File Title
1 New Microfluidic Technology for the Selection of Single Photosynthetic Cells
2 3D-Printed Device Enhances Capture of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
3 Toxic Warning: Chemicals in E-cigarettes Mix Together to Form New, Unexpectedly Toxic Compounds
4 Researchers Predict Mysterious Dark Energy Is Located in Vast Sea of GEODEs Between Galaxies
5 Amazingly Strong and Lightweight Spider Silk Made by Photosynthetic Bacteria
6 Unexpected Findings: International Team of Researchers Discover Cosmic "Heartbeat"
7 Researchers Say Tear Gas Should Be Banned--Here's Why
8 A Molecular Approach to Quantum Computing Leads to Fewer Errors
9 Public Health Warning: High Levels of Toxic Chemicals Found in Dust Inside College Classrooms
10 September 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA--Mars, Venus and a Star with a Planet...That Wasn't
11 Natural Pest Control: Biological Control of Insect Pests Is Saving Farmers Billions of Dollars
12 Individual Biocontainment Unit--Because Plexiglass Alone Doesn't Protect Against Aerosolized SARS-CoV-2
13 Burn Scars from Elkhorn Fire in California Revealed in Devastating NOAA-NASA Satellite Images
14 Genetic Analysis of Bones from a Bronze Age Battle Reveal Lactose Tolerance Quickly Spread Throughout Europe
15 Researchers Identify Possible New Entry Points for SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 into the Human Body
16 NASA Conducts Massive SLS Rocket Booster Test for Artemis Mission to the Moon
17 Clear Picture of Wind Shear Battering Omar from NASA's Terra Satellite
18 Planet-Forming Disc Ripped Apart by Its Three Central Stars--Leaving It Warped and with Tilted Rings
19 NASA Tracks California's Wildfires from Space and in the Air
20 Vega Rocket Flight VV16 Lifts Off and Deploys 53 Satellites [Video]
21 New Evidence for Using Testosterone Therapy to Treat Obesity--Mean Weight Loss of 50 Pounds
22 Massive "Bang" in LIGO and Virgo Gravitational-Wave Detectors: Fabric of Space-Time Shaken by Binary Black Hole Merger
23 NASA SLS Rocket Booster Hot Fire Test Produces More than 3 Million Pounds of Thrust [Video]
24 Universal Mechanism for Ejection of Matter by Black Holes Proposed
25 Small Neutralizing Antibody Identified that May Prevent COVID-19 Infection
26 Finally Revealed: Gargantuan True Size of Legendary Prehistoric Mega-Shark Megalodon
27 NASA Using Machine-Learning AI to Predict Hurricane Intensity
28 Discovery of Metamorphic Rock Microdiamonds Has Geologists Questioning Japan's History
29 Qubits Hold Quantum Information for 10,000 Times Longer than Previous Record--Paves Way for Large Quantum Computers
30 Surprise on Mars--Unexpected Reaction to Solar Eclipses from Martian Moon Phobos
31 A Dream Come True: Relief for People with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Who Struggle with CPAP Masks
32 Unexpected Electrical Current Discovered that Could Stabilize Fusion Reactions--Bringing the Fusion Energy that Drives the Sun to Earth
33 Deep Underground "Rock-Melting" Forces Explain Quakes on San Andreas Fault
34 Clinical Trial Testing Eli Lilly's LY-CoV555 Antibody Against SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Begins
35 NASA's Roman Space Telescope Primary Mirror Completed--Field of View 100 Times Greater than Hubble
36 Common Cold Can Prevent the Flu Virus from Infecting Airways
37 The Moon Is Rusting, Puzzling Scientists
38 New X-ray Detection Technology Developed: Highly Efficient Eco-Friendly X-ray Scintillators
39 Engineers Genetically Reprogram Yeast Cells to Become Microscopic Drug Factories
40 Berry Curvature Memory: Quantum Geometry Enables Information Storage in Metal
41 How Climate Change Led to the Fall of an Ancient Civilization
42 Helicon Plasma Thruster: Plasma Propulsion for Satellites
43 Oops! The World's Oceans Soak Up Far More Carbon than Most Scientific Models Suggest
44 Study Warns: Vitamin D Deficiency May Raise Risk of Getting COVID-19
45 Zooming in on Dark Matter Haloes
46 Genetics of the Tree of Life--Understanding the African Baobab Tree
47 Monitoring the Arctic Heatwave: Alarmingly High Temperatures, Extreme Wildfires and a Significant Loss of Sea Ice
48 Mars' Twin Peaks--Super-Resolution Image from Mars Pathfinder
49 Solving a Strange 100-Year-Old Mystery: New Research Provides Solution for the "Dust Bowl Paradox"
50 NASA Seeks Next Class of Flight Directors for Human Spaceflight Missions--Here's How to Apply
51 Storing Two Bits of Data in a Single Atom
52 Earth Should Be Dry--An Unexpected Meteorite Discovery Reveals the Origin of Earth's Vast Oceans
