File Title
1 Older and richer: Old grasslands show high biodiversity and conservation value
2 Seeing the eye like never before
3 Mutant tomato helps to crack the secrets of fruiting
4 Superconductors are super resilient to magnetic fields
5 FABP4: Preschool-aged biomarker discovered for autism spectrum disorder
6 Ellipsys system offers greater patient eligibility and reduced time to dialysis
7 GTEx Consortium releases fresh insights into how DNA differences govern gene expression
8 Study suggests EDs should tailor clinical decision support to avoid antibiotic over-prescribing
9 New drug could stop deadly superbug, save tens of thousands of lives
10 Biological sex affects genes for body fat, cancer, birth weight
11 Over a century later, the mystery of the Alfred Wallace's butterfly is solved
12 Combination immunotherapy benefits subset of patients with advanced prostate cancer
13 Researchers reveal a much richer picture of the past with new DNA recovery technique
14 The web of death
15 Giant particle accelerator in the sky
16 Climate changed in steps in the past
17 Revealing the secrets of high-energy cosmic particles
18 Rebirth of a volcano
19 The Lancet: Largest global vaccine confidence survey reveals hesitancy hotspots
20 Hospital COVID-19 risk lowest among intensive care staff
21 Factors linked to college aspirations, enrollment, and success
22 Study provides insights on bouncing back from job loss
23 Body cameras may have little effect on police and citizen behaviors
24 Exercise improves learning and memory in young adults
25 The pharmacist's role in HIV care in France
26 Pregnant women's psychological health during the COVID-19 outbreak
27 Sleep apnea linked with higher spine fracture risk among women
28 Lifestyle improvements may lessen cognitive decline
29 Does the Mediterranean diet protect against rheumatoid arthritis?
30 Improving the transition from pediatric to adult rheumatology care
31 Vaccine proves effective against the most severe type of pneumonia
32 COVID-19 may have been in LA as early as last December, UCLA-led study suggests
33 Study takes us a step closer to a universal antibody test for COVID-19
34 Dietary changes could produce big offsets to carbon emissions
35 New genetic analysis method could advance personal genomics
36 GTEx studies reveal variation in gene expression among individuals and, to small degree, by sex
37 High-fidelity record of Earth's climate history puts current changes in context
38 66 million years of Earth's climate uncovered from ocean sediments
39 Stem cell function may explain higher colon cancer rate in males
40 Treating hypertension lowers the risk for orthostatic hypotension, or drop in blood pressure upon standing
41 Antipsychotic prescriptions haven't budged in 10+ years despite recommendations to curb use
42 Optimal detection and treatment of cardiac risk could save millions of lives and billions of pounds
43 Gestational diabetes may accelerate child's biological age
44 Unraveling 66 million years of climate history from ocean sediments
45 Environment: Removing marine plastic litter is costly for small island states
46 Loss of sea otters accelerating the effects of climate change
47 Weight stigma predicts emotional distress and binge eating during COVID-19
48 Diamondback moth uses plant defense substances as oviposition cues
49 Telomere length varies across human tissue types
50 UCLA study shows how interferon-gamma guides response to cancer immunotherapy
51 GTEx findings reveal genetic regulatory variation across tissues and cell types
52 Research sheds light on earliest stages of Angelman syndrome
53 Odors produced by soil microbes attract red fire ants to safer nest sites
54 Antibody responses in COVID-19 patients could guide vaccine design
55 Analysis of Australian labradoodle genome reveals an emphasis on the 'oodle'
56 Sex differences in gene expression in human tissues linked to body fat, cancer, and birth weight
57 Some health care professionals use outdated guidelines to screen and diagnose hypertension
58 Research on the impact of ACE-i and ARBs for patients with COVID-19 continues to evolve
59 Gut microbiome data may be helpful in routine screening of cardiovascular disease
60 Kids with white-coat hypertension might be at risk for eventual progression to sustained high blood pressure
61 Fatter legs linked to reduced risk of high blood pressure
