File Title
1 Rocket Lab Granted FAA Launch Operator License for Missions from Launch Complex 2
2 Engineers test Space Launch System rocket booster in Utah
3 Skyrora's Skylark Micro rocket launches from Iceland
4 ABL Space Systems begins RS1 stage testing and reaches $90mm in funding
5 Proton-M with two telecommunication satellites launches from Baikonur
6 Northrop Grumman delivers three GEM 63 rocket motors for Atlas V
7 Rocket Lab promises customers to 'Leave No Stone Unturned' launch failure
8 China launches final satellite to complete rival to GPS
9 Australian professor wants local town to become hub for commercial space travel
10 Researchers design a system to reduce the noise of space rockets in the launch phase
11 New US-UK agreement boosts UK's Spaceport plans
12 Rocket Lab to demonstrate fastest launch turnaround to date
13 Rocket Lab launches Boston University's magnetosphere experiment
14 Soyuz-5 rocket program to start in 2021
15 Northrop Grumman tests Space Launch System booster for Artemis
16 DARPA completes key milestone on Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapons program
17 Student research team develops hybrid rocket engine
18 Sierra Nevada aims to complete Dream Chaser space plane in March
19 Northrop Grumman completes first qualification test of new rocket motor for United Launch Alliance
20 Plasma propulsion for small satellites
21 Powerful thruster is prepared for demonstration mission to asteroid
22 Iodine as alternative propellant for electric propulsion
23 Electric solid propellant--can it take the heat?
24 RUAG Space develops high-tech-mechanisms for new all-electric satellites
25 China tests micro propulsion technology for space-based gravitational wave detection
26 Thruster for next-generation spacecraft undergoes testing at Glenn
27 Advanced electric propulsion thruster for NASA's Gateway achieves full power demonstration
28 NASA Readies Perseverance Mars Rover's Earthly Twin
29 Follow Perseverance in real time on its way to Mars
30 Deep learning will help future Mars rovers go farther, faster, and do more science
31 NASA's Perseverance rover bound for Mars to seek ancient life
32 Lockheed Martin technology protects NASA's Mars 2020 mission
33 Meet Marshall's Caleb Fassett, NASA Scientist Who Discovered Next Mars Rover Landing Site
34 Perseverance microphones fulfill long campaign to hear sounds from Mars
35 Momentus awarded NASA TROPICS Pathfinder mission
36 Vega lofts exactEarth's ESAIL microsatellite
37 Commercial satellite imagery market is growing.
38 A cloud-free Iceland
39 China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite
40 Observation satellite starts formal duties
41 Gaofen 7 observation satellite starts formal duties
42 NASA researchers track slowly splitting 'dent' in Earth's magnetic field
43 Sentinel-1C radar antenna has spread its wings for the first time
44 Cluster's 20 years of studying Earth's magnetosphere
45 With DUST-2 launch, NASA's sounding rocket program is back on the range
46 Surprise on Mars
47 China releases recommended Chinese names for Mars craters
48 Mars-bound: NASA's life-seeking rover Perseverance launches
49 New method determines planetary regolith thermal conductivity
50 China Mars mission faces many obstacles
51 China launches Mars probe in space race with US
52 UAE celebrates launch of first Arab interplanetary mission
53 Emirates Mars Mission delayed a second time by weather
54 UAE again delays Mars probe launch over weather
55 Six decades of missions to Mars
56 Primary mirror for NASA's Roman Space Telescope completed
57 USTC researchers design continuous-scanning sky brightness monitor in 2.5- to 5-micron band
58 Ground segment testing a success for Webb Space Telescope
59 Unveiling rogue planets with NASA's Roman Space Telescope
60 Webb Telescope is an international endeavor
61 Miniature telescope demonstration focuses on sharpening view of distant objects in space
62 Machine learning finds a surprising early galaxy
63 Astronomers pinpoint the best place on Earth for a telescope: High on a frigid Antarctic plateau
64 Ground System for NASA's Roman Space Telescope Completes Major Review
65 NASA pushes back James Webb telescope launch date by seven months
66 The Euclid space telescope is coming together
67 The beautiful mess in Abell 2255
68 NASA's TESS, Spitzer Missions Discover a World Orbiting a Unique Young Star
69 Our Deepest View of the X-ray Sky
70 Who has the darkest skies
71 Russian-German telescope completes first all-sky hard X-ray survey
72 Tower extension test a success for Webb Telescope
73 Europlanet Telescope Network launched to support planetary research and build global pro-am collaboration
74 New infrared telescope to help find Universe's "hidden treasures" in real time
75 NASA's Webb will study the 'building blocks' of our solar system
76 NASA telescope named for 'Mother of Hubble' Nancy Grace Roman
77 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope fully stowed
78 South Africa's MeerKAT Solves Mystery of "X-Galaxies"
79 NASA to demonstrate first-of-its-kind in-space manufacturing technique for telescope mirrors
80 NASA's Swift Satellite Celebrates 15 Years of Multiwavelength Science
81 An eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar discovered by FAST
82 Large scale survey telescope to be built in northwest China
83 A tale of two telescopes: WFIRST and Hubble
84 Astronomers stumble upon unexpected features in a distant galaxy using MeerKAT data
85 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Full Mirror Deployment a Success
86 China's FAST telescope identifies 114 pulsars
87 New telescope design could capture distant celestial objects with unprecedented detail
88 Astrophysicists utilize polarization to watch quasars
89 Examining Ice Giants with NASA's Webb Telescope
90 XMM-Newton reveals giant flare from a tiny star
91 ESO telescope sees surface of dim Betelgeuse
92 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Ends Mission of Astronomical Discovery
93 Webb telescope will continue Spitzer's legacy
94 NASA Pays Tribute, Says Goodbye to One of Agency's Great Observatories
95 Russia, China consider building joint on-orbit assembling space telescope
96 Simulated image demonstrates the power of NASA's WFIRST
97 NASA's Great Observatories help build 3-D visualization of exploded star
98 South Africa's MeerKAT peers deep into the Universe
99 Norwegian surveillance satellite to detect 'invisible' ships
100 U.S. spy satellite launch halted 3 seconds before liftoff
101 Earth Observant wins Air Force contract to further development
102 Iranian Satellite Once Derided as 'Tumbling Webcam in Space' Snaps Pics of US's Largest Mideast Base
103 Northrop Grumman launches Minotaur IV carrying NRO spysat
104 Israel launches new spy satellite
105 Advanced Battle Management System field test brings all domains together during Second Onramp
106 Airmen to transfer into Space Force beginning September 1
107 Space Force issues guidance on uniform configuration
108 Raymond and Space Force enter new, ambitious phase as U.S. Space Command changes leaders
109 Nereidum Montes a mountain landscape formed by water, ice and wind
110 Sustained planetwide storms may have filled lakes, rivers on ancient mars
111 Ice sheets, not rivers, carved valleys on Mars, new study says
112 Mud downpours might have formed some of Mars's ancient highlands
113 Mystery of lava-like flows on Mars solved by scientists
114 Salty Liquids on Mars--Present, but not habitable?
115 Surface Hot Springs May Have Existed on Ancient Mars