File Title
1 Mind Over Matter: Placebos Prove Powerful...Even When People Know They're Taking One
2 Surprising Number of Exoplanets Could Host Life--Some Stars Could Have as Many as 7 Habitable Planets in Orbit
3 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Completes a Critical Milestone
4 Futurebus: Contactless Bus Designed for the COVID-19 Pandemic Age
5 In the COVID-19 Planetary Standstill, Are We Still Listening to Space?
6 Fossil Fuels Replaced by Agriculture as Largest Human Source of Sulfur to the Environment
7 Swirls of Light to Enable Researchers to Observe Previously Invisible Quantum States
8 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Spots Burst of Light and Energy on the Sun: A B-Class Flare
9 The Information Catastrophe: Digital Content on Track to Equal Half Earth's Mass by 2245
10 SAPHiR Multi-Anvil Press Solves Mystery of the Solar System: How Stony-Iron Meteorites Form
11 Unlocking Ultra-Thin Energy Storage Materials for Faster Charging, Longer-Lasting Batteries
12 NASA's Terra Satellite Captures Smoky Pall Over California After Unprecedented Lightning Strikes Ignite More than 650 Wildfires
13 Comparing the Flow Fields of Coughs with Various COVID-19 Face Masks/Coverings
14 A COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn't Need to Be Perfect to Stop the Pandemic--Here's How Effective It Needs to Be
15 Risk of Death Is 30% Lower for COVID-19 Patients Treated with Hydroxychloroquine
16 World Record: Innovative Laser Plasma Accelerator Operates Right Around the Clock
17 Why We Distort Probability: Scientists Identify Cognitive Limitations that Can Lead to Disastrous Decisions
18 Storing Electrical Energy in Red Bricks--Walls Could Act as Huge Batteries
19 Solving a Paradox: New Younger Age Estimate for Earth's Inner Core
20 Artificial Intelligence Identifies 80,000 Spiral Galaxies--Promises More Astronomical Discoveries in the Future
21 Invisible Chimney Phenomenon Explained: Spinning Black Hole Powers Jet by Magnetic Flux
22 Obesity Linked with Higher Risk for Coronavirus Complications--May Spell Problems for COVID-19 Vaccine
23 Vast Stone Monuments Discovered in Saudi Arabia Were Constructed in 7,000 Years Ago
24 Space Station Experiment Shows Bacteria Could Survive the Long Trip from Earth to Mars
25 Elusive Leak on Space Station Keeps Astronauts in Russian Segment for Another Day
26 50 New Planets Confirmed in Machine Learning First--AI Distinguishes Between Real and "Fake" Planets
27 Clubs Closed During COVID-19 Pandemic? Partygoers Turn to Virtual Raves and Happy Hours
28 Body-Swapping Experiment Shows How "Swapping Bodies" with a Friend Changes Our Sense of Self
29 New $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator to Pioneer Quantum Technologies for Discoveries that Benefit the World
30 MIT Develops Synthetic Coating for the Gut that Could Block Glucose Absorption to Treat Diabetes & Obesity
31 NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps Set to Become First Black Female Crew Member on Space Station
32 Efficient AC Use: Building Scientist's Tips on Keeping Cool During Heat Waves
33 Putting the COVID-19 Death Toll into Perspective--Here's the Pandemic's Impact on US Lifespan
34 How Cold Was the Last Ice Age? Researchers Have Now Mapped the Temperature Differences Across the Globe
35 Dark Matter Destruction Ruled Out as Origin of Extra Radiation in Milky Way's Galactic Center
36 Quantum Computing Performance May Soon Hit a Wall, Due to Interference from Cosmic Rays
37 Astronomers Discover Continuous Infrared Winds During the Eruption of a Stellar Mass Black Hole
38 Closeup at Last: First Complete Dinosaur Skeleton Ever Found Is Ready
39 Cosmic Heavyweights Face Off in Rare Encounters: Three Pairs of Merging Supermassive Black Holes
