File Title
1 Two novel treatments show promise in improving biomarkers of NASH pathology
2 New neural network differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age toolkits
3 A protein with an unprecedented fold helps bacteria uptake thiosulfate as a sulfur source
4 How cold was the ice age? Researchers now know
5 Natural radiation can interfere with quantum computers
6 Blocking nerve signals to the pancreas halts type 1 diabetes onset in mice
7 Mount Everest summit success rates double, death rate stays the same over last 30 years
8 Unique HIV reservoirs in elite controllers
9 What is cerebral venous thrombosis? study finds blood clot condition on the rise
10 Using math to examine the sex differences in dinosaurs
11 Tag team gut bacteria worsen symptoms of multiple sclerosis
12 Pollution exposure at work may be associated with heart abnormalities among Latinx community
13 Steps outlined to reduce the risk of stroke during, after heart surgery
14 New models help predict liver cancer after successful hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment
15 Changes in gut microbiota can greatly impact alcohol-related liver disease and cancer risk
16 Prioritizing patients using MELD-Na reduces liver transplant waiting-list mortality
17 Female chromosomes offer resilience to Alzheimer's
18 Don't forget to clean robotic support pets, study says
19 Why flat-faced dogs remain popular despite health problems
20 Getting to the root of the problem
21 How 'swapping bodies' with a friend changes our sense of self
22 Parental instruction instrumental for children to learn how to safely cross busy roads
23 Clubs closed? Study finds partygoers turn to virtual raves and happy hours during pandemic
24 Bacteria could survive travel between Earth and Mars when forming aggregates
25 Optical imaging enters sub-nanometer era
26 Round nanoparticles improve quality factors of surface lattice resonances: Study
27 QUT algorithm could quash Twitter abuse of women
28 The northern quoll: An amazingly versatile survivor?
29 Study confirms link between influenza, heart complications
30 New evaluation of universal health coverage, world will likely fall short of WHO goal
31 Growing demand for zero-deforestation cacao might not help Colombian forests
32 Phase 1 human trials suggest UIC-developed breast cancer drug is safe, effective
33 An improved wearable, stretchable gas sensor using nanocomposites
34 Black children with cancer three times less likely to receive proton radiotherapy than White children
35 A.I. tool promises faster, more accurate Alzheimer's diagnosis
36 Older adults's faced mental health issues during the pandemic
37 NASA's Terra Satellite reveals burn scars from California's two largest fires
38 Beating HIV and COVID-19 may depend on tweaking vaccine molecules
39 Estrogen may lessen severity of COVID-19 symptoms in women, study says
40 Age-appropriate contraception counseling helps health care providers educate teens
41 Genetics of the tree of life
42 Researchers develop a yeast-based platform to boost production of rare natural molecules
43 Antiviral used to treat cat coronavirus also works against SARS-CoV-2
44 Study: COVID-19 messaging less effective when tied to Trump
45 Cardiology compensation continues to rise; new interventional measures reported
46 Medical errors increase following the spring change to daylight saving time
47 American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls for elimination of daylight saving time
48 Mouse-adapted SARS-CoV-2 model provides new tool for COVID-19 discoveries
49 Children notice race several years before adults want to talk about it
50 Brain-inspired electronic system could vastly reduce AI's carbon footprint
51 Hubble maps giant halo around Andromeda Galaxy
52 Land use change leads to increased flooding in Indonesia
53 Student research team develops hybrid rocket engine
54 Discovered: Cellular pathway involved in resistance to Ebola virus and SARS-like coronaviruses
55 Hurricanes could be up to five times more likely in the Caribbean if tougher targets are missed
56 Single-use N95 respirators can be decontaminated and used again, study finds
57 Artificial intelligence learns continental hydrology
58 For healthcare organizations responding to COVID-19, 'creative destruction' leads to accelerated innovation
59 Research brief: How genetics could impact COVID-19 treatments
60 Earth may always have been wet
61 Decoded: The structure of the barrier between three cells
62 Russian scientists predicted increased unrest in the United States back in 2010
63 South African wildlife management/conservation models do not protect carnivores equally
64 How sticklebacks dominate perch
65 Evidence of hibernation-like state in Antarctic animal
66 Ocean acidification causing coral 'osteoporosis' on iconic reefs
67 Gout treatment may aid patients with congenital heart disease
68 FEFU scientists are paving way for future tiny electronics and gadgets
69 Quantum simulation of quantum crystals
70 High walk and bike scores associated with greater crash risk
71 How to make AI trustworthy
72 Why 'one day at a time' works for recovering alcoholics
73 Elderly in the US: Risk of dementia has been rising for years--instead of falling
74 Duchenne: "Crosstalk" between muscle and spleen
75 Methane: emissions increase and it's not a good news
76 Genomes published for major agricultural weeds
77 Vertebral body tethering shows clinical success as treatment for scoliosis
78 Scientists establish first lethal mouse model for COVID-19
79 UVA-developed artificial pancreas effective for children ages 6-13, study finds
80 A chiral surprise in the rainforest
81 Binding sites for protein-making machinery
82 Trapping of acetylene
83 Atlantic sturgeon in the king's pantry--unique discovery in Baltic sea wreck from 1495
84 New genetic markers of glucosinolates in rapeseed may help improve oil composition
85 Call of the wild: Individual dolphin calls used to estimate population size and movement
86 A Politecnico di Milano study reveals DNA "grammar"
87 Molecular dispersion enhances quasi-bilayer organic solar cells
88 Playfulness can be trained--here's why you should do it
89 A spatial regime shift to stickleback dominance
90 All that glitters is not gold: Misuse of AI by big tech can harm developing countries
91 The Newtonian gravitational constant: Latest advances of the measurements
92 Dealing a blow on monetarism
93 Photonics researchers report breakthrough in miniaturizing light-based chips
94 DNA repair--Locating and severing lethal links
95 A topography of extremes
96 Microbes working together multiply biomass conversion possibilities
97 Topological superconducting phase protected by 1D local magnetic symmetries
98 Improving weather forecasts with observations from the microwave instruments onboard China's FY-3D satellite
99 First in situ radiation measurements 21 km up into the air over Tibetan Plateau
100 Search for COVID-19 drugs boosted by SARS discovery
101 Genetic link between cattle temperament and autism
102 Japanese sake: the new pick-me-up? Yeast strain makes fatigue-fighting ornithine
103 Misconceptions about weather and seasonality impact COVID-19 response
104 Two discoveries boost next-generation organoid development
105 Meteorite study suggests Earth may have been wet since it formed
106 A government program that reduces mortgage defaults
107 SphingoTec's kidney function biomarker penKid accurately detects acute kidney injury in infants
108 MHC class II transactivator CIITA induces cell resistance to Ebola Virus and SARS-like coronaviruses
109 Songbirds reduce reproduction to help survive drought
110 Our energy hunger is tethered to our economic past