File Title
1 New Cases End New Zealand's 'COVID-Free' Status; Auckland Back in Lockdown
2 Some US Colleges Stick to in-Person Reopening in Pandemic Despite Doubts, Pushback
3 US Health Chief, Visiting Taiwan, Attacks China's Pandemic Response
4 Sinovac Launches Phase 3 Trial for COVID-19 Vaccine in Indonesia, Reports Phase 2 Details
5 Impaired Senses, Especially Smell, Linked to Dementia
6 COVID Supply Crunch Means Testing Delays Might Last a While
7 Arcturus Therapeutics Begins Human Trials of Potential COVID-19 Vaccine
8 Novavax Expects It Can Meet US COVID-19 Vaccine Demand in 2021, Executives Say
9 J&J Eyes 1 Bln Doses of Potential COVID-19 Shot in 2021, Weighs Challenge Trials
10 Delay Routine Dental Checkups in Areas of COVID Spread: WHO
11 US Insurers' Coronavirus Costs Are Less than Feared So Far
12 Supplement Plus Probiotic May Improve Depressive Symptoms
13 NIAID Testing Remdesivir Plus MS Drug for COVID-19
14 Pandemic Changing How Women Get Reproductive Health Care
15 Vir Biotech to Begin Mid-to-Late Stage Study of COVID-19 Drug Candidate in August
16 Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Gastric Adenocarcinoma by Altering the Epigenetic Landscape
