File Title
1 Climate Week: World split on urgency of tackling rising temperatures, poll suggests
2 Experts call for new era for wildlife in UK
3 Alligator on gas snaps up Ig Nobel prize
4 Satellite achieves sharp-eyed view of methane
5 Botswana: Mystery elephant deaths caused by cyanobacteria
6 Climate Week: Prince Charles calls for 'swift' action on climate change
7 Climate change: Earthquake 'hack' reveals scale of ocean warming
8 Spider-like toxins found in Australia's stinging trees
9 California and Oregon 2020 wildfires in maps, graphics and images
10 Plug-in hybrids are a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'
11 Plastic pollution: Washed clothing's synthetic mountain of 'fluff'
12 Is there life floating in the clouds of Venus?
13 Extinction: Urgent change needed to save species, says UN
14 Climate change: Warmth shatters section of Greenland ice shelf
15 Swimmer 'lucky to be alive' after jellyfish sting
16 Humpback whale finds escape from Australian crocodile river
17 Egypt tomb: Sarcophagi buried for 2,500 years unearthed in Saqqara
18 The deadly viruses that vanished without trace
19 What makes strangers click?
20 Jamaica's Port Royal: The wickedest city on Earth?
21 Goodfellas at 30: The making of one of film's greatest shots
22 The movements that betray who you are
23 The impact of banning alcohol during Covid-19
24 Microsoft buys Fallout creator Bethesda for $7.5bn
25 PlayStation 5 matches the price of the Xbox Series X
26 Xbox blinks first by pricing Xbox Series X ahead of Sony's PS5
27 TikTok deal under new threat as Trump insists on total US control
28 Twitter investigates racial bias in image previews
29 WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads of Chinese app
30 TikTok: Trump says Oracle deal for video app 'has my blessing'
31 Friend challenges Facebook over Ronnie McNutt suicide video
32 Women in computing--there is good news and bad
33 Police launch homicide inquiry after German hospital hack
34 Google and Facebook under pressure to ban children's ads
35 Tech Tent: ARM, TikTok and the battle for tech supremacy
36 Super Mario at 35: 'The little plumber who defined a genre'
37 'They used my picture and I should've got paid for it'
