File Title
1 MSK study links inflammation to Alzheimer's disease development
2 Using tattoo ink to find cancer
3 New study on migration success reinforces need for monarch butterfly milkweed habitat
4 Gut microbiome composition is associated with age and memory performance in pet dogs
5 Study leads to better understanding of blood pressure regulation, atherosclerosis
6 Predictive placentas: Using artificial intelligence to protect mothers' future pregnancies
7 Paper ballots, risk-limiting audits can help defend elections and democracy, study finds
8 Brazilian researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
9 New method of detecting illnesses including coronavirus and cystic fibrosis
10 Kidneys infected with hepatitis C can be safely transplanted into healthy recipients
11 Moffitt researchers identify metastasis driver in BRAF inhibitor resistant melanoma
12 N/A
13 A new way of modulating color emissions from transparent films
14 Strong fields and ultrafast motions--how to generate and steer electrons in liquid water
15 Possible blood-clotting mechanism in COVID-19 found
16 How do tumor cells divide in the crowd?
17 Photo catalysts show promise in creating self-cleaning surfaces and disinfecting agents
18 Regional variations in freshwater overconsumption
19 Alzheimer's burden greater in rural Appalachia, study finds
20 Finding cortisone alternatives with fewer side effects
21 Risk factors for mortality in diabetic patients discharged from hospital identified
22 Heart disease signs improve when using arthritis medication
23 Viruses on glaciers highlight evolutionary mechanism to overcome host defenses
24 Bilingual children may lose less brain matter as they grow up
25 Virus in the blood can predict severe COVID-19
26 Microbial genetics: A protean pathogen
27 Subtypes and developmental pathways of innate T cells identified
28 Gene therapy: Novel targets come into view
29 Combining PCR and antibody tests at point of care dramatically increases COVID-19 detection
30 Trial clarifies use of blood transfusion in anaemic heart attack patients
31 Attacking tumors directly on identification
32 Steroid found to improve survival of critically ill COVID-19 patients
33 Great Barrier Reef 'glue' at risk from ocean acidification
34 More nutrient reduction still needed to save lakes in China
35 Electromagnetic chirality: From fundamentals to nontraditional chiroptical phenomena
36 These lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease
37 Decades-old mystery of lithium-ion battery storage solved
38 A molecular approach to quantum computing
39 In a mite-y bit of trouble
40 Common sunscreen ingredients prove dangerous for freshwater ecosystems
41 Partnership leverages evidence-based practices to improve long-term care quality
42 Guilt by dissociation: Study sheds light on serotonin in autism
43 Origin of a complex life form revealed
44 Globalization is reweaving the web of life
45 Political ads have little persuasive power
46 Novel technology for the selection of single photosynthetic cells
47 Corticosteroids improve survival in critically ill COVID-19 patients
48 Zooming in on dark matter
49 Common species mirror rare animals' response to global change
50 New populations of black holes revealed by gravitational waves
51 Zooming in on dark matter
52 Heavy TV and computer use impacts children's academic results
53 Protein discovery could improve type 2 diabetes treatment
54 A disk of gas would explain mysterious light changes observed in Sagittarius constellation
55 Has Earth's oxygen rusted the Moon for billions of years?
56 Mammoth collision of 'impossible' black holes detected for the first time
57 Circadian rhythms help guide waste from brain
58 Televised political campaign ads with different features have similarly small effects on voters
59 Studies: E-cigarettes won't help smokers quit, but they may become addicted to vaping
60 Heaviest black hole merger is among three recent gravitational wave discoveries
61 Scientists detect first-of-its-kind 'intermediate-mass' black hole
62 Long sick leave after low-grade brain tumor
63 Asphalt adds to air pollution, especially on hot, sunny days
64 Eat more to grow more arms...if you're a sea anemone
65 Development of next-generation zinc ion battery without the risk of explosion or fire
66 Handgrip strength shown to identify people at high risk of type 2 diabetes
67 Bering Sea ice extent is at most reduced state in last 5,500 years
68 Stanford engineers reprogram yeast cells to become microscopic drug factories
69 Study details how general anesthetics and 'benzos' act on receptors in the brain
