File Title
1 Measuring brainwaves while sleeping can tell if you should switch antidepressants
2 Electroconvulsive therapy shown to significantly reduce suicide risk in Bipolar patients
3 Scientists find an enzyme that facilitates grafting between different family species
4 Scientists explore the potential for further improvements to tropical cyclone track forecasts
5 Food mechanics recipe to serve up healthy food that lasts
6 Proximity to the southern border and DUI arrests in California
7 Improved early psychosis detection system may halve risk in young people
8 Baby heartbeat reveals the stress of having a depressed or anxious mother
9 When methane-eating microbes eat ammonia instead
10 Asthma patients given risky levels of steroid tablets
11 Shining a light on disordered and fractal systems
12 Successful improvement of the catalytic activity of photosynthetic CO2 fixing enzyme Rubisco
13 Curtin research creates faster, on-site way to detect PFAS
14 Gender harassment and institutional betrayal in high school take toll on mental health
15 Possible genetic link found between hypothyroidism and development of canine T-zone lymphoma
16 Heroin-addicted individuals have unique brain disturbances resembling those of Alzheimer's
17 Princeton lab discovers small "Cain-and-Abel" molecule
18 Human activities promote disease-spreading mosquitoes; more study needed for prevention
19 Predicting the slow death of lithium-ion batteries
20 Mayo Clinic and TGen ID potential targets for the most-deadly form of pancreatic cancer
21 Florida State-led team offers new rules for algae species classification
22 Older people with early, asymptomatic Alzheimer's at risk of falls
23 CCNY engineer Xi Chen and partners create new shape-changing crystals
24 Virtual reality trains public to reverse opioid overdoses
25 The expanding aims of high schools in the 21st century
26 Henry ford study finds certain immuno suppressing drugs do not increase risk for COVID-19
27 Toxic metals can affect student health performance, say scientists from RUDN university
28 Facebook anniversaries inspire reflection, nostalgia
29 Privatized prisons lead to more inmates, longer sentences, study finds
30 Cool eyes on fever screening: Optimizing infrared thermography
31 How do giraffes and elephants alter the African Savanna landscape?
32 Botox for TMJ disorders may not lead to bone loss in the short term, but more research is needed
33 Guidance balances staph infection prevention in critically ill infants with family contact
34 Immune system affects mind and body, study indicates
35 Dams exacerbate the consequences of climate change on river fish
36 New method to design diamond lattices and other crystals from microscopic building blocks
37 Substance use disorders linked to COVID-19 susceptibility
38 Antarctica: cracks in the ice
39 Doctors get plenty of advice on starting treatment; this could help them know when to stop
40 Global study reveals time running out for many soils--but conservation measures can help
41 A warm Jupiter orbiting a cool star
42 Neural cartography
43 Excessive lung release of neutrophil DNA traps may explain severe complications in Covid-19 patients
44 Infinite chains of hydrogen atoms have surprising properties, including a metallic phase
45 Animals' magnetic 'sixth' sense may come from bacteria, new paper suggests
46 Hints of life on Venus
47 Possible marker of life spotted on venus
48 Physicists "trick" photons into behaving like electrons using a "synthetic" magnetic field
49 New treatments for deadly lung disease could be revealed by 3D modeling
50 New study explores if flirting is real and shows it can work
51 Rubbery properties help RNA nanoparticles target tumors efficiently and quickly leave body
52 DNA webs may drive lung pathology in severe COVID-19
53 On the road to conductors of the future
54 Light processing improves robotic sensing, study finds
55 Certain coping strategies can help offset pandemic's mental health hits
56 Consumption of sheep or beef liver can contribute considerably to the total intake of PFAS
57 Early steroids improve outcomes in patients with septic shock
58 Physicists discover new magnetoelectric effect
59 Combining two precision medicines can treat drug-resistant cancers
60 COVID-19 measures deepening health inequalities in slum communities
61 Georgetown Global Health Center issues pandemic preparedness report and COVID-19 lessons
62 Project Phoenix: DNA unlocks a new understanding of coral
63 Doctors develop system which can predict Bipolar Disorder 4 years before onset
64 COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future--Field work in a pandemic
65 A change at the top before elections boosts MP turnover across Europe, research shows
66 Studies show strong links between the endocrine system and COVID-19 incidence and mortality
67 Reducing nitrogen with boron and beer
68 Research explores factors influencing soybean injury by synthetic auxin herbicides
69 COVID-19 policy makers could learn more about accountability from industries like aviation
70 Paying GPs to provide contraception information linked to reduced abortions
71 Big answers from tiny particles
72 DNA damage caused by migrating light energy
73 COVID-19 patients with sleep apnoea could be at additional risk
74 Drug for common liver condition may be an effective treatment for dementia
75 You can train your brain to reduce motion sickness
76 Touch-and-know: Brain activity during tactile stimuli reveals hand preferences in people
77 Halogen bonding: a powerful tool for constructing supramolecular co-crystalline materials
78 Genetic factors in chronic versus episodic migraine
79 Embryos taking shape via buckling
80 Bioactive nano-capsules to hijack cell behavior
81 How to harness the power of biosolids to make hydrogen
82 SMART researchers develop fast and efficient method to produce red blood cells
83 No benefit from drug used to reduce heart disease in kidney patients
84 Detection of PCBs and their metabolites (OH-PCBs) in the fetal brain of a Japanese macaque
85 Painless paper patch test for glucose levels uses microneedles
86 Novel immune-oncology approach for potential cancer treatment
87 Single atom-thin platinum makes a great chemical sensor
88 Which immune response could cause a vaccine against COVID-19?
89 COVID-19 pandemic halts cancer care and damages oncologists' wellbeing
90 Wildlife trade threats: The importance of genetic data in saving an endangered species
91 A bifidobacterial protein that can reduce inflammation in COVID-19 found by a RUDN geneticist
92 Magnetic field with the edge!
93 Imaging agent developed at Washington University spotlights inflammation
94 High-risk patients for colorectal cancer lack knowledge about colonoscopy
95 Facebook political ads more partisan, less negative than TV
96 New study from MD Anderson and BridgeBio's Navire Pharma shows SHP2 inhibition overcomes multiple therapeutic-resistance mechanisms in lung cancer
97 Tiny antibody component highly effective against SARS-COV-2 in animal studies
98 Hitchhiking seeds pose substantial risk of nonnative plant invasions
99 Twist on CRISPR gene editing treats adult-onset muscular dystrophy in mice
100 Loneliness doubled among older adults in first months of COVID-19, poll shows
101 Gun laws in neighboring states affect state gun deaths, new evidence
102 Mediterranean and tropical biodiversity most vulnerable to human pressures
103 Smartphones can predict brain function associated with anxiety and depression
104 Climate change triggers migration--particularly in middle-income countries
105 TRESK regulates brain to track time using sunlight as its cue
106 As domestic violence spikes, many victims and their children have nowhere to live
107 ARPA-type funding gives green technology an 'innovation advantage,' study finds
108 Not so similar: Depression, but not anxiety, linked with inflammation and metabolic change
109 Study examines how civil wars affect wildlife populations
110 Hostility linked with higher risk of death after second heart attacks