40 Changing Landscapes, Changing Diets: Fossilized Teeth Reveal Dietary Shifts in Ancient Herbivores and Hominins
41 Sensing the Moon: Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
42 New "Trapped Ion" Algorithm Predicts Computational Power of Early Quantum Computers
43 Giant Halo Around Andromeda Galaxy Mapped by Hubble in Landmark Study
44 Evidence of "Hibernation-Like" State Discovered in Early Triassic Creature
45 Emotionally Exhausted: Nurses Burned Out and Want to Quit
46 Researchers Surprised: Common Protein Is Key Player in Diabetes
47 Massive Burn Scars Across California Revealed in Stunning NASA Terra Satellite Images
48 Watch the NASA Artemis SLS Rocket Booster Full-Scale Test
49 Metal-Free Catalyst Discovery May Revolutionize Bio and Fossil Fuel Production
50 'Cold Tube' Invented to Beat the Summer Heat More Efficiently than Air Conditioning
51 Experts Warn: Rigid Social Distancing Rules for COVID-19 Based on Outdated Science
52 Evolutionary Insight: New Connection Discovered Between Primordial Organisms and Complex Life
53 New COVID-19 Warning: Children with No Symptoms May Shed SARS-CoV-2 Virus for Weeks
54 Spider Silk Inspires New Class of Functional Synthetic Polymers for Bio-Electronics, Sensors, and Batteries
55 Caltech Innovations Using Alkaline-Earth Atoms Pave the Way for New Quantum Computer Designs
56 Virus-Like "Jumping" DNA Regulates Human Neurons
57 5 Automotive Innovations Driven by NASA Space Technology
58 East Antarctic Melting Hotspot Identified by Japanese Expedition--Ice Melting at Surprisingly Fast Rate
59 NASA Satellites See Fires Burning Across California [Video]
60 Fusion Power Breakthrough: New Method for Eliminating Damaging Heat Bursts in Toroidal Tokamaks
61 NASA's James Webb "Powerhouse" Solar Array Reconnects to the Space Telescope
62 New Internet Speed World Record: 178 Terabits a Second
63 Wheelock Readies NASA Astronauts for Moon Landing
64 Extensive Search for COVID-19 Drugs Finds Promising Compounds Originally Developed for SARS
65 Boeing's CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft Makes Progress Ahead of Flight Test with Astronauts
66 Dramatic Tale of Environmental Change Told by Ancient Fossil Trees on Peru's Central Andean Plateau
67 Quantum Physics Provides a Way to Hide Ignorance--Counterintuitive Idea from Quantum Theory Successfully Verified
68 Driving the Hubble Space Telescope [Eye in the Sky Video Miniseries]
69 Evidence of Hibernation-Like State Discovered in Tusks of Strange 250-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Creature
70 10 Crucial Things that Result from Einstein's Theories of Relativity
71 New Research Explains Multipronged SARS-CoV-2 Attack and Widepread COVID-19 Infection
72 NASA's First Mission to Explore the Trojan Asteroids Passes Critical Milestone
73 Relentless Wildfires Across Northern California Leave Vast Burn Scars
74 Scientists Use Fruit Peel to Turn Old Lithium-Ion Batteries into New
75 Eyes on the Storm: NASA Aids Disaster Response to Hurricane Laura [Incredible HD Image]
76 UCLA Scientists Test Decontamination Methods for N95 Respirators so They Can Be Used Again
77 New Solar Cells for Space Prove Successful on Rocket Test Flight
78 NASA Artemis Missions Set to Begin Next Year as SLS Rocket Costs Climb
79 Results from World's Largest Study of Hospital Patients with COVID-19
80 Unexpected Findings Result in New Origin Theory for Earth's Water
81 Inspired by Fly Feet: New Adhesive Structure Capable of Repeated Attachment and Detachment
82 First Physics-Based Method for Predicting Large Solar Flares
83 Machine Learning Peeks into Nano-Aquariums and Records the Motions of Nanoparticles
84 Subnanosecond Optical Switching May Enable High-Performance All-Optical Data-Center Networks
