File Title
1 Graduate student names new trace fossil discovered during coursework
2 HSS doctors offer practical advice on reaching peak performance during surgical training
3 Keeping the beat--it's all in your brain
4 How to get the upper body of a burrowing frog
5 Can sunlight convert emissions into useful materials?
6 Minimal SARS-CoV-2 diversity suggests a global vaccine is feasible
7 Fish invasions follow Panama and Suez canal expansions
8 VAT cuts do not increase consumer purchasing power
9 As rural western towns grow, so do their planning challenges
10 Standing the test of time with a perfect partner
11 Eye of a fly: Researchers reveal secrets of fly vision for rapid flight control
12 Mobile e-shredding may pose risks for workers: bu study
13 Words matter: Revealing 'how' restaurateurs land investors online
14 Differing diets of bonobo groups may offer insights into how culture is created
15 Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome
16 University of South Carolina redefining aircraft production process
17 Small fish populations accumulate harmful mutations that shorten lifespan
18 Scientists discover earliest fossil evidence of an insect lichen mimic
19 Scientists shed new light on pollen tube growth in plants
20 A surprising opportunity for telehealth in shaping the future of medicine
21 Scientists identify promising new ALS drug candidates
22 Be generous, live longer
23 Misfiring brain cells may cause swallowing woes in children with developmental disorders
24 New Research Provides Solution for the 'Dust Bowl Paradox'
25 Miniature antenna enables robotic teaming in complex environments
26 Notice me! Neglected for over a century, Black sea spider crab re-described
27 Surgical backlog in Ontario from COVID-19 will take 84 weeks to clear
28 Tel Aviv University study sheds light on brain mechanism activated by uncertainty
29 Revisiting ratios
30 Yale trial addresses health disparities in alcohol treatment
31 Loggerhead turtles record a passing hurricane
32 Effective cancer immunotherapy further linked to regulating a cell 'suicide' gene
33 Estrogen replacement may protect against Alzheimer's disease in women
34 AGA recommends bidirectional endoscopy for most patients with iron deficiency anemia
35 NYUAD study finds gene targets to combat microorganisms binding to underwater surfaces
36 Cancer cells take over blood vessels to spread
37 New in the Hastings Center Report: Ethical challenges of the opioid crisis
38 Narcolepsy drug did not increase risk of fetal malformation
39 Europe's largest Solar Telescope GREGOR unveils magnetic details of the Sun
40 How to weigh a dinosaur
41 Educational mailing fails to improve medication use in patients with atrial fibrillation
42 How dangerous are burning electric cars?
43 A small number of self-organizing autonomous vehicles significantly increases traffic flow
44 Managing data flow boosts cyber-physical system performance
45 Story tips: Cool smart walls, magnetism twist, fuel cost savings and polymers' impact
46 Scientists discover key regulator of neuron function and survival
47 Understanding the link between hearing loss and dementia
48 NAMS releases the 2020 Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause Position Statement
49 An embedded ethics approach for AI development
50 Hope for 500,000 insomniacs in Norway
51 Relatives in deep grief can be helped earlier
52 Awareness raising alone is not enough
53 UH Manoa researchers predict location of novel candidate for mysterious dark energy
54 Severe Covid-19 despite or even due to the strong immunity
55 American Animal Hospital Association and American Association of Feline Practitioners release new Feline Vaccination Guidelines
56 Red fox displaces Arctic fox thanks to littering
57 Swedish workers among Europe's best-paid in late 1800s
58 Elderly people protected against respiratory infections by BCG vaccine
59 Blood pressure-lowering is even more beneficial than previously thought
60 Blood marker may reduce cancer burden
61 The effect of military training on the sense of agency and outcome processing
62 Direct observation of desorption of a melt of long polymer chains
63 Monitoring and reporting framework to protect World Heritage Sites from invasive species
64 Memory in a metal, enabled by quantum geometry
65 RethiNKing which immune cells are the best weapon against lung cancer
66 Venom from honeybees found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells
67 Understanding the psychological aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic
68 From virtual to reality! Virtual training improves physical and cognitive functions
69 Brain estrogen is key to brain protection when oxygen is low
70 Legal performance-enhancing substances associated with future problematic alcohol use
71 One in two Americans fear a major health event could lead to bankruptcy
72 Your paper notebook could become your next tablet
73 New York and California may have already achieved herd immunity--Ben-Gurion U. researcher
74 There's a shortage of info on drugs for children in Canada
75 Weight shaming appears to be declining more in the USA than in the UK
76 More than half of people struggled to manage their weight during COVID-19 lockdown, suggests UK survey
77 European study finds screen time and sleep duration predict overweight in children
78 Men with larger waists more likely to die of prostate cancer
79 Pregnant women with COVID-19 may more likely need intensive care and give birth early
80 First treatment identified for fainting
81 New electronic skin can react to pain like human skin
82 Growth hormone plays key role in early puberty, breast cancer risk
83 Face shield or face mask to stop the spread of COVID-19?
84 Drones can be a source of disturbance to wintering waterbird flocks
85 Decorating windows for optimal sound transmission
86 Mastodons took frequent trips north when climate changed
87 Detecting small amounts of virus in early infections
88 Mastodons traveled vast distances across North America due to climate change: Research
89 Scent-sensing cells have a better way to fight influenza
90 Different responses in individual cells give muscles more control
91 Giant leap for molecular measurements
92 Face shields, masks with valves ineffective against COVID-19 spread
93 A naturally-occurring metabolite ups lifespan and compresses late-life morbidity in mice
94 Unravelling mother to baby transmission of Zika virus
95 One quarter of prescription drugs in Canada may be in short supply
96 COVID has likely tripled depression rate: BU study
97 Researchers identify proteins that prevent COVID-19 transmission through the placenta
98 Toxicity of dorsal root ganglia is widely associated with CNS AAV gene therapy
99 Travel site aggregators face challenges when compared to airlines that market directly
100 COVID-19 and the threat to American voting rights
101 Why naming neurons can help cure brain disease
102 After Medicaid expansion, 'unmet need' for joint replacement surgery
103 Plasmin could be the link between COVID-19 comorbidities and serious illness
104 Half of Medicare patients do not receive recommended health care after hospitalization
105 An unprecedented discovery of cell fusion
106 'No, you go first'
107 PLOS Special Collection launch: Populations HRSA serves
108 Study examines the benefits of virtual stroke rehabilitation programs
109 Biological control agents can protect soybeans from Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)
110 Genomic analysis of STEC in a child reveals insights on a virulent, emerging foodborne pathogen