File Title
1 Global Warming Warning: Devastating Hurricanes Could Be Up to Five Times More Likely in the Caribbean
2 NSAIDs, Such as Ibuprofen, Not Associated with Any Adverse Effects in People with COVID-19
3 Bursting Earth's Bubble: Artificial Intelligence Helps Find Magnetic Eruptions in Space
4 Fluid Physics of Movement in Marine Snails Could Lead to Novel Bio-Inspired Underwater Vehicles
5 Global Warming Could Cause Viruses to Evolve, Making Them Harder to Kill
6 New Fossil Ape Discovered in India Fills Major Gaps in the Primate Fossil Record
7 NASA Mars Perseverance Test Rover's First Drive
8 Breakthrough Electrocatalyst Turns Carbon Dioxide into Ethanol
9 Unconscious Learning Underlies Belief in God--Stronger Beliefs in People Who Can Unconsciously Predict Complex Patterns
10 Black Hole Plasma Conditions Created on Earth--Laser Briefly Uses 1,000 Times the Electric Consumption of the Entire Globe
11 Structures for Large and Small Dark Matter Halos Revealed
12 Unexpected Discovery of a 410-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forces Rethink of Shark Evolution
13 MIT Velcro-Like Food Sensor Detects Spoilage and Contamination--Could Help Stem Outbreaks and Avoid Food Waste
14 Words of Wisdom: Advice from an Astronaut [Video]
15 How Space Can Boost Clean Energy and Contribute to a Sustainable Economy
16 Warning: More Cats Might Have COVID-19 than First Believed
17 Massive Magellanic Cloud Halo Discovery Finally Explains Stream of Gas Swirling Around the Milky Way
18 Particles as Big as Softballs Ejected from Asteroid Bennu Seem to Do the Impossible--Now Astrophysicists Know Why
19 Intense Heat, Winds, and Drought Fuel Smoky Infernos Across Western United States
20 New Theory About the Nature of Dark Matter Explains Mysterious Deficiency in Galaxy Pair
21 Acoustic Tweezers--Human Hands Replaced by Sound Waves in Petri Dish Experiments
22 Visualization Shows How Face Shields (and Some N95 Masks) Fail to Stop the Spread of COVID-19
23 Expert Finds that Death from COVID-19 Equal to Just 2 Days Extra Risk for Schoolchildren
24 Bending the Curve of Biodiversity Loss: Ambitious Conservation and Restoration Efforts Required
25 Scorching Heat from California's Creek Fire Creates a Pyrocumulonimbus Cloud
26 Awe-Inspiring Magnetic Details of the Sun Revealed by Europe's Largest Solar Telescope
27 Scientists Uncover Secret of Material for Promising Thermal Imagers: Blow-Up Overheating Instability
28 Giant Particle Accelerator in the Sky--Extremely High Energy Electrons Within the Van Allen Radiation Belts
29 NASA's ECOSTRESS Maps Surface Temperature Around Scorching California Fires
30 Columns of Matter That Build Up Newborn Stars Directly Observed for the First Time
31 Discovery of Ancient Singing Dog Species May Teach Us About Human Vocalization
32 Genetic Evidence from Fossilized Remains Show Climate Change Drove Mastodons Vast Distances Across North America
33 Planetary Scientists Surprised to Find the Moon Rusting--Now They've Found the Likely Culprit
34 A New Twist on DNA Origami: Meta-DNA Structures Transform the DNA Nanotechnology World
35 NOAA-NASA Satellite Captures Fires, Smoke, Sulfur Dioxide, and Ash Across America
36 New Study Shows COVID-19 May Have Spread in Los Angeles as Early as Last December
37 Biomarker Discovered that Can Detect Autism Spectrum Disorder in Preschool-Aged Children
38 A Big Step Closer to a Universal Antibody Test for COVID-19
39 NASA Enlists Commercial Partners to Fly 10 Science and Technology Payloads to the Moon
40 66 Million Years of Earth's Climate History Uncovered--Puts Current Changes in Context
41 MOSAiC Arctic Expedition--World's Largest and Longest Polar Research Expedition--Reaches North Pole
42 Photorealistic Painting with Light: Nanopillars Precisely Control the Color and Intensity of Transmitted Light
43 How Did Organic Matter Reach Earth? Cosmic Detectives Trace Origin of Complex Organic Molecules
44 New Protocol Corrects Errors Due to Qubit Loss--May Be Key to Development of Large-Scale Quantum Computers
45 Hubble's Shocking Dark Matter Discovery: Observations Suggest a Missing Ingredient in Cosmic Recipe
46 Alarming Disconnected World: More than 90% of Protected Areas Are Isolated in a Sea of Human Activities
47 Strange Activity on Asteroid Bennu Had NASA Baffled--"Definitely Surprised Us"
48 Mystery of Alfred Wallace's Butterfly Is Finally Solved Over a Century Later
49 Researchers Reveal Possible New COVID-19 Coronavirus Entry Points
50 Mysterious Stone Forests--Pointed Rock Formations Resembling Trees--Explained by "Candy Forests"
51 NASA Remembers September 11
52 COVID-19 Pandemic Spawns "Infodemic" in Scientific Literature
53 More, Longer, Hotter: California Heatwave Fits a Trend
54 Quantum Thermometer Using Nanodiamonds Senses a "Fever" in Tiny Worms
55 Unraveling the Mystery of Insect Bioluminescent Systems
