File Title
1 Adding stem cells to educational intervention can significantly help kids with autism
2 Massive halo finally explains stream of gas swirling around the Milky Way
3 Probiotic skin therapy improves eczema in children, NIH study suggests
4 Study suggests unconscious learning underlies belief in God
5 Discovery of four COVID-19 risk groups helps guide treatment
6 Young adults with raised blood pressure may have increased risk of later heart problems
7 COVID deaths closely match "normal" age-related risk pattern, says expert
8 Discovery of four COVID-19 risk groups helps guide treatment
9 A new technique prevents errors in quantum computers
10 Designed antiviral proteins inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in the lab
11 Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems
12 Atomistic modelling probes the behavior of matter at the center of Jupiter
13 Muscle aging: Stronger for longer
14 Restless nature of human spinal cord revealed by non-invasive functional imaging
15 The birth of a male sex chromosome in Atlantic herring
16 New drug could improve life expectancy and quality for pancreatic cancer patients
17 Bending the curve of biodiversity loss
18 Development of photovoltaics that can be applied like paint for real-life application
19 Researchers show how AI-controlled sensors could save lives in 'smart' hospitals and homes
20 New microfluidic device minimizes loss of high value samples
21 Add human-genome produced RNA to the list of cell surface molecules
22 Black people more likely than others to die from colorectal cancer spreading to the liver
23 Artificial intelligence aids gene activation discovery
24 More than one drink a day may raise high blood pressure risk in adults with Type 2 diabetes
25 Sound waves replace human hands in petri dish experiments
26 AI used to show how hydrogen becomes a metal inside giant planets
27 New way to target some rapidly dividing cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed
28 A new study of ocean salinity finds substantial amplification of the global water cycle
29 From Pee Wee to NCAA, does football early in life affect concussion recovery later?
30 Sexual minority men who smoke report worse mental health and more frequent substance use
31 Cancer drug can rebalance kidney function in a devastating genetic disease
32 Stanford researchers anticipate rise of some mosquito-borne diseases
33 Americans continue to struggle controlling high blood pressure; 11% fewer adults have it in check
34 Transistor-integrated cooling for a more powerful chip
35 Phasing out a microscope's tricks
36 Land development in New Jersey continues to slow
37 Uncovering the science of Indigenous fermentation
38 Netflix--a zebra among horses: QUT researcher
39 Volcanic ash may have a bigger impact on the climate than we thought
40 Innate immune system--How cGAS is kept bottled up
41 COPD program decreases 30-day hospital readmission, may increase mortality
42 UNC researchers publish striking images of SARS-CoV-2 infected cells
43 Researchers reveal safeguarding of key DNA sensor in innate immune system
44 Brazilian researcher creates an ultra-simple inexpensive method to fabricate optical fiber
45 Antibiotic molecule enables immune system to kill HIV infected cells
46 Quirky response to magnetism presents quantum physics mystery
47 Portable MRI brings brain imaging to the patient bedside
48 New machine learning-assisted method rapidly classifies quantum sources
49 High-precision electrochemistry: The new gold standard in fuel cell catalyst development
50 Systematic approach crucial for person-centred care
51 Racial/ethnic variation found in nasal gene expression of key protein used by SARS-CoV-2
52 Multiphase buffering by ammonia explains wide range of atmospheric aerosol acidity
53 New Hubble data suggests there is an ingredient missing from current dark matter theories
54 Hubble observations suggest a missing ingredient in dark matter theories
55 Seven in 10 Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine, survey finds
56 Monitoring sleep positions for a healthy rest
57 Jupiter's moons could be warming each other
58 Americans sick with Covid disproportionately poor, minorities, uninsured and food insecure
59 LSU Health study 1st to show nonharmful stress protects against disease in offspring
60 Inexpensive, non-toxic nanofluid could be a game-changer for oil recovery
61 How loss of single gene fuels deadly childhood brain cancer
62 Emotion vocabulary reflects state of well-being, study suggests
63 In the line of fire
64 Loss of a pet can potentially trigger mental health issues in children
65 $500 billion question: what's the value of studying the ocean's biological carbon pump?
66 Major trial uses blood test to match women with breast cancer to precision treatments
67 Genome analyses track SARS-CoV-2's early introduction to the US and Europe
68 FSU-led research team discovers unique supernova explosion
69 Correcting COVID-19 misconceptions may require speaking to individuals' moral values
70 New UBCO study examines pain tolerance among cannabis users
71 Artificial intelligence helps cut down on MRI no-shows
72 Coming up for air: Extinct sea scorpions could breathe out of water, fossil detective unveils
73 How coronavirus took hold in North America and in Europe
74 Autistic adults have a higher rate of physical health conditions
75 DNA-based nanotechnology stimulates potent antitumor immune responses
76 Understanding the 'deep-carbon cycle'
77 New ACM study gives most detailed picture to date of US bachelor's programs in computing
78 Human norovirus strains differ in sensitivity to the body's first line of defense
79 Levodopa may improve vision in patients with macular degeneration
80 Experiments reveal why human-like robots elicit uncanny feelings
81 Nanophysics--Spectral classification of excitons
82 Concussion discovery reveals dire, unknown effect of even mild brain injuries
83 Safety-net clinicians' caseloads received reduced merit-based incentive payment scores
84 Scientists predicted new superhard materials
85 Scientists map freshwater transport in the Arctic Ocean
86 How chemical diversity in plants facilitates plant-animal interactions
87 COVID-19 study links strict social distancing to much lower chance of infection
88 Children will wait to impress others--another twist on the classic marshmallow test
89 Tel Aviv University study confirms widespread literacy in biblical-period kingdom of Judah
90 For job seekers with disabilities, soft skills don't impress in early interviews
91 People prefer coronavirus contact tracing to be carried out by a combination of apps and humans, study shows
92 Bumblebees benefit from faba bean cultivation
93 Solvation rearrangement brings stable zinc/graphite batteries closer to commercial grid storage
94 The surprising rhythms of Leopards: Females are early birds, males are nocturnal
95 Male circumcision campaigns in Africa to fight HIV are a form of cultural imperialism
96 CityU develops anti-bacterial graphene face masks
97 Structure of 'immortality protein' now better understood
98 Drugs bill warning over US/UK trade deal
99 Addicted to the sun? Research shows it's in your genes
100 Binge-drinkers' brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others
101 Epigenetic changes precede onset of diabetes
102 Skin creams, make-up and shampoos should be free from Pluralibacter
103 Historical climate fluctuations in Central Europe overestimated due to tree ring analysis
104 Rationally designing hierarchical zeolites for better diffusion and catalyst efficiency
105 A new way to solve thermal maturity of marine shales with high-over maturities
106 Evidence of power: Phasing quantum annealers into experiments from nonequilibrium physics
107 Tracking structural regeneration of catalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction
108 Mold now associated with food quality
109 Researchers discovered a novel gene involved in primary lymphedema
110 Colors evoke similar feelings around the world