File Title
1 'Floppy' atomic dynamics help turn heat into electricity
2 Identification and treatment key in responding to COVID-19 health anxiety in children
3 The Lancet: Preliminary results from Russian trials find that vaccine candidates led to no serious adverse events and elicit antibody response
4 Unconventional T cells in severe COVID-19 patients could predict disease outcome
5 Plant protein discovery could reduce need for fertilizer
6 The case of ibuprofen: evidence of huge impact of COVID-19 misinformation when coming from credible sources
7 The Lancet: Preliminary results from Russian trials of vaccine candidates reported
8 Apps and social distancing: Why we accept corona rules--or not
9 Researchers study why neural networks are efficient in their predictions
10 New technology lets quantum bits hold information for 10,000 times longer than previous record
11 Intelligent software for district renewable energy management
12 Autophagy: the beginning of the end
13 Surprise on Mars
14 Scientists propose nano-confinement strategy to form sub-nanometer reactors
15 Air pollution renders flower odors unattractive to moths
16 Nanoearthquakes control spin centers in SiC
17 Psychological abuse: obstetric care must delve deeper
18 A chemist from RUDN developed a green catalyst for pharmaceutical and industrial chemistry
19 Images of captive torment in art
20 Quantum algorithm proposed to solve Dyck language problems
21 Electric current is manipulated by light in an organic superconductor
22 Japan's geologic history in question after discovery of metamorphic rock microdiamonds
23 Does the COVID-19 cytokine storm exist?
24 SUTD develops intelligent model simulator that maps complex phenomena of memristor memory
25 Fatty acid receptor involved in temperature-induced sex reversal of Japanese medaka fish
26 Repulsion mechanism between neurons governs fly brain structure
27 Offspring of mice fed imbalanced diets shown to be neurologically 'programmed' for obesity
28 More power to you: A novel betavoltaic technology with dyes for better energy production
29 Misaligned planet-forming rings around triple young stars
30 New weight-loss hope for those with highest obesity risk: Underserved, low-income patients
31 Key priorities for transplant and living donor advocacy during COVID-19
32 Study: Why people with knee osteoarthritis experience different kinds of pain
33 Striving and stumbling towards sustainability amongst pandas and people
34 The genetics of blood: A global perspective
35 Inequality of opportunity drags down everyone's motivation
36 Deep underground forces explain quakes on San Andreas Fault
37 Squaring the circle--Breaking the symmetry of a sphere to control the polarization of light
38 Ocean carbon uptake widely underestimated
39 Researchers identify nanobody that may prevent COVID-19 infection
40 Relief for people who struggle with CPAP masks
41 Red hot meat: the wrong recipe for heart disease
42 Common cold combats influenza
43 Uncovering the genetics behind heart attacks that surprise young, healthy women
44 Factors that raise the risk of mortality among children with several acute malnutrition
45 How screen time and green time may affect youth psychological outcomes
46 Producing technicolor through brain-like electronic devices
47 Endometriosis: No cure, but diagnosis could avert surgery
48 Protected areas can 'double' imperilled species populations
49 USTC deciphers transcriptomic atlas of aging human and macaque retina
50 Thyroid inflammation linked to anxiety disorders
51 COVID-19 patients suffer long-term lung and heart damage but it can improve with time
52 Quality over quantity in recovering language after stroke
53 Why rats would win Australian survivor
54 Vortex top-hats emerge in superfluids
55 Paving the way for tunable graphene plasmonic THz amplifiers
56 Card-based system, designed to monitor asymptomatic persons, helps limit COVID-19 spread
57 Fungus leather substitute could be eco-friendlier than animal and plastic kinds
58 Mini-organs could offer treatment hope for children with intestinal failure
59 The mathematical values of Linear A fraction signs
60 Comparing the controllability of young hand-raised wolves and dogs
61 'Deep dive' into biology of kidney tumors identifies markers of response to immunotherapy
62 BEAT-HIV Delaney collaboratory issues recommendations measuring persistent HIV reservoirs
63 COVID-19 high-risk groups: Why the immune system is less effective at fighting the virus
64 Predicting heat death in species more reliable with new mathematical model
65 New process for efficient removal of steroid hormones from water
66 Ancient hunters stayed in frozen Northern Europe rather than migrating to warmer areas, evidence from Arctic fox bones shows
67 Extracting order from a quantum measurement finally shown experimentally
68 Massively parallel sequencing unlocks cryptic diversity of eye parasites in fish
69 Rare hyperinflammatory syndrome in children with COVID-19 described
70 Gulls pay attention to human eyes
71 Scientists uncover secret of material for promising thermal imagers
72 Distribution range of Ebola virus carriers in Africa may be larger than previously assumed
73 Rare immune cells drive gut repair
74 A tiny instrument to measure the faintest magnetic fields
75 Could singing spread COVID-19?
76 Inheritance in plants can now be controlled specifically
77 A difficult year for forests, fields and meadows
78 Brain astrocytes show metabolic alterations in Parkinson's disease
79 How to have a blast like a black hole
80 New insight into mammalian stem cell evolution
81 Researchers show how mutations in DNA packaging machines cause cancer
82 Is APM the best way to evaluate NBA players?
83 The brain can induce diabetes remission in rodents, but how?
84 'Wrong-way' migrations stop shellfish from escaping ocean warming
85 Gene test can predict risk of medications causing liver injury
86 Improving European healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine
87 Viruses play critical role in evolution and survival of the species
88 Multinationals' supply chains account for a fifth of global emissions
89 Genetic study of proteins is a breakthrough in drug development for complex diseases
90 Ancient bony fish forces rethink of how sharks evolved
91 Producing leather-like materials from fungi
92 Warning: Epidemics are often followed by unrest
93 A new twist on DNA origami
94 International registries show PCI rates increased in Japan, US
95 Markers may predict patient response to immune therapy of cancer
96 First 'plug and play' brain prosthesis demoed in paralyzed person
97 Vitamin D levels in the blood can predict future health risks and death
98 Probiotics may help manage childhood obesity
99 'Wild West' mentality lingers in modern populations of US mountain regions
100 African wild dogs have vestigial first digit and muscular adaptations for life on the run
101 Children with asthma could benefit from prescribing according to genetic differences
102 Children use both brain hemispheres to understand language, unlike adults
103 Genome sequencing accelerates cancer detection
104 How do stone forests get their spikes? New research offers pointed answer
105 New surgical tools with smart sensors can advance cardiac surgery and therapy
106 Prophylactic antivirals prevent chronic HCV in patients receiving kidneys from positive donors [plus additional topics]
107 Rubbing skin activates itch-relief neural pathway
108 Acorn woodpeckers wage days-long battles over vacant territories, radio tag data show
109 Changing what we eat could offset years of climate-warming emissions, new analysis finds
110 Gen Z not ready to eat lab-grown meat
111 Poetry in motion: Engineers analyze the fluid physics of movement in marine snails