File Title
1 SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected in untreated wastewater from Louisiana
2 Oncotarget: Paradox breaker BRAF inhibitors in BRAF mutant colorectal cancer
3 Changing ties that naturally bind
4 Sandwich catalysts offer higher activity and durability
5 Sleep duration, efficiency and structure change in space
6 Study evaluates immersive virtual reality as a sleep aid for teens
7 Atmospheric scientists study fires to resolve ice question in climate models
8 NBA playoff format is optimizing competitive balance by eliminating travel
9 Researchers help inform cassava breeding worldwide
10 Opioid prescription rates for knee surgery vary, but higher strength dosage common
11 Coastal development, changing climate threaten sea turtle nesting habitat
12 Thin layer protects battery, allows cold charging
13 Study: Student debt may hurt chances at full-time employment
14 One size may not fit all: BILH psychiatrists develop mental health app assessment tool
15 Revised code could help improve efficiency of fusion experiments
16 Using light's properties to indirectly see inside a cell membrane
17 Socially isolated elderly more likely to use hospital and emergency room resources
18 Pain 'catastrophizing' may lead to little exercise, more time sedentary
19 A multicenter look at gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy
20 Virtual imaging trials optimize CT, radiography for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
21 Memory protein
22 UC Berkeley demographers put COVID-19 death toll into perspective
23 UC Davis researchers reveal molecular structures involved in plant respiration
24 Why we distort probability
25 Study shines new light on young tree seedlings
26 Researchers show potential for subseasonal forecasts to predict dengue outbreaks
27 Trust the power of markets
28 Researchers see an increase in fraudulent COVID-19 posts on social media
29 Hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin increases heart risk, finds global study
30 New tool for identifying endangered corals could aid conservation efforts
31 Researchers introduce new theory to calculate emissions liability
32 Hydroxychloroquine reduces in-hospital COVID-19 mortality
33 Importance of rainfall highlighted for tropical animals
34 Scientists create protein models to explore toxic methylmercury formation
35 Rates of e-cigarette and marijuana use not associated with vaping-related lung injuries
36 Enzyme prisons
37 COVID-19 human milk studies should continue without stopping breastfeeding
38 Single-cell RNA sequencing sheds new light on cancer cells' varied response to chemotherapy
39 To be or not to be in the ER, that is the question
40 How effective does a COVID-19 vaccine need to be to stop the pandemic?
41 Health IT improves engagement in preconception health to reduce racial disparities
42 New blood, new hope: Transfusions protect the brain from stroke damage
43 A case for botanical gardens to lead in global plant crisis
44 Changing landscapes, changing diets
45 Majority of groundwater stores resilient to climate change
46 Housing First proves cost effective especially for the most-vulnerable homeless group
47 UBCO researcher uses computer modelling to predict reef health
48 NASA missions explore a 'TIE Fighter' active galaxy
49 Deep learning algorithm to speed up materials discovery in emerging tech industries
50 A galaxy's stop-and-start young radio jets
51 Study shows socioeconomic status linked to heart failure mortality in United States
52 Nursing home study suggests dialysis patients at greater risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection
53 UCF researchers develop AI to detect fentanyl and derivatives remotely
54 Vast stone monuments constructed in Arabia 7,000 years ago
55 UC researchers pinpoint hierarchy of breast cancer cells as potential cause for treatment resistance
56 Effectiveness of primate conservation measures mostly unproved
57 Accumulating extra genome copies may protect fly brain cells during aging
58 Plastics, waste and recycling: It's not just a packaging problem
59 How zebrafish maintain efficient and fair foraging behaviours
60 Study reveals two major microbial groups can't breathe
61 Discovery of new genes that influence the success of cancer treatment
62 Study revealing structure of a protein complex may open doors to better disease research
63 Faster, more efficient energy storage could stem from holistic study of layered materials
64 Hydrochloric acid boosts catalyst activity
65 Battery life for wearable electronic devices could be improved
66 Less "sticky" cells become more cancerous
67 Magnetic stimulation dramatically improves fecal incontinence
68 Less is more: A soft, self-actuated pump to simplify mechatronic devices
69 New method to track ultrafast change of magnetic state
70 Blocking cellular communication stops SARS-CoV-2
71 High human population density negative for pollinators
72 Mineral dust ingested with food leaves characteristic wear on herbivore teeth
73 Researchers reversibly disable brain pathway in primates
74 New insights into lithium-ion battery failure mechanism
75 Fifty new planets confirmed in machine learning first
76 Tracing the cosmic origin of complex organic molecules with their radiofrequency footprint
77 In sickness and in health
78 Galactic bar paradox resolved in cosmic dance
79 A colorful detector
80 Three-dimensional quantum Hall effect and global picture of edge states in Weyl semimetals
81 The secret life of melons revealed: "Jumping sequences" may alter gene expression
82 Global magnetic field of the solar corona measured for the first time
83 Before eyes open, they get ready to see?
84 Studying water polo for kicks
85 One step closer to earlier diagnosis of bipolar disorder and psychoses
86 Quantum simulation for 3D chiral topological phase
87 Finnish children get to participate in the evaluation of their early childhood education and care
88 Life in a nutshell: New species found in the carapace of late cretaceous marine turtle
89 New study shows evolutionary breakdown of 'social' chromosome in ants
90 Scientists prove SARS-CoV-2 potential to infect human brain organoids
91 Plant living with only one leaf reveals fundamental genetics of plant growth
92 Beating noise via superposition of order
93 NUS researchers develop new system for accurate telomere profiling in less than 3 hours
94 Lockdowns have economic and social costs for world's poorest families
95 Restoring the world's forests requires partnering with local communities
96 Scientists catalogue shark and ray distribution in Florida lagoon
97 Metabolic syndrome linked to worse outcomes for COVID-19 patients
98 Computers excel in chemistry class
99 Clinical trial shows potential benefit to anti-platelet therapy
100 Some of America's favorite produce crops may need to get a move on by 2045
101 Legacy
102 A toxic trio of parental problems strongly linked to childhood sexual abuse
103 Cardiology trial shows potential benefit of genetic testing when selecting blood thinners
104 Treating COVID-19 could lead to increased antimicrobial resistance
105 Most adults with lupus or common types of arthritis have similar risks of getting admitted to hospital as other COVID-19 patients
106 Measles outbreaks in Niger linked to rainfall and temperature, study finds
107 University of Ky study leads to potential for new treatment approach to Alzheimer's
108 Rigid social distancing rules for COVID-19 based on outdated science
109 Stronger together in the microbiome: How gut microbes feed each other to overcome dietary deficiencies, change host behavior, and improve reproduction
110 Childhood obesity could increase the risk of multiple sclerosis
111 New technique to prevent imaging cyberthreats proposed by Ben-Gurion University researchers
112 To stop COVID-19 spread in schools, start with local data and do the math
113 Polymers prevent potentially hazardous mist during dentist visit
114 Sedentary behaviour on the rise across Europe
115 More than half of "sudden" cardiac arrest victims had contacted health services before
116 Quit smoking to reduce stroke risk if you have irregular heartbeat
117 Research shows potential to improve paints, coatings
118 'Oral' bacteria may disrupt the balance of the vaginal microbiome
119 Compared to placebo, vitamin D has no benefit for severe asthma attacks
120 Treatment for teen anxiety
121 Effectiveness of cloth masks depends on type of covering
122 Video is not always effective in science communication
123 Do patients undergoing hemodialysis benefit from routine assessments of their symptoms?
124 How men and women network impacts their labor market performance
125 Building mechanical memory boards using origami
126 Moving bits, not watts