File Title
1 Studying short-term cloud feedback to understand climate change in East Asia
2 Hoarding and herding during the COVID-19 pandemic
3 Study finds botanical effective for chemo-resistant colon cancer
4 New tool outsmarts COVID-19 virus to help vaccine development
5 Rutgers-led national survey uncovers doctors' misconceptions about nicotine risks
6 Green light therapy shown to reduce migraine frequency, intensity
7 Putting a future avocado apocalypse on ice
8 UC Davis researchers find a way to help stem cells work for the heart
9 For an effective COVID vaccine, look beyond antibodies to T-cells
10 New ultrafast yellow laser poised to benefit biomedical applications
11 Where rocks come alive: OSIRIS-REx observes an asteroid in action
12 Spotlight on artificial intelligence: ONR to highlight AI research at DoD Symposium
13 Researchers report positive results for ReWalk ReStore exosuit in stroke rehabilitation
14 Vibration device makes homes 'smart' by tracking appliances
15 Baboon matriarchs enjoy less stress
16 RIT/NTID researchers study how deaf and hearing people watch sign language
17 Finding a handle to bag the right proteins
18 Telehealth scales up during the pandemic to offer patient care in the safety of the home
19 Common diabetes drug reverses inflammation in the liver
20 The marshmallow test revisited
21 Pro-inflammatory lipids precede Type 1 diabetes onset in mouse model and children
22 Vaccine proponents and opponents are vectors of misinformation online
23 Researchers draw more links between vaping, smoking, young people, and coronavirus
24 New vaccine design reduces inflammation, enhances protection
25 MDIBL scientists decipher role of a stress response gene
26 RIT scientists contribute to the first discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole
27 Special journal issue features Nemours heart specialists' best practices for children
28 Case study describes unexpected diagnosis of one of the first cases of MIS-C in US
29 Substances with anti-cancer action are identified in Brazilian red propolis
30 Velcro-like food sensor detects spoilage and contamination
31 Small proteins against SARS-CoV-2 neutralize infection in cell culture
32 Quantum shake
33 Physicists explain mysterious dark matter deficiency in galaxy pair
34 Seeing objects through clouds and fog
35 New tracking technology will help fight rhino poaching in Namibia
36 Brain stimulation reduces dyslexia deficits
37 How small particles could reshape Bennu and other asteroids
38 National parks preserve more than species
39 A chemist from RUDN developed a new type of one-molecule thick water-repellent film
40 Caffeine shot delivers wakeup call on antifungal drug resistance
41 The neurons that connect stress, insomnia, and the immune system
42 A window into adolescence
43 Where rocks come alive: NASA's OSIRIS-REx observes an asteroid in action
44 The Lancet Global Health: Modelling study estimates health-care cost of COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries at US$52 billion every four weeks
45 Consequences of the 2018 summer drought
46 Urbanization and agriculture are land uses that most affect Brazil's rivers
47 Researchers solve decades old mitochondrial mystery that could lead to new disease treatments
48 Study finds babies born in fall at higher risk for allergic diseases
49 Dismantling structural racism in nursing
50 Mysterious cellular droplets come into focus
51 Prediction of protein disorder from amino acid sequence
52 During the pandemic, online lecture series helps fill gaps in training for urology residents
53 An evolutionary roll of the dice explains why we're not perfect
54 As collegiate esports become more professional, women are being left out
55 Hair loss drug spironolactone may be safe for use in breast cancer survivors
56 Magnetic whirls crystallize in two dimensions
57 Gut microbiota not involved in the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus
58 SwRI-led study indicates sand-sized meteoroids are peppering asteroid Bennu
59 Bat tick found for the first time in New Jersey
60 Analysis: 'Near-zero incidence' of patients acquiring COVID-19 at Brigham and Women's
61 Making dog food more delectable by analyzing aromas
62 Sampling the gut microbiome with an ingestible pill
63 Cell-autonomous immunity shaped human evolution
64 At least 28 extinctions prevented by conservation action in recent decades
65 Metabolite signature of COVID-19 reveals multi-organ effects
66 Women's heart health linked to age at first menstrual period
67 Advanced NVMe controller technology for next generation memory devices
68 Allergic immune responses help fight bacterial infections
69 Mineral undergoes self-healing of irradiation damage
70 Feeling misunderstood boosts support for Brexit
71 Feline leukaemia virus infection: A clinical and epidemiological enigma
72 More cats might be COVID-19 positive than first believed, study suggests
73 The presence of resonating cavities above sunspots has been confirmed
74 Oxford University researchers discover 'genetic vulnerability' in breast cancer cells
75 Malnutrition among a hunter-gatherer group
76 Iron is to blame for carbon dioxide emissions from soil, says a soil scientists from RUDN
77 Refined finish for fine fish oil
78 Nature as a model: Researchers develop novel anti-inflammatory substance
79 Lumpy proteins stiffen blood vessels of the brain
80 Humans, not climate, have driven rapidly rising mammal extinction rate
81 Climate engineering: Modelling projections oversimplify risks
82 Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia
83 Different response of mitochondrial respiration in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue to endurance exercise
84 Rethinking business: Disruptions like the corona crisis also create new opportunities
85 Failure to calibrate for ethnicity in fracture epidemiology would do more harm than good
86 Australian scientists discover new corals on most comprehensive deep-sea study of GBR
87 Lecturer takes laptops and smart phones away and musters student presence
88 Bacteria are in key role for successful recirculating aquaculture farming
89 A new kind of liquid scintillator via hybridizing perovskite nanocrystals with organic molecules
90 More chemicals can be assessed for endocrine disrupting effects
91 In Ancient Giant Viruses Lies the Truth Behind Evolution of Nucleus in Eukaryotic Cells
92 New method prevents quantum computers from crashing
93 Do as plants do: Novel photocatalysts can perform solar-driven conversion of CO2 into fuel
94 Muscle weakness in patients in intensive care: Potential approach to treatment
95 Discovery challenges the foundations of gene therapy
96 Unlocking the mystery of tau for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
97 Establishment of a rapid synthesis method for useful organic fluorine compounds
98 Oxygen-releasing bioink for 3D bioprinting
99 Research brief: New insight on the impacts of Earth's biosphere on air quality
100 Generic cholesterol drugs save medicare billions of dollars, study finds
101 Flipping light on-off turns bacteria into chemical factories
102 Rural COVID-19 mortality highest in counties with more blacks and hispanics
103 Adolescent girls at risk for self-injury can be identified using a short psychological profile
104 Mindfulness with paced breathing and lowering blood pressure
105 Virtual tourism could offer new opportunities for travel industry, travelers
106 Targeting 'cost-effective zones' to protect global biodiversity could help balance conservation goals and political priorities
107 New perception metric balances reaction time, accuracy
108 Wild cousins may help crops battle climate change
109 Punctured lung affects one in a 100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients
110 Study shows Latin America twice as rich in plant species as tropical Africa