File Title
1 Immunotherapy: Enhancing the therapeutic effectiveness of photothermal cancer treatments
2 Unraveling a spiral stream of dusty embers from a massive binary stellar forge
3 Modern theory from ancient impacts
4 TV ads for psoriasis and eczema medications portray few people of color
5 Lessons from coronavirus surveillance testing in Seattle-area homeless shelters
6 Reforestation can only partially restore tropical soils
7 Evergreen needles act as air quality monitors
8 Future autonomous machines may build trust through emotion
9 Study connects hormones we're born with to lifetime risk for immunological diseases
10 1 in 10 COVID-19 patients return to hospital after being sent home from ER
11 An effective way to increase capacity for mental health
12 Theoretically, two layers are better than one for solar-cell efficiency
13 Fish oil without the fishy smell or taste
14 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
15 Did our early ancestors boil their food in hot springs?
16 A new approach to understanding the biology of wound healing
17 Dust may have controlled ancient human civilization
18 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
19 COVID-19 virus uses heparan sulfate to get inside cells
20 Water vapor imagery reveals hurricane Paulette's strongest side, dry air
21 Mayo scientists develop mathematical index to distinguish healthy microbiome from diseased
22 With digital phenotyping, smartphones may play a role in assessing severe mental illness
23 New dopamine sensors could help unlock the mysteries of brain chemistry
24 Human white blood cells use molecular paddles to swim
25 Real neurons are noisy. Can neural implants figure that out?
26 Researchers identify key role of immune cells in brain infection
27 People react better to both negative and positive events with more sleep
28 CU researchers now better understand ovarian cancer tumors and treatment outcomes
29 Study shows difficulty in finding evidence of life on Mars
30 Factors associated with high performance improvement in VA primary care settings
31 Canadian researchers identify four barriers to use of 'gold-standard' abortion pill
32 Vaping, marijuana use in 2019 rose in college-age adults
33 Study: Synthetic medication and desiccated thyroid equally effective to treat hypothyroidism
34 Telehealth supports collaborative mental health care in the needs of rural patients
35 Exercise protocol mitigates one of the most incapacitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease
36 Rural counties with access to obstetrics have healthier infant birth outcomes
37 Study finds concussions are a risk for young athletes in all sports--not just football
38 The public charge rule: What physicians can do to support immigrant health
39 New research provides global analysis of storm surge footprints
40 September/October 2020 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
41 Study offers real world perspective on how Black patients experience mental healthcare
42 Europe's primary forests: What to protect? What to restore?
43 Teacher stress linked with higher risk of student suspensions, MU researcher finds
44 You want be a leader? You've got to be fast!
45 Rising temperatures could shift US West Nile virus transmission
46 COVID-19 works with bacteria to increase disease severity in obesity and diabetes
47 Tracking hammerhead sharks reveals conservation targets to protect a nearly endangered species
48 Aiming for accuracy
49 University of South Carolina study reveals how cannabinoids may be useful to prevent colon cancer
50 The Josep Carreras Institute identifies a marker of poor evolution in Hodgkin's lymphoma
51 Loneliness predicts development of type 2 diabetes
52 Popular messenger services are extremely insecure
53 Ultra-fast magnetic switching with potential to transform fibre optical communications
54 Study suggests financial holdings influenced key votes for house lawmakers
55 Online tool informs recovery prospects for sepsis survivors
56 CNIC researchers discover a cell-cleaning system that keeps hearts healthy
57 Rare pattern observed in migrating common swifts
58 Satellite images display changes in the condition of European forests
59 PhD thesis offers a real-time alternative to dialysis quality monitoring by optical method
60 Camera monitoring significantly improves safety of HGV driving
61 Parkinson's patient skin samples provide clues to disease mechanism and clinical test
62 OBS deep seismic survey uncovered crustal structure mystery of NW sub-basin of the SCS
63 Signalling research waves red flag for commercial drug target candidate
64 Estimation of carbonate stratal completeness via stratigraphic forward modeling
65 Biomarker reveals how aggressive biliary tract cancer is in patients
66 Single photons from a silicon chip
67 100-million-year-old amber reveals sexual intercourse of ostracods
68 Artificial intelligence system developed to help better select embryos for implantation
69 Ultrahigh energy density transition-metal-free cathodes designed by band structure engineering
70 Scientists develop a technique to dynamically curve a photon jet
71 African swine fever: No risk to consumers
72 The Wnt pathway gets even more complicated
73 Tiny protein motor fuels bacterial movement
74 Risk gene for Alzheimer's has early effects on the brain
75 Newly discovered mechanism regulates myocardial distensibility
76 Poor health contributing to digital divide among older Singaporeans
77 Going small for big solutions: sub-nanoparticle catalysts made from coinage elements as effective catalysts
78 Personal protective respirator masks (PPE) often do not fit correctly, especially for women and Asian healthcare workers
79 New on/off functionality for fast, sensitive, ultra-small technologies
80 To repair a damaged heart, three cells are better than one
81 There's no place like home: Cleaning toxic tobacco smoke residue in our homes
82 Decoding the genetics that drive disease
83 Phosphine on Venus
84 Researchers use soy to improve bone cancer treatment
85 NAU's Keim leads ACGU to publish findings of study tracking strains of SARS-CoV-2 in state
86 Arizona COVID-19 Genomics Union tracks strains of SARS-CoV-2
87 Scientists uncover a novel approach to treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
88 Stem cells engineered to evade immune system hold promise for 'off-the-shelf' grafts
89 From star to solar system: How protoplanetary rings form in primordial gas clouds
90 Energy harvesting goes organic, gets more flexible
91 Many women suffering from severe migraine might avoid pregnancy, but should they?
92 Cannabis farms are a modern slavery 'blind spot' for UK police, study suggests
93 PTSD may double risk of dementia
94 Study reveals impact of centuries of human activity in American tropics
95 Molecular basis underlying colorectal cancer revealed
96 Elements of surprise: neutron stars contribute little, but something's making gold, research finds
97 Chimpanzees show greater behavioural and cultural diversity in more variable environments
98 Ocean algae get 'coup de grace' from viruses
99 Cigarette smoking associated with worse outcomes for bladder cancer patients after surgery
100 Glass tables can cause life-threatening injuries
101 Reward and punishment take similar paths in the mouse brain
102 Late childhood peer group status linked to heightened adult circulatory disease risk
103 New study finds two amino acids are the Marie Kondo of molecular liquid phase separation
104 Metabolic surgery offers health benefits for patients with high blood pressure
105 Nature: Humanity at a crossroads, UN warns in new Global Biodiversity Outlook report
106 Identifying, preventing and managing heart rhythm side effects of medicines
107 Biologic therapy for psoriasis may reduce heart disease
108 Fish, seaweed inspire slippery surfaces for ships
109 Progress toward antiviral treatments for COVID-19
110 Mount Sinai study shows widespread epigenetic defects in the human genome
111 Predicting poor pain control following elective spine surgery
112 A scientific advance in studying early-stage lung cancer
113 Scientists predict that COVID-19 will become a seasonal virus--but not yet