File Title
1 Early NK cell-mediated immune response may contribute to severe COVID-19
2 The age of the Earth's inner core revised
3 Arctic ocean moorings shed light on winter sea ice loss
4 Nasal vaccine against COVID-19 prevents infection in mice
5 Mass General researchers create bioluminescent tag to detect DNA break repair
6 Hubble snaps close-up of comet NEOWISE
7 Hubble snaps close-up of celebrity comet NEOWISE
8 Group of international scientists align on a definition for 'synbiotic'
9 Long-acting, injectable drug could strengthen efforts to prevent, treat HIV
10 Finding clues to a successful immune response in the T cells of COVID-19 patients
11 NASA's Suomi NPP satellite highlights California wildfires at night
12 DNA nanoswitches rapidly detect SARS-Cov-2 and other emerging viruses
13 Researchers validate rapid tests to detect dengue, Zika, yellow fever and other viruses
14 Urine sediment test results, diagnoses vary significantly across nephrologists
15 Understanding how birds respond to extreme weather can inform conservation efforts
16 Unveiling rogue planets with NASA's Roman Space Telescope
17 Sea-level rise linked to higher water tables along California coast
18 Scientists discover a social cue of safety
19 Children with cognitive delays are more likely to have CT scan to diagnose appendicitis
20 New research on Post-fracture Care Coordination Programs highlighted at WCO-IOF-ESCEO
21 Mount Sinai study finds COVID patients were most commonly readmitted to hospital for respiratory complications
22 Psychological disease avoidance linked to preventative behavior, study finds
23 Skat and poker: More luck than skill?
24 Loop, resonate, and accelerate!
25 New insights into lung tissue in COVID-19 disease
26 'Selfies' could be used to detect heart disease
27 A four-state magnetic tunnel junction for novel spintronics applications
28 Spinning black hole powers jet by magnetic flux
29 All-in-one strategy for metalla[3]catenanes, borromean rings and ring-in-ring complex
30 Why obeying orders can make us do terrible things
31 A powder method for the high-efficacy measurement of electro-optic coefficients
32 Simple test could improve public attitudes to autism
33 Microfluidic chip technology enables rapid multiplex diagnosis of plant viral diseases
34 Why babies not always remember what they have learned
35 Concussions can cause long-term sleep problems
36 Smart responsive lasing signals for high-security optical encryption
37 Electron movements in liquid measured in super-slow motion
38 A new molecular guardian of intestinal stem cells
39 Key molecule responsible for poor prognosis of breast cancer identified
40 One more hit from rare Earth: Efficient coherent spin manipulation by the electric field
41 Unbalanced microtubule networks launch establishment of neuronal polarity
42 A gatekeeper against insulin resistance in the brain
43 What kind of animal transports the seeds of the world's smallest fruit-bearing plants?
44 From biopaste to bioplastic
45 Scientists sink teeth into identifying several new bacteria that cause dental caries
46 Molecule secreted by cancer-associated fibroblasts promotes anticancer drug resistance
47 Reproducing the pathophysiology of polycystic kidney disease from human iPS cells
48 Nutrients make coral bleaching worse
49 A new method for in vivo plant cell imaging with SNAP-tag proteins
50 Developing precise medicines for triple negative breast cancer
51 Women surgeons earn their cut of NIH funding--and then some
52 Research links Southeast Asia megadrought to drying in Africa
53 Researchers link end of Green Sahara with SE Asia megadrought
54 Rogue planets could outnumber the stars
55 Research team develops the first physics-based method for predicting large solar flares
56 Large tin monosulfide crystal opens pathway for next generation solar cells
57 Energy transition away from coal in China will yield benefits
58 Discovering the mechanism of brain vascular pathfinding during development
59 Meet hedge fund managers of avian world
60 In times of ecological uncertainty, brood parasites hedge their bets
61 Tiny engineered therapeutic delivery system safely solves genetic problems in mice
62 Scientists discover a social cue of safety
63 Revealed: How billions in EU farming subsidies are being misspent
64 Ozone across northern hemisphere increased over past 20 years
65 Surface deep: Light-responsive top layer of plastic film induces movement
66 Protein 'chameleon' colors long-term memory
67 Citizens' adherence to COVID-19 social distancing measures depends on government response
68 Online searches for 'chest pain' rise, emergency visits for heart attack drop amid COVID
69 Fossils reveal diversity of animal life roaming Europe 2 million years ago
70 Less aggressive treatment better for heart patients who go into shock
71 Scientists get atomistic picture of platinum catalyst degradation
72 Patient monitoring systems for sepsis--mixed results on patient outcomes
73 Reprogramming immune cells to reduce inflammation, promote tissue repair
74 Storing information in antiferromagnetic materials
75 Ludwig Chicago study identifies a novel drug target for the control of cancer metastasis
76 Low health literacy may be a risk factor for postoperative infection
77 In one cancer therapy, two halves are safer than a whole
78 Inflammatory bowel disease linked to an immune cell run amok
79 Re-engineered enzyme could help reverse damage from spinal cord injury and stroke
80 Study: Despite training, Vermont police departments still show widespread racial bias
81 Having a doctor who shares the same race may ease patient's angst
82 New approach to soft material flow may yield way to new materials, disaster prediction
83 Small molecule treatment reduces colon cancer metastasis
84 Texas A&M researchers create a contagion model to predict flooding in urban areas
85 Hitting the nail on the head: overcoming therapeutic resistance in lung cancer
86 Study offers new insights for sun-gathering technologies
87 Each human gut has a viral 'fingerprint'
88 Are antivitamins the new antibiotics?
89 Excessive fructose consumption may cause a leaky gut, leading to fatty liver disease
90 Large molecules need more help to travel through a nuclear pore into the cell nucleus
91 Punitive sentencing led to higher incarceration rates throughout adulthood for certain birth cohorts in North Carolina
92 Heart repair factor boosted by RNA-targeting compound
93 Why COVID-19 infection curves behave so unexpectedly
94 New research contradicts claims that Asian American students are harmed when they cannot attend their first-choice university
95 Researchers develop flat lens a thousand times thinner than a human hair
96 Army robo-teammate can detect, share 3D changes in real-time
97 Primary care at a crossroads: Experts call for change
98 New syringe technology could enable injection of highly concentrated biologic drugs
99 UVA-led team warns negative emissions technologies may not solve climate crisis
100 Roadmap for linking neurological and locomotor deficits
101 Crossbreeding of Holstein cows improves fertility without detriment to milk production
102 Global gut health experts guide growth of synbiotics
103 Unconventional farming methods could help smallholders fight back against climate change
104 UK/UPenn researchers provide insights into new form of dementia
105 Living at higher altitudes associated with higher levels of child stunting
106 Beam me up: Researchers use 'behavioral teleporting' to study social interactions
107 Reducing transmission risk of livestock disease
108 'Safely returning America to work'--Occupational medicine specialists offer expertise
109 Global forest restoration and the importance of empowering local communities
110 Ventilators could be adapted to help two COVID-19 patients at once