62 High blood pressure treatment linked to less risk for drop in blood pressure upon standing
63 Shorter rest periods yield same results when measuring blood pressure
64 Novel discovery challenges a current kidney cancer paradigm
65 US democratic indicators plummet amid racial justice protests and pandemic
66 Trout don't follow the weather forecast
67 Brazilians start to unravel the mystery of North American insect bioluminescent systems
68 Ancient earthquake may have caused destruction of Canaanite palace at Tel Kabri
69 Researchers discover gene that could decrease likelihood of developing alcoholic cirrhosis
70 Researchers identify role of protein in development of new hearing hair cells
71 Carbon-rich exoplanets may be made of diamonds
72 Middle-aged individuals may be in a perpetual state of H3N2 flu virus susceptibility
73 Are male genes from Mars, female genes from Venus?
74 Drugging the undruggable: Yale finds treatment path for muscular dystrophy
75 Holding up a mirror to a dark matter discrepancy
76 COVID ventilator patients can have permanent nerve damage
77 A phonon laser--coherent vibrations from a self-breathing resonator
78 To recreate ancient recipes, check out the vestiges of clay pots
79 Site of male sexual desire uncovered in brain
80 Global warming threatens soil phosphorus, says a soil scientist from RUDN University
81 Computational modelling explains why blues and greens are brightest colous in nature
82 Study highlights 'systematic opposition' to regulation in tackling NCDs from food industry
83 COIVD-19: A barometer for social justice in New York City
84 For diverse corporate board members, upward mobility stops with a seat at the table
85 Antibody test developed for COVID-19 that is sensitive, specific and scalable
86 Winds of change move western smoke into the Pacific
87 NASA satellite finds an elongated Tropical Storm Rene caused by wind shear
88 Researchers find cuttlebone's microstructure sits at a 'sweet spot'
89 Phone calls create stronger bonds than text-based communications
90 Taste buds may play role in fostering obesity in offspring
91 Veterinary college team IDs gene that drives ovarian cancer
92 How plants ensure regular seed spacing
93 Harvard team uses laser to cool polyatomic molecule
94 Depression risk detected by measuring heart rate changes
95 Dipanjan Pan demonstrates new method to produce gold nanoparticles in cancer cells
96 Relaxed through pregnancy
97 Researchers develop rapid test for ovarian cancer detection
98 Shedding light on coral reefs
99 Is the "Mozart Effect" real? New analysis indicates that music can help epilepsy
100 Halving the risk of infection following surgery
101 Understanding electron transport in graphene nanoribbons
102 Healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy could lead to healthier children, study finds
103 MAX binding with the variant Rs72780850 in RNA helicase DDX1 for susceptibility to neuroblastoma
104 Decreased MIR2911 absorption in human with SIDT1 polymorphism fails to inhibit SARS-CoV-2
105 Quantitatively understanding of angle-resolved polarized Raman scattering from black phosphorus
106 Stronger bones thanks to heat and microbiota
107 Stem cell research delivers new points of attack against Parkinson's disease
108 Ammonium triggers formation of lateral roots
109 Heated rivalries for pollinators among arctic plants
110 Feeding off fusion or the immortalization of tumor cells
111 First assessment of naturalized, invasive and potentially invasive plants
112 How does chronic stress induce bone loss?
113 Inherited genetic variant influences response to leukemia treatment for some children
114 Massive-scale genomic study reveals wheat diversity for crop improvement
115 Climate change recasts the insect communities of the Arctic
116 Get diamonds, take temperature
117 Worldwide loss of phosphorus due to soil erosion quantified for the first time
118 New immunotherapy to beat cancer
119 More than 90% of protected areas are disconnected
120 Pandemic spawns 'infodemic' in scientific literature
121 Novel virus-based colorimetric sensor can show true colors of airborne threats
122 Poor home hygiene contributing to antibiotic resistance, warn global hygiene experts
123 Lab-on-paper strip: Small, inexpensive platform for diagnosing tropical fevers
124 New molecule to repair and restore brain and spinal cord function