File Title
1 Scientists develop low-temperature resisting aqueous zinc-based batteries
2 Red, green and blue single-mode lasing in heterogeneously coupled system
3 A soft-hearted approach to healing
4 Aspirated consonants may promote the spread of COVID-19, RUDN University linguist says
5 Scoring system for the diagnosis of COVID-19
6 Study provides hope for young women after heart attack
7 Uncovering the hidden life of 'dead' coral reefs
8 Brain protein linked to seizures, abnormal social behaviors
9 Scientists show how brain flexibility emerges in infants
10 People with less body response to stress task had more PTSD signs after COVID-19 began
11 Study: Portable, point-of-care COVID-19 test could bypass the lab
12 CU Anschutz researchers shed light on split-second decision making
13 Unique antibody profile sets gluten sensitivity apart from celiac disease
14 How's the transit weather?
15 Improving FDA's COVID-19 vaccine authorization and approval process
16 Consortium of Brazilian researchers completes sequencing of native stingless bee's genome
17 Novel Dual CAR T cell immunotherapy holds promise for targeting the HIV reservoir
18 FSU researchers develop new X-ray detection technology
19 Genetic mutations may be linked to infertility, early menopause
20 Scientists develop first drug-like compounds to inhibit elusive cancer-linked enzymes
21 Secret weapon to stop invasive honeysuckle: Satellites
22 Study finds missing link in the evolutionary history of carbon-fixing protein Rubisco
23 Fungi in gut linked to higher Alzheimer's risk can be reduced through ketogenic diet
24 College students access eating disorders therapy via phone app
25 New evidence for quantum fluctuations near a quantum critical point in a superconductor
26 Study highlights keys to helping dads be there for kids when they don't have custody
27 Vaccine narrows racial disparities in pneumococcal disease
28 Researchers develop dustbuster for the moon
29 Researchers develop molecule to store solar energy
30 Demonstrating the dynamics of electron-light interaction originating from first principle
31 Saving marine life: Novel method quantifies the effects of plastic on marine wildlife
32 Study examines the heart risks and benefits of today's most popular fad diets
33 Following African elephant trails to approach conservation differently
34 Is being generous the next beauty trend?
35 Study: Anonymized cell phone location data can help monitor COVID-19 growth rates
36 CU scientists create batteries that could make it easier to explore Mars
37 Team's flexible micro LEDs may reshape future of wearable technology
38 Common medicine used to treat gout found to prevent progression of coronary disease
39 Study finds insect shows promise as a good, sustainable food source
40 New theory hints at more efficient way to develop quantum algorithms
41 Trial clarifies which patients with acute pulmonary embolism can be managed at home
42 Gout drug repurposed to fight heart disease
43 New hydrogels for T-cell growth to be used in cancer immunotherapy
44 Genomic analysis predicts survival benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy following radiotherapy over radiotherapy alone in low-grade gliomas in NRG Oncology clinical trial
