File Title
1 Fat crystals trigger chronic inflammation
2 Mail delays may affect medication supply for nearly 1 in 4 Americans over 50
3 Researchers discover immune predictors of COVID-19 cases that fare the worst
4 New study: MassBiologics discovers antibodies that may protect against COVID-19
5 Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation bring specific benefits for veterans
6 Dementia kills nearly three times more people than previously thought: BU study
7 Strigolactones increase tolerance to weevils in tobacco plants
8 Researchers to investigate wind power effects on bats in the Baltic Sea region
9 SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: Monitoring COVID-19 and estimating potential transmission risk
10 Study identifies first step to beating water scarcity
11 Less flocking behavior among microorganisms reduces the risk of being eaten
12 Machine learning peeks into nano-aquariums
13 New study: Eyes linger less on 'fake news' headlines
14 The mathematical magic of bending grids
15 New surgical approach for women at risk of ovarian cancer
16 New deal housing programs dramatically increased segregation, new study finds
17 Ocean hitchhiker's sucker mechanism offers potential for underwater adhesion
18 Big mammals at higher risk of extinction in world's poorest countries, study reveals
19 How dinosaur research can help medicine
20 A leap forward for biomaterials design using AI
21 IKBFU scientists suggest using heather as an antioxidant
22 Internet-of-Things air quality sensor that could save the lives of babies and asthma sufferers
23 Fuel cells for hydrogen vehicles are becoming longer lasting
24 Sussex study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers
25 Energy-efficient design for mmWave-enabled NOMA-UAV networks
26 Ecologists put biodiversity experiments to the test
27 Frequent use of antimicrobial drugs in early life shifts bacterial profiles in saliva
28 Landmark HKU-led volume on past progress and new frontiers in the study of early birds and their close relatives
29 Social media information can predict a wide range of personality traits and attributes
30 RNA quality control system goes awry in frontotemporal lobar degeneration
31 Water availability has changed, and humans are to blame
32 Severe viral infection overwhelms immune cells
33 Routing valley exciton emission of a WS2 monolayer via in-plane inversion-symmetry broken PhC slabs
34 Mechanisms identified to restore myelin sheaths after injury or in multiple sclerosis
35 Investigation of core-shell nanocatalyst AU@CDs for ammonia synthesis
36 Lensless light-field imaging through diffuser encoding
37 Faulty brain circuits arise from abnormal fusion
38 Birds of a feather flock together, but timing depends on typhoons
39 The interplay of nonlinearity and topology--nontrivial eigenmodes coupling induced by nonlinearity
40 Could COVID-19 in wastewater be infectious?
41 A novel approach produces a completely new kind of dynamic light structure
42 Small change makes cancer vaccine more effective in animal tests
43 Failure to 'flatten the curve' may kill more people than we thought
44 Spurring our understanding
45 Finding a way to STING tumor growth
46 Wide variations in car seat breathing assessment conducted on premature newborns
47 Pigs grow new liver in lymph nodes, study shows
48 Adapting ideas from quantum physics to calculate alternative interventions for infection and cancer
49 ESMO issues first recommendations on using next-generation sequencing for advanced cancers
50 Machines rival expert analysis of stored red blood cell quality
51 Autistic people's nerve cells differ before birth
52 Hydrogen vehicles might soon become the global norm
53 Climate change and land use are accelerating soil erosion by water
54 Flexible targets help immune system make finely-tuned antibodies
55 Japanese expedition identifies East Antarctic melting hotspot
56 Nooks, crannies and critters
57 Mother transmitted COVID-19 to baby during pregnancy, UTSW physicians report
58 When it comes to supporting candidates, ideology trumps race and gender
59 CPR choices of dialysis patients suggest many lack context
60 New treatment developed by CHOP shows success in high-risk solid tumors
61 Smartphone app can predict asthma deterioration by measuring night-time coughing
62 Long-term exposure to air pollution linked to impaired breathing in children
