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1 World's first major study into MS and pregnancy reveals it delays onset of MS symptoms by more than 3 years
2 Amid pandemic and protests, Americans know much more about their rights
3 Smart virus
4 Pesco-Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting may lower heart disease risk
5 New insight into how muscles and fat cells work together to make you more fit
6 The intricate protein architecture linked to disease
7 Structure of ATPase, the world's smallest turbine, solved
8 Easing restrictions on abortion pill greatly improved access to care in Canada
9 Gene-edited livestock 'surrogate sires' successfully made fertile
10 Tandem devices feel the heat
11 Researchers create morphing crystals powered by water evaporation
12 Arctic transitioning to a new climate state
13 Ancient volcanoes once boosted ocean carbon, but humans are now far outpacing them
14 Immune cells sculpt circuits in the brain
15 IU researchers trace the outlines of two cultures within science
16 Citizens help scientists demonstrate value of protected areas in biodiversity hotspots
17 Some but not all US metro areas could grow all needed food locally, estimates study
18 Turmeric supplement more effective than placebo for osteoarthritis knee pain [plus additional topics]
19 How the brain creates the experience of time
20 Telescope Captures 2 Planets Around Baby Sun Far Out in Space Scientists Are Excited
21 NASA's Osiris-Rex Conducts Tests Before Landing on Asteroid
22 True Origins of COVID-19: Chinese Miners First Infected with Virus in 2012
23 Seattle Fishing Boat Outbreak Offers Insight on Possible Role of Neutralizing Antibodies in Protection Against COVID-19
24 14,000-Year-Old Puppy's Perfectly Preserved Body Discovered in Russia
25 Invisible Rogue Planets Without Stars Might be Spotted by NASA's New Space Telescope
26 Lava Tubes on the Moon and Mars Are Useful Shelters to Astronauts
27 Dead Dolphins Wash Up on the Coast of Mauritius After Oil Spill, Greenpeace Calls for Investigation
28 Life on Earth Came from Mars? Scientists Investigate Panspermia as Earth's Origin
29 Protests in Mauritius as Government Fails to Tackle Oil Spill that Killed More than 40 Dolphins
30 CDC Orders US States to Prepare for Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution by November 1
31 Fauci Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Approved Earlier than Expected, Might Oblige Researchers to Halt Trials
32 The Sun May Had a Twin that Captured the Oort Cloud and Planet Nine
33 Stephen Hawking Love Life: The Other Side of the Wheelchair-Bound Lothario Physicist
34 AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine on Hold After Oxford Trial Participant Falls Mysteriously Ill
35 Coronavirus Manmade? Chinese Virologist Plans to Release Evidence to Prove Claim
36 Coronavirus Hijacks Human Brains, Uses Cells to Multiply and Take Over
37 Tasmania Boy Grabbed by Shark from a Boat in Australia
38 Game Changing Antibody that Eradicates Virus Responsible for COVID-19 Discovered
39 Venus Might Have Alien Life After Discovery of Phosphine, Scientists Say
40 Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Spotted by Amateur Astronomer Days Before It Crosses Paths with Earth
