File Title
1 New glove-like device mimics sense of touch
2 New process boosts lignin bio-oil as a next-generation fuel
3 New role of arginine metabolism in plant morphogenesis identified
4 Tool transforms world landmark photos into 4D experiences
5 Health system clinicians perform better under medicare value-based reimbursement
6 People who were children when their parents divorced have less 'love hormone'
7 Opioid prescriptions for knee surgery vary widely from state to state
8 Linking calorie restriction, body temperature and healthspan
9 Scientists probe the chemistry of a single battery electrode particle both inside and out
10 OHSU discovers cell in zebrafish critical to brain assembly, function
11 Skeletal study suggests at least 11 fish species are capable of walking
12 In Brazil, homicides are decreasing in big cities, increasing in smaller towns: BU study
13 Firearm ownership among LGBT adults
14 How birth control, girls' education can slow population growth
15 A new method may make tomatoes safer to eat
16 California's creek fire creates its own pyrocumulonimbus cloud
17 Gun owner perceptions about firearm dangers suggest opportunities for improving gun safety
18 People with anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder show brain similarities, differences
19 Study pinpoints process that might have led to first organic molecules
20 State laws key to HIV prevention efforts
21 Oncotarget: GATA3 and APOBEC3B are prognostic markers in adrenocortical carcinoma
22 Protein causes mutations that lead to breast cancer cell aggression
23 California offshore winds show promise as power source
24 Plant Science Research Network releases decadal vision 2020-2030
25 The Art of War: how bacteria gather intel for guiding their CRISPR-Cas systems
26 Chemotherapy drug more effective when combined with microbubbles
27 Researchers make tiny, yet complex fiber optic force sensor
28 UC study: Secondhand smoke sends more kids to the hospital
29 Benefits likely outweigh costs for national monuments in the American west
30 Small study shows convalescent plasma is safe to use in pediatric patients with COVID-19
31 Lost frogs rediscovered with environmental DNA
32 COVID-19 deaths among black essential workers linked to racial disparities
33 Russia's regions and their preferences for strong alcohol
34 Meteorites show transport of material in early solar system
35 Elevated clotting factor V levels linked to worse outcomes in severe COVID-19 infections
36 Research unravels what makes memories so detailed and enduring
37 A new method for directed networks could help multiple levels of science
38 Older women with type 2 diabetes have different patterns of blood use in their brains
39 UCF researchers are developing models to predict storm surges
40 Targeted drug found effective in patients who have lung cancer with certain mutations
41 CEOs with uncommon names tend to implement unconventional strategies
42 Boundaries no barrier for thermoelectricity
43 Lightweight green supercapacitors could charge devices in a jiffy
44 Model shows that the speed neurons fire impacts their ability to synchronize
45 Study underscores value of down syndrome clinic to you program
46 Detecting soil-surface ozone early can help prevent damage to grapes and apples
47 Engineering speciation events in insects may be used to control harmful pests
48 Investigational drug stops toxic proteins tied to neurodegenerative diseases
49 Scientists develop low-cost chip to detect presence and quantity of COVID-19 antibodies
50 International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste at Association for Chemoreception Sciences
51 Cascades with carbon dioxide
52 Cholesterol's effects on cellular membranes
53 Fossil growth reveals insights into the climate
54 Amid fire and flood, Americans are looking for action
55 Thermal imaging enhances engineers' understanding of breast tumors
56 High-intensity focused ultrasound for prostate cancer: First US study shows promising outcomes
57 New nanosystem from Tel Aviv university enhances treatment for melanoma in animal models
58 A spillover effect: Medicaid expansion leads to healthier dietary choices
59 Quantum light squeezes the noise out of microscopy signals
60 Physicists achieve tunable spin wave excitation
61 More than just genetic code
62 Study highlights ties between racism and activism in black youth
63 Peel-apart surfaces drive transistors to the ledge
64 Temporal-spatial order property of hollow multishelled structures enables sequential drug release
65 Fighting cardiovascular disease with acne drug
66 Glial cells play an active role in the nervous system
67 Terahertz receiver for 6G wireless communications
68 New subspecies of the rarest Palaearctic butterfly found in the Arctic Circle of Yakutia
69 Lockdown did not reduce "most harmful" type of air pollution in Scotland
70 Cellular-level interactions that lead to the cytokine storm in COVID-19
71 Scientists have discovered an environmentally friendly way to transform silicon into nanoparticles
72 CNIO researchers develop an effective strategy against KRAS mutant lung tumors in mice
73 Romantic partners influence each other's goals
74 Polycythaemia vera: Determination of individual DNA variants allows for more effective treatment
75 Cashing in on marine byproducts
76 Bio-based resin invented by Lithuanian researchers: A breakthrough in rapid prototyping
77 'One size fits all' medication approach doesn't work in pregnancy
78 Climate change will decimate Palm Springs, Coachella Valley tourism
79 Lineshape-tailoring of coupled plasmonic systems based on first principle
80 Suicide on screen: Getting the message right can support better mental health outcomes
81 Theoretical prediction of reverse intersystem crossing for organic semiconductors
82 UBC scientists find clues to queen bee failure
83 Deep channels link ocean to Antarctic glacier
84 As information flows through brain's heirarchy, higher regions use higher frequency waves
85 NSAIDs not associated with more severe coronavirus disease, study finds
86 Skin lightening products linked to altered steroid hormone levels
87 The oldest Neanderthal DNA of Central-Eastern Europe
88 Insomnia identified as a new risk factor for type 2 diabetes in new study which also confirms many other risk and protective factors
89 Trees living fast die young
90 Star-cells "shine" to make sense of touch
91 Dropping it in the mail: Best practices detailed for mail-in colon cancer screenings
92 New fossil ape is discovered in India
93 A pain reliever that alters perceptions of risk
94 COVID-stress may be hard to beat even with exercise
95 Through enzyme testing, researchers sharpen CRISPR gene-editing tool
96 New research in JNCCN sheds light on multi-organ adverse events from immunotherapy
97 Innovative, minimally invasive treatment can help maintain prostate cancer patients' quality of life
98 Some children at higher risk of privacy violations from digital apps
99 A lack of oxygen in tumors promotes metastasis
100 New insights into evolution of gene expression
101 International study gets at the root of what makes deer migrate
102 Method to derive blood vessel cells from skin cells suggests ways to slow aging
103 Study finds surprisingly little difference in hospitalization rates between children with COVID-19
104 Delayed immune responses may drive COVID-19 mortality rates among men and the elderly
105 Brain stimulation reduces dyslexia deficits
106 New insights into why people with down syndrome are at higher risk for leukemia
107 Brain's immune cells promising cellular target for therapeutics
108 Ghrelin may be an effective treatment for age-related muscle loss
109 Betrayal or cooperation? Analytical investigation of behavior drivers
110 Glasgow Coma Scale: A simple tool to use when verbal component scores are missing
111 Study highlights possible causes of racial disparities in prostate cancer deaths
112 Recharging N95 masks for continued usage
113 Medicaid expansion improved insurance stability for low-income pregnant women
114 Gut microbes could allow space travelers to stay healthy on long voyages