63 Survey finds most Americans feel unprepared to aid victims after a mass casualty attack
64 Optical illusions explained in a fly's eyes
65 Comorbidities and deprivation linked to worse outcomes after emergency general surgery
66 No safe level of caffeine consumption for pregnant women and would-be mothers
67 Illicit fentanyl, stimulants found in majority of overdose deaths in BC
68 New species of Cretaceous brittle star named in honour of Nightwish vocalist
69 Researchers create a map that highlights the brain circuits associated with mania
70 Velcro method for more precise binding of drug particles
71 Yoga linked with improved symptoms in heart patients
72 Deep chest compressions prevent brain damage during cardiac arrest
73 New studies find agricultural pesticides can affect prawns and oysters
74 'Biggest holes in the system'
75 Novel 3D-printed device demonstrates enhanced capture of carbon dioxide emissions
76 Locust swarm could improve collision avoidance
77 Am I having a panic attack? Internet searches for anxiety attacks take off during COVID-19
78 Cancer and its treatment may accelerate the aging process in young patients
79 Advanced biofuels show real promise for replacing some fossil fuels
80 None of the most common blood pressure medications increased the risk of depression, some lowered the risk
81 Veterans undergoing elective PCI at community hospitals may have increased chance of death compared to those treated at VA hospitals
82 Wireless device makes clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water
83 Species 'pushed out of the tropics' by climate change
84 Acute cardiovascular events common among adults hospitalized with influenza [plus additional topic]
85 Intensive lifestyle intervention focused on weight loss lowers obesity-related cancer risk
86 People can make better choices when it benefits others
87 Who Could Benefit from Exercise and Behavioral Treatment?
88 Study Claims Life Could Thrive and Exist Beneath Mars' Surface
89 Dogs Can Accurately Sniff Coronavirus in Saliva and Secretions
90 Perseverance Rover on Mars Will Deploy a Host of Technologies for Future Robotic Explorers
91 Exploitative Chinese Fishing Vessels Occupy Galapagos Islands, Threatening Darwin's Refuge
92 Blood Test Could Detect Alzheimer's 20 Years Before Cognitive Problems Show
93 Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Triggered Immune Response in Monkeys
94 Russia Eyes August Registry of First Coronavirus Vaccine
95 Fact Check: Farts Can Spread Coronavirus, Negate Effectiveness of Face Masks
96 5 Worst Pandemics in Human History that Ravaged the World
97 Fauci Says MLB Season Hangs in the Balance Due to Marlin's COVID-19 Outbreak
98 Scientists Solve Mysterious Origin of Stonehenge Megaliths
99 NASA Sends Perseverance Rover to Space, Expected to Arrive on Mars on February 2021
100 Face Shields Can't Replace Face Masks for Coronavirus Protection
101 Vaping Could Cause Heart Problems Aside from Negative Effects on Lungs
102 Coronavirus Vaccines: Countries Enter Heated Debates on Who Gets It First After Development
103 93-year-old Former Pope Benedict XVI Reported Sick with Shingles
104 COVID-19 Hits Norwegian Cruise Ship, Dozens Test Positive
105 Mysterious Long Cloud Spotted for the Second Time on Mars' Surface
106 5 Best Homemade Disinfectants to Keep Your Home Virus-Free
107 Homemade Natural Cleaning Spray
108 Homemade Disinfectant Spray
109 Homemade Floor Cleaner
110 Top 5 Unhealthiest Fast Foods in the World
111 COVID-19 Cases Blow Up in Countries Previously Praised for Effective Response to Pandemic
112 Ammonium Nitrate: What is this Chemical Culprit Behind the Deadly Beirut Blast
113 Want to Live Longer? Use These Anti-Aging Spices
114 Signs of Alien Life? Scientists Detect More Fast Radio Bursts Traced to Nearby Similar Galaxy
115 6 Ways Proper Sleep Can Change Your Life
116 Secondhand Smoke: Can it Promote Spread of COVID-19?
117 Comprehensive Drug Abuse treatment--Rehab Facilities
118 Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients Just as Virulent as Those Exhibiting Symptoms, Study Suggests
119 Donald Trump Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Available Before November 3
120 Hospital Leaked Personal Information of COVID-19 Patients
121 Various Face Masks to Be Tested for Effectiveness Against COVID-19
122 New Normal Lifestyle in the Advent of COVID-19: What Happens Now?