41 Top 10 Foods that are Best for Thyroid Diet and Healing
42 State of Environmental Emergency Declared as Mauritius Struggles to Contain Oil Spill
43 New York Hospitals Forced to Repair Ventilators with Garden Hoses
44 Healthy Eating Habits: Foods to Help Alleviate Stress
45 Russia Becomes First in the World to Register Coronavirus Vaccine
46 Wuhan Lab Welcomes US Reporters to Nullify Theories About Being Coronavirus Origin
47 Miracle Baby with Inside Out Organs Defies Odds of 5% Survival Rate by Leaving Hospital 4 Years Later
48 COVID-19 Shows No Signs of Season Pattern, Control Measures Should Continue
49 California's Public Health Chief Steps Down After Disclosure of Gigantic COVID-19 Records Backlog
50 Fact Check: Does 5G Technology Produce Coronavirus Infection in Human Cells?
51 United States to Acquire 100 Million Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine from Moderna
52 Scientists Detect Weird Boomerang Earthquake in the Deep Atlantic Ocean
53 New COVID-19 Cases Emerge in New Zealand Breaking its 102-day COVID-free Streak
54 Dog from North Carolina Who Died Due to 'Acute Illness' Tests Positive for COVID-19
55 Easy Granola Snacks Recipes Good for Your Health
56 Fact Check: Could People Be Jailed for Refusing Vaccine in the United States?
57 Florida Sheriff Prohibits Deputies, Civilians Entering Sheriff Buildings to Use Face Masks
58 Fact Check: Does Reusing Face Masks Cause Legionnaires' Disease?
59 Fauci Says There's 'No Reason' America Can't Do in-Person Voting
60 Basic Workout for Beginners: Do Push-Ups like Nick Jonas
61 How to Avoid Involuntary Urine Leakage
62 COVID-19 Brain Effects: The Pandemic Is Changing Our Brains
63 The Current State of Insulin in America
64 Trump Shares Fauci's Take on in-Person Voting, Top Infectious Diseases Experts Says it is Plausible
65 FDA Authorizes 'SalivaDirect,' Yale's COVID-19 Rapid Saliva Test
66 Experts Urge People to Get Flu Shot, Fear a Possible 'Twindemic' as Flu Season Approaches
67 8 Great Tips on Writing Conversational Emails
68 California Reports First Case of Bubonic Plague After Five Years
69 Techniques to Improve Memory
70 Fauci Dubs Russia's 'Safe and Effective' Vaccine Claims 'Bogus'
71 Can Antibodies in Breastmilk Ward Off COVID-19? Researchers Find Out
72 Tips to Naturally Regrow Your Hair
73 Dozens Dead in Ebola Outbreak in Congo
74 Natural Ways to Boost Your Fertility
75 FDA Gives Emergency Authorization on Usage of Plasma for COVID-19 Treatment
76 COVID-19 Vaccine: China Announced Using Experimental Vaccine in Public Since July
77 Asteroid Makes Staggering Approach to Earth, NASA Did Not See It Coming
78 German Researchers Simulate a Pop Concert to Study How COVID-19 Spreads in Crowds
79 Foods and Drinks that Are Not Obviously High in Sugar
80 CDC Alters COVID-19 Testing Guidelines, Announces Asymptomatic Cases No Longer Need Testing
81 HIV Cure Found? Woman Infected for 30 Years May Have Been Healed Without Drugs or Treatment
82 Regular Social Interactions Could Reduce Risk of Depression
83 How to Deal with Covid-19 Stress
84 Asteroid Heads Towards Earth, Will Come Closest to Planet Ahead of US Election Day
85 Health Experts Call for Independent Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Review Outside FDA
86 Having Your Monthly Period? Check Out These Foods Women Should Eat and Avoid During Menstruation
87 Medical Experts Caution Against Dangers of 'Benadryl Challenge' that Killed 15-year-old
88 Natural Health & Fitness Tips for Women
89 Plasma Therapy Not a Standard Treatment for COVID-19?
90 Work from Home: Causes and Cures of Burnout
91 After a Heart Attack: Recovery and Lifestyle Changes
92 Masks with Valves, Face Shields Allow Spread of Virus, According to Study
93 Canada's Top Doctors Advise to Wear Mask During Intercourse and Avoid Kissing New People
94 How to Protect Children's Eyesight During Remote Learning
96 US Open in Chaos as COVID-19 Invades Prestigious Sporting Event
97 Coronavirus Cure? Studies Using Virgin Coconut Oil as Treatment Ongoing
98 New Cluster of COVID-19 Cases Linked to Fraternity Party at State University
99 Fact Check: Singing 'Happy Birthday' Can Increase Spread of COVID-19 Due to Enunciation of Bs and Ps
100 How to Conquer Adult Nightmares for a Peaceful Sleep
101 Virgin Coconut Oil for Pets: How Your Dogs Can Benefit from It
102 North Korean Authorities Issues 'Shoot to Kill' Order to Keep COVID-19 Out of its Borders
103 Medical Miracle: 'Folded Man' Whose Chin Touches Knees Finally Stands Up After 28 Years
104 Fact Check: Did CDC Tell Parents to Prepare for Sleepovers at Schools Due to COVID-19?
105 How to Effectively Cope with Divorce
106 How to Live Longer by Drinking THIS Healthy Tea
107 10 Dead, 1,600 Infected in COVID-19 Outbreak in Meatpacking Companies, Billion-dollar Companies Faces $30,000 Fine
108 Can You Use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as a Makeup Remover?
109 This App Can Calculate Your Life Expectancy, May Predict Your Date of Death
110 China Says No Need to Vaccinate Entire Population, Only Frontliners