make brain cancers in children respond better to treatment
103 Which OCD treatment works best? New brain study could lead to more personalized choices
104 Study shows efforts in mangrove conservation and restoration paying off
105 Low-cost, fly footpad-like adhesive structure capable of repeated attachment/detachment
106 New malaria transmission patterns emerge in Africa
107 Plant scientists study the interaction of heat stress responses in corn
108 New palliative care model shown to reduce costs without compromising on quality of care
109 Vaccines against respiratory infections linked with less heart failure deaths
110 How to treat high blood pressure without ruining your sex life
111 Nurses burned out and want to quit
112 A surprising protein player in diabetes
113 Fidelity of El Nino simulation matters for predicting future climate
114 Cholesterol drug combinations could cut health risk for European patients
115 Children with no COVID-19 symptoms may shed virus for weeks