70 Researchers find molecular link between liver disease, insulin resistance
71 A 'bang' in LIGO and Virgo detectors signals most massive gravitational-wave source yet
72 New connections reveal how cancer evades the immune system
73 City of Hope scientists use two powerful immunotherapies to eradicate solid tumors
74 Revolutionary quantum breakthrough paves way for safer online communication
75 Continuous and stable lasing achieved from low-cost perovskites at room temperature
76 The widespread footprint of blue jean microfibers
77 Viruses could be harder to kill after adapting to warm environments
78 Parasitic plants attack crops when defending themselves from microbes
79 Cancer's ongoing evolution
80 New anode material could lead to safer fast-charging batteries
81 Climate change could increase rice yields
82 Gamifying interventions may improve mental health
83 Heavy electronic media use in late childhood linked to lower academic performance
84 How screen time and green time may affect youth psychological outcomes
85 Teens who think their parents are loving are less likely to be cyberbullies
86 Bus drivers more likely to let white customers ride for free
87 Reef manta rays make long-term use of marine-protected areas
88 Triassic Megapredator's Last Meal Was a Massive Marine Reptile
89 This Interactive Tool Lets You Track NASA's Perseverance Rover on Its Way to Mars in Real Time
90 New Nanomaterials Inspired by Insect Wings Destroy Super-Bacteria--By Stretching, Slicing or Tearing Them Apart
91 CERN's Newest Accelerator Awakens: Linac 4 Has Taken Over as the First Accelerator in LHC Injection Chain
92 A New Lens on the World: Revolutionizing Optics by Combining Nanostructured Metasurfaces with Liquid Crystal Technology
93 Simple COVID-19 Tips for Wearing a Face Mask: It's Not Enough to Wear a Mask, You Have to Wear It Right
94 Celebrity Comet NEOWISE Close-Up Snapped by Hubble
95 MIT's Lauryn Kortman: Juggling Fusion Magnets and LED Batons
96 Not Guilty! Forensic Research Proves that Textile Fibers Can Be Transferred Without Contact
97 Wildfires Rage--Smoke Continues to Spread Across the U.S. West
98 Completes the Circle: A 40-Year Scientific Journey Leads to a New Truffle Species
99 Our Solar System May Be Unusual: Rogue Planets Unveiled with NASA's Roman Space Telescope
100 Antarctic Ice Core Experts: Current Anthropogenic CO2 Increase Is Unprecedented
101 Mitigating COVID-19 and Climate Change with Innovative Alternative Cooling Strategies
102 NASA's Suomi NPP Satellite Captures Striking Images of California Wildfires at Night
103 Many Animal Species Vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 According to Genomic Analysis
104 Innovative Cities Follow a Unique Historical Pattern--New Research Reveals "Key Driver" to Propel Urban Economies
105 NASA Research Reveals the True Causes of Sea Level Rise Since 1900
106 State-of-the-Art X-ray Crystallography Accelerates Progress on COVID-19 Research
107 Unique Snapshot of Ancient Animal Mummification Through Advanced X-ray Imaging
108 Hubble Captures Edge of the Cygnus Supernova Blast Wave
109 New MIT Syringe Technology Could Enable Injection of Concentrated Biologic Drugs
110 One of the "Coolest" Places in the World: Astronomers Pinpoint the Best Place on Earth for a Telescope
111 Entering the Nanoscale Platinum Age: First High-Entropy Alloy Made of All Six Platinum Group Metals
112 New Species of Cretaceous Brittle Star Discovered in Stroke of Luck--Named in Honor of Nightwish Vocalist
113 New Low-Cost, Accurate COVID-19 Antibody Detection Platform Developed
114 Climate Change Already Affecting More than Half of World's Oceans
115 When Racism and Sexism Benefit Black and Female Politicians
116 A Mother Transmitted COVID-19 to Her Baby During Pregnancy
117 Hepatitis Drugs May Be Effective COVID-19 Coronavirus Treatment
118 Artificial Photosynthesis Advance: Standalone Device Converts Sunlight, CO2 and Water into Clean Fuel
119 Flat Lens a Thousand Times Thinner than a Human Hair Offers a Wide Field of View for Smartphone Cameras
120 Scientists Built a Simulated Sea Slug--It Quickly Became Addicted to an Intoxicating Drug
121 On Ancient Mars, Sustained Planetwide Storms May Have Filled Lakes and Rivers
122 Optical Illusions Have Long Mystified Neuroscientists--Now Explained in a Fly's Eyes
123 New Map Highlights the Brain Circuits Associated with Mania
124 A Tale of Two Democracies: How South Korea Prevailed Against COVID-19 While the US Failed
125 Researchers Warn: No Safe Level of Caffeine Consumption for Pregnant Women