53 How Genetics Could Impact COVID-19 Treatments
54 New Species Found in the Hottest Place on Earth
55 Civilization May Need to "Forget the Flame" to Reduce CO2 Emissions
56 Looking Skin Deep at the Growth of Neutron Stars to Solve Key Puzzles for Nuclear Physicists
57 Is Consciousness Continuous or Discrete? Scientists Think It's Both
58 Contact Tracing Apps Unlikely to Contain COVID-19 Spread: No Real-World Evidence of Effectiveness
59 Pyjama Plot Shows the Quantum World Is Even Stranger than We Thought
60 Greenland Ice Sheet Already Reached Tipping Point 20 Years Ago
61 NASA Perseverance Mars Rover's Earthly Twin Is Moved to New Home
62 Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter from Light
63 Brain-Inspired Electronic System Could Make Artificial Intelligence 1,000 Times More Energy Efficient
64 How Can a Margarita Do this to Your Skin? [Video]
65 Monumental Collision of "Impossible" Black Holes Detected for the First Time
66 Hubble Eyes a Colorful Pocket of Stars--Orbiting Closely, like Bees Swarming Around a Hive
67 Researchers Find the Origin and Maximum Mass of Massive Black Holes Observed by Gravitational Wave Detectors
68 Strong Links Between Automation and Inequality: Job-Replacing Tech Has Directly Driven the Income Gap Since the Late 1980s
69 Genetic Material from SARS-CoV-2--The COVID-19 Coronavirus--Detected in Untreated Wastewater from Louisiana
70 Hubble: An Unexpected Journey [Eye in the Sky Video Miniseries]
71 Lactose Tolerance Quickly Spread Throughout Europe--Genetic Analysis of Human Bones from Bronze Age Battlefield Reveals
72 COVID-19 Patients Suffer Long-Term Lung and Heart Damage--But They Can Recover with Time
73 NASA Seeks BIG Ideas from Universities to Solve a Messy Moon Problem
74 High School Students Work on Blocking the COVID-19 Virus's Exit Strategy
75 New Dating of Nebra Sky Disk Makes All Previous Astronomical Interpretations Obsolete
76 Cliodynamics: Russian Scientists Predicted Increased Unrest in the United States Back in 2010
77 Battery-Free Game Boy Runs Forever--Powered by Button Pressing and Solar Energy
78 Researchers Separate Microparticles Based on Their Shape
79 NASA's New "Metallic Glass" Gears Can Withstand Impact, Freezing Temperatures During Lunar Missions
80 Advanced New Spacecraft Will Monitor Sea Level Rise and Atmospheric Temperature with Extreme Precision
81 Pharma Aims to Make a Better CBD--Up to 50 Times More Potent
82 Treasure Trove of Cosmic Delights Revealed by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory
83 Rainbow "Rubber Duck" Comet with a Heart of Sponge
84 Fast, Portable COVID-19 Test Could Bypass the Lab
85 NASA Perseverance Rover's Earthly Twin Moved to Mars Yard [Gallery]
86 Stellar Evolution Code "METISSE" Offers New Insights into the Lives of Massive Stars
87 Worst-Case Climate Scenario--Ice Sheets in Greenland and Antarctica Loss Rates Rapidly Increasing
88 Buyer Beware on COVID-19 Home Testing Kits
89 Volcanism Under the Heart of Northern Europe: New Evidence from Thousands of GPS Antennas
90 Scientists May Have Discovered a Way to to Slow Aging by Direct Reprogramming of Human Cells
91 Researchers Perplexed: COVID-19 Stress May Be Hard to Beat Even with Exercise
92 Common Pain Reliever--Acetaminophen--Makes Risky Moves Seem Less Dangerous
93 Global Analysis Reveals for the First Time: Trees Living Fast Die Young
94 Vitamin D Levels in the Blood Can Predict Future Health Risks and Death
95 Ozone levels across Northern Hemisphere have been rising for 20 years
96 New melting hotspot found in East Antarctica
97 New device turns sunlight, CO2, water into carbon-neutral fuel
98 Each human gut hosts a unique community of viruses
99 Study: Targeting COVID-19 virus reproduction could halt infections
100 Biofuels could better aid climate change fight if grown on farmland
101 Social networks affect workplace productivity, earning potential
102 Study: Decision making improves when other people's pain is on the line
103 Polymers in water at dentist can prevent aerosol mists that spread germs
104 Satellite constellations could hinder astronomical research, scientists warn
105 ULA plans to launch U.S. spy satellite Thursday
106 Bacteria could survive the trip to Mars in the form of thick aggregates
107 New research shows NOAA scientist built a better lionfish trap
108 Study links rise of buried CO2 with earthquakes in Italy
109 More climbers successfully summit Mount Everest, death rate stays the same
110 Climate scientists now know how cold it got during the last ice age