56 Counts Based on Death Certificates Underestimate COVID-19 Mortality Rates
57 How Coronavirus Took Hold in North America and Europe, Igniting Major COVID-19 Outbreaks
58 Incredible View of the Majestic Amazon River from Space
59 Transistor-Integrated Microfluidic Cooling for More Powerful Electronic Chips
60 Citizen Scientists Discover Dozens of Failed Stars Lurking in Our Cosmic Neighborhood
61 In Ancient Giant Viruses Lies the Truth: Medusavirus Key to Deciphering Evolutionary Mystery
62 Jupiter's Moons Could be Warming Each Other through Tidal Resonance
63 Stunning Satellite Imagery of West Coast Wildfires Shows Portland, Eureka, Eugene, San Francisco, and Sacramento Blanked by Smoke
64 A Multi-Decade Mystery Settled: Presence of Resonating Cavities Above Sunspots Has Been Confirmed
65 Using Ant Pheromones to Catch Crop Pests & Reduce Insecticide Spraying
66 Devastating Wildfires in Oregon Captured by NASA's Aqua Satellite
67 Predicting When the Sky Will Bleed: MIT-Led Team to Develop Software to Help Forecast Space Storms
68 Hubble: Time Machines [Eye in the Sky Video Miniseries]
69 Danger Zone: NASA's Terra Highlights Aerosols from U.S. Fires--Worst Since the "Big Blowup" of 1910
70 What's the Frequency, Kenneth? As Information Flows Through Brain's Heirarchy, Higher Regions Use Higher-Frequency Waves
71 World's Largest Digital Camera Snaps First 3,200-Megapixel Images--Will Explore Cosmic Mysteries
72 NASA Wants Help Collecting Moon Rocks
73 COVID-19 Ventilator Patients Can Have Permanent Nerve Damage--Here's Why
74 Winds of Change Move 963,269 Square Mile Smoke Cloud Over Pacific Ocean
75 What Makes Memories So Detailed and Enduring? Newly Discovered Mechanism of Learning
76 Space Station 20th: A Look Back at the First NASA Research on ISS
77 Quirky Response to Magnetism Presents Quantum Physics Mystery--"There Must Be Some Exotic Physics Going on!"
78 Massive Wall of Smoke on U.S. West Coast--Easily Visible from 1 Million Miles Away from Earth
79 Aerospace Engineering Students Develop Hybrid Rocket Engine
80 Quantum Leap for Speed Limit Bounds: How Fast Can Anything--Information, Mass, Energy--Move in Nature?
81 Carbon-Rich Exoplanets May Be Made of Diamonds--"Unlike Anything in Our Solar System"
82 Hubble Uncovers an Unexpected Discrepancy: An Ingredient Missing from Current Dark Matter Theories?
83 Historic Fires Devastate the U.S. Pacific Coast--Scientists at a Loss for Words to Describe the Scope and Intensity
84 Computer Designed Synthetic Antiviral Proteins Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 in Human Cells
85 $500 Billion: The Staggering Potential Value of Studying the Ocean's Biological Carbon Pump
86 An MIT Chemist Who Plays with Space
87 Spin-Based Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Physicists Achieve Tunable Spin Wave Excitation
88 New Graphene Face Masks Offer Very High Anti-bacterial Efficiency, Deactivation of Coronaviruses
89 Global Magnetic Field of the Solar Corona Mapped for the First Time
90 Rebirth of a Volcano: Photogrammetric Data Shows Volcanoes Have "Memory"
91 Was Earth's Water Always Here? Unexpected Meteorite Composition Provides Origin Evidence
92 COVID-19 Scientific Leaders Share Expertise in New MIT Class--Available to the Public Online
93 Magnificent Eye of the Serpent Captured by Hubble
94 Non-Native Seeds Discovered on Shipping Containers Pose Significant Threats
95 Stop-and-Start Young Radio Jets Detected from Galaxy 500 Million Light-Years from Earth
96 Potential COVID-19 Achilles Heel Discovered: MicroRNA Molecules May Repress the Replication of Human Coronaviruses
97 Supercritical High-Pressure Hydrogen: Atomistic Modeling Probes the Exotic Behavior of Matter at the Center of Jupiter
98 New National Poll: Loneliness Doubled Among Older Adults in First Months of COVID-19
99 Many U.S. Metro Areas Could Grow All the Food They Need Locally
100 Ab8 COVID-19 Drug Breakthrough: Tiny Antibody Component Completely Neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
101 Harvesting Clean Energy from Water Evaporation--Morphing Crystals Convert Evaporation Energy into Motion
102 Astronomers Find Possible Signs of Life on Venus
103 Why Time Sometimes Flies or Drags: How the Brain Creates the Experience of Time
104 Reconstructing the Meals that People Consumed in the Past from Chemical Residues on Ancient Cooking Pots
105 Overfishing erased sharks from many of the world's reefs, researchers say
106 Fossil suggests animals have been hibernating for 250 million years
107 Statistical analysis reveals differences between dinosaur sexes
108 Neurons can fuse, cause behavioral changes in nematodes
109 Researchers find that bacteria can produce common component in plastic
110 SpaceX plans to launch Argentine satellite into polar orbit from Florida
111 Cold weather kills more people than heat, Illinois study finds