85 NASA's Spitzer Spies a Massive Star Factory--2 Quadrillion Miles Across
86 New Scientific Analysis of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin for COVID-19 Patients
87 NASA Missions Explore a "TIE Fighter" Active Galaxy Far, Far Away
88 Global Pollution Estimates Reveal Surprises, as Well as Opportunity
89 NSF Announces MIT-Led Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions
90 Technology for Fingerprinting Drugs and Other Chemicals Shrunk Down to a Tiny Photonic Chip
91 Solving a Solar System Mystery with Ancient Star Explosion Evidence from the Deep Sea
92 IBD Linked to an Immune Cell Run Amok--Helps Explain Why Autoimmune Diseases Are Often Chronic
93 How to Armor Future Fusion Reactors to Protect Against One of the Harshest Environments Ever Produced on Earth
94 BMI Is a More Powerful Risk Factor for Diabetes than Genetics--Losing Weight Could Prevent or Even Reverse Diabetes
95 A Tilted Wonder 50,000 Light-Years Across
96 Robot Takes Contact-Free Measurements of COVID-19 Patients' Vital Signs
97 Sulfur-Scavenging Bacteria Could Be Key to Biomanufacturing Common Component of Plastic
98 First Daily Surveillance of Emerging COVID-19 Hotspots in the United States
99 Galactic Bar Paradox--a Mysterious and Long-Standing Cosmic Conundrum--Resolved in Cosmic Dance
100 Two Major Microbial Groups Discovered that Can't Breathe--May Predate the Evolution of Respiration
101 Natural Radiation--Including Cosmic Rays from Outer Space--Can Wreak Havoc with Quantum Computers
102 Metabolic Rewiring: Nerve Cells with Energy Saving Program
103 New Theory Offers Foundation for More Efficient Way to Develop Quantum Algorithms
104 New Insight on How to Build a Better Flu Vaccine--For Long-Lasting Immunity Against New Influenza Strains
105 Watch Vega Rideshare Launch Live--Premiere SSMS Mission Will Deploy 53 Satellites
106 New Research Shows Nice Guys Don't Finish Last and Being a Selfish Jerk Doesn't Get You Ahead
107 No Increased Risk of Autism Found Due to Maternal Flu Vaccination During Pregnancy
108 New Molecule Developed to Store Solar Energy in Chemical Bonds
109 Jets of Hot Gas Detected Blasting Out from Black Hole at the Heart of the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster
110 Time-Stretch Infrared Spectroscopy: Giant Leap for Molecular Measurements
111 New Electronic Skin Can React to Pain like Human Skin--For Better Prosthetics and Smarter Robots
112 See the Full Moon Peak: The Corn, Fruit, Barley, and Hungry Ghost Moon
113 Rapid Growth of Glacial Lakes Worldwide Revealed in Dramatic NASA satellite Images
114 Laser Jolts Microscopic Electronic Robots into Walking--Could Produce 1 Million Robots per Silicon Wafer
115 Climate Change Drove Mastodons to Migrate Vast Distances Back and Forth Across North America
116 Stellar Egg Hunt: Tracing Evolution from Embryo to Baby Star
117 Pioneering a New Solution to a Lunar Problem: A Dustbuster for the Moon
118 Secrets of Fly Vision for Rapid Flight Control and Staggeringly Fast Reaction Speed
119 Satellite Tracking Reveals Reef Manta Rays Make Long-Term Use of Marine-Protected Areas
120 The Secret to Grow More Arms--Eat More...if You're a Sea Anemone
121 Twin Suns: Our Sun May Have Started Its Life with a Binary Companion
122 Quick 'Bang' Signals the Most Massive Gravitational-Wave Source Ever Detected
123 Survival in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients Improved with Corticosteroids
124 Cracking the Code of a Scientific Anomaly: Decades-Old Mystery of Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Solved
125 Zooming in Tight on Dark Matter--Equivalent of Being Able to See a Flea on the Surface of the Moon
126 COVID-19: How to Properly Wash Cloth Masks According to the CDC