File Title
1 Climate change threatens Komodo dragons
2 HKU's Laboratory for Space Research member co-discovers first planet found around white dwarf star
3 Sturdy fabric-based piezoelectric energy harvester takes us one step closer to wearable electronics
4 Oncotarget: ATM inhibition overcomes resistance to histone deacetylase inhibitor
5 Researchers discover effective pathway to convert CO2 into ethylene
6 Minimally invasive ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release improves long-term outcomes
7 A novel approach to childhood obesity prevention
8 Researchers 3D print tiny multicolor microstructures
9 Point-of-care biomarker assay for traumatic brain injury
10 As pandemic progressed, people's perceived risks went up
11 New Viking DNA research yields unexpected information about who they were
12 Reducing colorectal cancer disparities among African American men
13 T cells take the lead in controlling SARS-CoV-2 and reducing COVID-19 disease severity
14 Better communication helps translate molecular tools
15 Discoveries made in how immune system detects hidden intruders
16 New gene implicated in neuron diseases
17 Medical robotic hand? Rubbery semiconductor makes it possible
18 Princeton scientists explain how diverse species coexist in microbial communities
19 Social distancing and microbial health
20 The persistence of plastic
21 Researchers have developed the world's smallest ultrasound detector
22 Turbulence affects aerosols and cloud formation
23 People's life goals relate to their personality type, UC Davis study suggests
24 New data processing module makes deep neural networks smarter
25 Pandemics and epidemics could exacerbate racism xenophobia
26 Researchers discover new photoactivation mechanism for polymer production
27 Colorado's famous aspens expected to decline due to climate change
28 Fast calculation dials in better batteries
29 The unintended consequence of becoming empathetic
30 Perfectionists may be more prone to helicopter parenting, study finds
31 Mercury concentrations in Yukon River Fish could surpass EPA criterion by 2050
32 Biologists developing global citizen network to monitor insect abundance
33 Researchers demonstrate record speed with advanced spectroscopy technique
34 A new species of spider
35 Scientists identify gene family key to unlocking vertebrate evolution
36 Controlled dynamics of colloidal rods
37 Can life survive a star's death? Webb telescope can reveal the answer
38 The accident preventers
39 A quantum thermometer for measuring ultra-cold temperatures
40 Mercury concentrations in Yukon river fish could surpass EPA criterion by 2050
41 Can pumping up cold water from deep within the ocean halt coral bleaching?
42 MTU and Argonne engineers improve signal processing for small fiber optic cables
43 Viral load predicts mortality rate in hospitalized patients with cancer and COVID-19
44 Device could help detect signs of extraterrestrial life
45 Vulnerable groups affected by public transit cuts amid pandemic
46 Potential COVID-19 drug azithromycin may increase risk for cardiac events
47 Rapid 3D printing with visible light
48 How vitamin E acetate might injure vapers' lungs
49 Replicating a genome starts with a twist, a pinch, and a bit of a dance
50 Women hold prominent roles, publish more in 'open science' vs. 'reproducibility' model
51 Accurate labels like 'aerosol' or 'chemicals' increase perceived risks of e-cigarette use
52 Nicotine vapour more rewarding for adolescents than adults
53 One in 10 older dental patients inappropriately prescribed opioids
54 Physicists make electrical nanolasers even smaller
55 Extent of India's COVID nudge campaign revealed
56 Pollution exposure linked to stroke risk in people with common heart rhythm disorder
57 Women more prone to depression in countries with low gender equality rankings
58 Siberia's permafrost erosion has been worsening for years
59 Predicting therapeutic response in depressed teen girls
60 Blonde Scandinavians or well-travelled Southern Europeans? Research busts myths of Vikings
61 Researchers ask: how sustainable is your toothbrush?
62 Scientists studied color change from green to red in the fluorescent protein
63 Skoltech research puts exciton-polaritons in their place with new artificial laser-built lattices
64 Climate crisis ages fish, amphibians and reptiles
65 Increase in alcohol-industry funded research is a cause for concern, study suggests
66 Novel photoresist enables 3D printing of smallest porous structures
67 Microsoft and University of Copenhagen collaboration yields promising material for quantum computing
68 Scientists look into tropopause to find early signals of persistent strong rainfall
69 Metalloxocubes: A new class of neutral Co13O8 clusters with cubic aromaticity
70 Why do hospital germs bind more strongly to certain surfaces than to others?
71 Liquid water at 170 degrees Celsius
72 Systematic parental training helps the well-being of preschool children with ADHD
73 Physical diseases can negatively affect a depression
74 How cigarette butts can be recycled into bricks: a step-by-step plan
75 Reprogramming brain cells enables flexible decision-making
76 Scientists updated genome editing technology
77 Great progress for electronic gadgets of the future
78 Generation of three-dimensional heart organoids
79 Stop Livin to make lymphoma cells stop living
80 Oral radiography can reveal chronic coronary artery disease
81 New targets for melanoma treatment
82 A ferry protein in the pancreas protects it from the stress induced by a high-fat diet
83 Coconut rhinoceros beetle makes unexpected 'host shift' to Guam's cycad trees
84 Reaching 90% PL quantum yield in 1D metal halide by pressure-suppressed nonradiative loss
85 Unraveling a spiral stream of dusty embers from a massive binary stellar forge
86 Devi mangiare! Why culture may be contributing to disordered eating among women
87 Sunfleck use research needs appropriate experimental leaves
88 Reviewing the quantum material 'engine room,' QAHE
89 Tailored education system to benefit kidney transplant patients
90 Tail regeneration in lungfish provides insight into evolution of limb regrowth
91 SwRI scientist searches for stellar phosphorus to find potentially habitable exoplanets
92 Factors inherent to obesity could increase vulnerability to COVID-19
93 Machine learning models identify kids at risk of lead poisoning
94 Stanford team pinpoints brain circuitry underlying dissociative experiences
95 A white dwarf's surprise planetary companion
96 Most landslides in western Oregon triggered by heavy rainfall, not big earthquakes
97 How a giant short-faced bear reached the California Channel Islands
98 Seismic monitoring may improve early warnings for glacial lake outburst floods
99 4TEEN4's first-in-class therapeutic antibody Procizumab restores heart function in life-threatening cardiac depression induced by sepsis
100 BU study discovers connection between contact sports, CTE and troubling sleep behaviors
101 Next-gen organoids grow and function like real tissues
102 Anti-reflective coating inspired by fly eyes
103 Slower growing chickens experience higher welfare, commercial scale study finds
104 Discovery of a new mass extinction
105 Mapping cavefish brains leads to neural origin of behavioral evolution
106 Researchers create better material for wearable biosensors
107 Domestic horses probably did not originate in Anatolia
108 Choosing the right cover crop to protect the soil
109 Building bridges: PARP enzymes bring broken DNA together
110 KU astronomer helps confirm first-ever planet found orbiting white dwarf