45 Serengeti leopard population densities healthy but vary seasonally, study finds
46 Astrophysics: A direct view of star/disk interactions
47 Manganese single-atom catalyst boosts performance of electrochemical CO2 Reduction
48 Individual dolphin calls used to estimate population size and movement in the wild
49 Data clearly show the more serious trajectory of COVID-19 disease in people with obesity
50 Wearable device could help EMTs, surgeons assess hemorrhage blood loss
51 Vast majority supports mandatory corona tests for returnees
52 Allergic reaction: How the immune system identifies nickel
53 Research shows how a diet change might help US veterans with Gulf War illness
54 Aluminium in antiperspirants
55 Microgel immuno-acceptance method could improve pancreatic islet transplant success
56 Biocompatible TeSex nano-alloys for PT/PA/CT/PET imaging-guided NIR-II-photothermal therapy
57 SGLT2 inhibitors can slow progression of chronic kidney disease
58 True holographic movie is within grasp
59 DAPA-CKD trial meets primary endpoint in patients with chronic kidney disease
60 Nanomaterials based strategies for treatment of hypoxic tumor
61 PARALLAX meets one primary endpoint in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
62 Study reveals best anti-clotting strategy after heart valve intervention
63 Angina drug fails to improve outcomes after successful revascularisation
64 Early rhythm control therapy improves outcomes in patients with atrial fibrillation
65 Trial supports first specific treatment for obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
66 EMPEROR-Reduced meets primary endpoint in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
67 People with increased risk of Alzheimer's have deficits in navigating
68 Can black hole fire up cold heart of the phoenix?
69 Citizen scientists bring surprising insights into cowslip mating system
70 Nerve cells with energy saving program
71 Guam study advances research of cycads as an ecotoxin
72 Antibody blockade effective in treatment of severe COVID-19
73 Implant choice more important than surgeon skill for hip replacement success
74 To the choir: Forward-thinking faculty sharing innovations mostly among themselves
75 People love winning streaks by individuals--teams, not so much
76 Humans' construction 'footprint' on ocean quantified for first time
77 Eating your vegetables is easier said than done
78 Sea level rise from ice sheets track worst-case climate change scenario
79 Architecture of the heart different between women and men and with age
80 USTC researchers design continuous-scanning sky brightness monitor in 2.5- to 5-micron band
81 Living in disadvantaged neighborhoods doubles post-op delirium risk for older adults
82 Researchers discover a specific brain circuit damaged by social isolation during childhood
83 Study provides insight on how to build a better flu vaccine
84 Strokes in babies are surprisingly common; here's how the body rushes to the rescue
85 Hot dogs, chicken wings and city living helped wetland wood storks thrive
86 How weather affects crawfish harvests
87 Asthma may not be a significant risk factor for severe COVID-19
88 Swine flu vaccination in pregnant women did not increase risk of autism in offspring
89 Intelligent software tackles plant cell jigsaw puzzle
90 Obesity prevalence varies widely among Latino populations, NYC study finds
91 Once infected, twice infected
92 Ultra-processed food consumption is associated with chromosomal changes linked to biological aging
93 Pesticide-free crop protection yields up to US$20 billion/year benefits in Asia-Pacific
94 Body mass index is a more powerful risk factor for diabetes than genetics
95 Large study finds no link between blood pressure medication and cancer
96 New EU rules could make total diet replacement products unviable from 2022, study warns
97 Evening eating is associated with higher total calorie intake and lower diet quality
98 Obesity--the deadly disease that nobody dies of
99 Scientists unlock crops' power to resist floods
100 Cell phone location used to estimate COVID-19 growth rates
101 Prior health insurance coverage disruptions linked to issues with healthcare access
102 Warning witnesses of the possibility of misinformation helps protect their memory accuracy
103 EBMT trial shows improvements in treatment of Severe Aplastic Anaemia
104 PCOS is linked to increased risk of neuropsychiatric disorders in offspring
105 Dodder uses the flowering signal of its host plant to flower
106 Love hormone also forms important link between stress and digestive problems
107 Being a selfish jerk doesn't get you ahead, research finds
108 Warmer, acidifying ocean brings extinction for reef-building corals, renewal for relatives
109 Imaging an estrogen related enzyme may help to predict obesity, self-control issues
110 Discovery of an ancient dog species may teach us about human vocalization
111 For people with high blood pressure, telemonitoring may cut heart attack, stroke rate by 50%
112 Sex cells have a sweet tooth, and they pass it on to the brain
113 Stealing information from host plants: How the parasitic dodder plant flowers
114 No link found between maternal flu vaccination during pregnancy and autism [plus additional topics]
115 Brainstem protein mediates exercise-based stress relief
116 Radiocarbon dating and CT scans reveal Bronze Age tradition of keeping human remains
117 Study finds asymptomatic Chagas patients are at a high risk for cardiac disease
118 How antibiotics interact