38 Microsoft's underwater data centre resurfaces after two years
39 Singapore becomes hub for Chinese tech amid US tensions
40 Wandsworth apologises over emergency 'grab and go bag' tweet
41 Harry Potter: New game Hogwarts: Legacy revealed--What's it all about?
42 Tech Tent: ARM, TikTok and the battle for tech supremacy
43 WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads of Chinese app
44 One-in-20 pupils at home with lockdown-related issues
45 Coronavirus: Students' return could spark lockdown, say locals
46 Coronavirus: Teacher writes about 'horrendous' Covid-19 battle
47 Schools in poorer areas lack catch-up cash
48 Covid-19 death teacher 'forgotten' by government, says family
49 Cyber threat to disrupt start of university term
50 Coronavirus: 'Booking a test is like getting Harry Potter tickets'
51 Coronavirus testing: Education secretary defends system for schools
52 Heads warn of teacher shortages without Covid tests
53 Coronavirus: Teachers are isolating but still teach--by video
54 School figures show 88% of pupils were back for start of term
55 Housing crisis: The 59-year-old woman who lives in a van
56 English spelling campaigners enlist the help of Hamlet
57 When spelling goes wrong: Famous typos from Trump to NASA
58 Coronavirus doctor's diary: Will universities be able to avoid spreading the virus?
59 Coronavirus in Kenya: How it turned classrooms into chicken coops
60 Coronavirus: The story of the big U-turn of the summer
61 Williamson defends use of calculated exam grades
62 BTec Nationals and Firsts: What went wrong with the grades?
63 Will GCSE grade inflation cause problems for future students? And other questions
64 10 charts on what happens after GCSEs
65 Covid: Four St. Andrews University students get coronavirus after party
66 Anglesey holiday homes complex to keep Glynllifon name
67 Covid: One in five pupils missing in Wales on schools' return
68 Scotland has 70,000 children on social housing waiting lists
69 Coronavirus: How the lockdown has changed schooling in South Asia
70 Dumfries Learning Town: Schools funding bid drawn up for 69 million pounds
71 Coronavirus: Scientists' warning, impact on schools and rail deal
72 Coronavirus: Union dispute over Queen's on-campus teaching
73 Covid: Welsh universities set for 'different' freshers' week
74 Covid: UK coronavirus alert level moving to 4
75 Lesbos: Hundreds test positive for Covid-19 after migrant camp fire
76 Covid: UK at 'critical point' in pandemic, top scientists to warn
77 Coronavirus: WHO sets rules for testing African herbal remedies
78 Covid-19: New fear grips Europe as cases top 30m worldwide
79 Coronavirus: Tackling testing delays 'number one' priority, says minister
80 Covid symptoms: Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?
81 Covid-19 pandemic: Where are the global coronavirus hotspots?
82 How Covid-19 myths are merging with the QAnon conspiracy theory
83 Coronavirus: What are the UK travel quarantine rules?
84 Opioid epidemic: The other public health crisis killing Canadians
85 Abortion: How do Trump and Biden's policies compare?
86 Suffolk boy with rare cancer ready for first day at school
87 Breastfeeding mum's request to bring baby 'rejected' by council
88 Coronavirus: Michael Sheen urges 'keep flu at bay to protect NHS'
89 Coronavirus vaccine: When will we have one?
90 Coronavirus in Scotland: Four numbers to watch
91 Massive Volcanism Sent Great Waves of Carbon into the Oceans Over Thousands of Years--Far Outpaced by Humans Now
92 Why Flat-Faced Dogs, like Pugs and Bulldogs, Remain Popular Despite Substantial Health Risks
93 Kate Rubins--First Person to Sequence DNA in Space--Set to Return to Space Station
94 Extracting Ancient DNA of Long-Extinct Plants and Animals from Soil
95 Extra-Terrestrial "Aerial" Life on Venus? Possible Marker of Life Spotted in Venusian Atmosphere [Video]
96 COVID-19 Is Here to Stay--Scientists Predict that SARS-CoV-2 Will Become a Seasonal Virus
97 New Phase of Nanoconfined Water Discovered--Important Fundamental Breakthrough with Practical Applications
98 Scientists Have Long Believed that Ocean Viruses Always Quickly Kill Algae--They Were Wrong
99 How Fast Is the Universe Expanding? Measuring Cosmic Expansion with Radio Astronomy and Gravitational Waves
100 Startlingly New Images of SARS-CoV-2 Infected Cells--Ready to Spread COVID-19 Virus
101 New Space Satellite Pinpoints Methane Leaks and Industrial Emissions
102 A Warped Disc "Torn Apart by Stars" Discovered in a Triple Tatooine-Like System
103 Colliding Neutron Stars Generate Just Small Amounts of Gold, Creating an Astronomical Mystery
104 Energy Harvesting Goes Organic: Self-Assembled Peptides for Electricity Generation
105 Gene-Edited Livestock "Surrogate Sires" Successfully Created by Scientists to Transform Animal Breeding
106 ESA's Ambitious Hera Planetary Defense Mission Awards $153 Million Contract
107 Sticky Webs of DNA Released from Immune Cells May Drive Lung Pathology in Severe COVID-19
108 MIT BodyCompass: Monitoring Sleep Positions for a Healthy Rest
109 NASA Monitors Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide from California Wildfires
110 Robofish: An Extremely Social Robotic Fish Helps Unravel the Collective Patterns of Animal Groups
111 Stanford Physicist's Decades-Long Quest for the Perfect Keys to Unlock the Mysteries of Superconductivity
112 Preserving Outstanding Ecological Value: Assessment of the Protection State of Mostly "Untouched" Forests in Europe
113 Fearsome 2,000 Pound Beast: Solving the Mystery of a 13,000 Year-Old Bone Discovered on the California Channel Islands
114 Development of an Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Through Comprehensive Analysis of Antibody Responses in Patients
115 Giant 100 Million Year Old Sperm Cells Discovered--The Oldest Known Sperm Cells
116 The Evolving Volatile Chemistry of Protoplanetary Disks
117 More Effective Vaccines with Injectable Hydrogel
118 Why Scientists Believe There May Be Extra-Terrestrial Life Floating in the Atmosphere of Venus