17 Standardized Care for Testicular Cancer May Help Overcome Disparities
18 Fauci Expresses Doubts About Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine
19 Acute Kidney Injury Underrecognized in Hospitalized Children
20 Few Kids Eligible for Diabetes Screening Test Positive
21 Researchers Propose Criteria for Confirming Vertical Transmission of SARS-CoV-2
22 Multifocal Contact Lenses with High Add Power Help Slow Myopia Progression
23 Prion Reduction Shows Promise in Mice with Prion Disease
24 NSCLC Success Story: Mortality Down, Survival Improved
25 COVID-19 Often Mild in Pregnant Women, Spanish Study Finds
26 Azacitidine + Venetoclax Combo Benefits Older Patients with AML
27 COVID-19 Update: Test Shortages, Possible Treatment Choices
28 Fewer Health Screenings During COVID-19 Raise Questions; Are They Needed at All?
29 Persistent Hair Loss After Radiation Improved with Minoxidil
30 Study Highlights Potential Advantages of Tape Strips Over Biopsy
31 Developing COVID-19 Hospital Protocols During the Pandemic
32 Diabetes Linked to Increased Kidney Cancer Risk, but Only in Slim
33 Russia Says Medics to Get Anti-COVID Shots in 2 Weeks, Rejects Safety Concerns
34 World Reaction to Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine
35 Coronavirus Found on Ecuador Shrimps in China, State Media Says
36 China Denounces US Health Chief's Criticism Over Virus as 'Political Show'
37 From One Hotspot to Another: Twin ER Doctors on COVID-19 Front Lines in New York, Miami
38 Oncologist: I've Had Depression. Opening Up Has Rewards 'How Are You?'
39 New Zealand Considers Freight as Possible Source of New Coronavirus Cluster
40 German Institute Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Available in Autumn
41 Coping with Campus Coronavirus: US Fraternities, Sororities Give It the Old College Try
42 White House to Unveil New Anticoronavirus Steps for Reopening US Schools, Aide Says
43 Lipoprotein(a), Family History Make Additive Contributions to Cardiovascular Risk
44 AI-Enabled ECG in the ED May Pinpoint Dyspnea Patients with Heart Failure
45 Operative Delays Do Not Worsen Survival in Early Breast Cancer
46 Second-Look Surgery Plus Intraperitoneal Chemo No Benefit for Colorectal Metastases
47 Turning Anger into Action: Minority Students Analyze COVID Data on Racial Disparities
48 Lung Risk Factors May Boost Hip Fracture Risk in Smokers
49 Dying Young: The Health Care Workers in Their 20s Killed by COVID-19
50 Doctors and Nurses Sick with COVID Feel Pressured to Get Back to Work
51 CDC Data Confirm Mental Health Is Suffering During COVID-19
52 NAFLD May Predict Arrhythmia Recurrence Post-AF Ablation
53 COVID Isolation, Anxiety 'Really Reinforce' Eating Disorders
54 Former Surgeon General Stresses Personal Connection in Time of COVID
55 COVID-19 Update: Hearing Loss Risk, New Mental Health Data
56 COVID-19 and 1918 Flu Mortality in NYC 'In the Same Ballpark'
57 Critics Blast Plan for Major Med School Merger
58 Back to the Future: Trump's History of Promising a Health Plan that Never Comes
59 Previous Vaccines, Masks May Influence COVID-19 Spread
60 Determining Cause of Skin Lesions in COVID-19 Patients Remains Challenging
61 Pandemic Effect: Telemedicine Is Now a 'Must-Have' Service
62 COVID-19 and Masks: Doctor, May I Be Excused?
63 Does Metformin Reduce Risk for Death in COVID-19?
64 Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis Common in Intubated COVID-19 Patients
65 High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation in Infancy Shows No Lasting Benefit in Late Teens
66 FDA Clears Rapid Large-Vessel Occlusion Detection Software
67 Drug Overdoses Masquerading as Sudden Cardiac Death Common
68 Since COVID-19 Onset, Admissions for MI Are Down, Mortality Rates Are Up
69 Mammography Starting at 40 Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer Death
70 West Virginia Doctor Convicted of Illegal Opioid Distribution
71 Flu Season Prep, Complicated by COVID-19, Starts Early this Year
72 Workplaces Top Source of Virus Clusters in France, Says Doctor
73 Belgian Students to Self-Collect Saliva in Large COVID-19 Testing Experiment
74 Pandemic Behaviour: Why Some People Don't Play by the Rules
75 Germany: Optimistic We'll Have a Vaccine in Coming Months and Certainly Next Year
76 Coronavirus Test Blunder Leaves Possible Merkel Successor Red-Faced
77 Israeli Hospital Trials Super-Quick Saliva Test for COVID-19
78 Twelve Cases of Nile Fever Confirmed in Spain's Andalusia
79 Pharmacy to Pay $3.5 Mln to Resolve US Claims It Helped Teva Pay Kickbacks
80 US Recruits Scientists Abroad for COVID-19 Vaccine Trials, Pledges Access to Supply
81 Three More US States Launching Coronavirus Exposure Warning Apps
82 Top US Health Official Says Approval of COVID Vaccines Unlikely Before November
83 Multiple Traits More Common in Difficult-to-Treat Migraine
84 Poverty Affects Response to Ozone Exposure in COPD Patients
85 PVR Reassessed as Predictor of Heart Failure
86 In Bolivia, a Model for Indigenous Groups Grappling with COVID-19
87 Risk of Secondary COVID-19 Transmission Low in Most Settings
88 Father and Son Doctors Die of COVID-19 in Florida
89 Stress-Induced Brain Activity Linked to Chest Pain in CAD Patients
90 Rituximab Might Benefit Some Patients with Severe COVID-19
91 Pediatric Patients Should Be Prioritized When Rationing COVID-19 Treatments, Report Argues
92 Last Doctor Standing: Pandemic Pushes Indian Hospital to Brink
93 Orbital Fracture Incidence Up in US Emergency Departments
94 COVID-19 Update: Comparison with 1918 Flu, Secondary Transmission
95 New Physician Adviser to President More Aligned with Trump's Views
96 Telemedicine Checklist May Smooth Visits with Older Patients
97 A Black Oncologist's Drive to Be Seen One-Woman Show at ASCO
98 Tailored Messaging Needed to Get Cancer Screening Back on Track
99 Cancer Diagnoses Plummet During Pandemic in Troubling Trend
100 Newly Published Articles Inform on COVID-19 Risk by Diabetes Type
101 COVID Data Failures Create Pressure for Public Health System Overhaul
102 Study Hints, Can't Prove, Survivor Plasma Fights COVID-19
103 Severe Obesity Ups Risk for Death in Younger Men with COVID-19
104 Diversity, Not Test Scores, Equals Quality in Medicine: An Interview with Quinn Capers IV, MD
105 PPE Shortage Could Last Years Without Strategic Plan, Experts Warn
106 FDA Authorizes New Saliva COVID-19 Test
107 US to Make Coronavirus Strain for Possible Human Challenge Trials
108 Toxic Methanol in Hand Sanitizers: Poisonings Continue
109 Russian Doctors Wary of Rapidly Approved COVID-19 Vaccine, Survey Shows
110 Vietnam to Buy Russian COVID-19 Vaccine
111 S. Korean Doctors Strike Over Training Plan as Virus Cases Spike
112 Remdesivir Used to Treat Infant with Severe COVID-19-Related Lung Disease
113 As COVID-19 Cases Rise in US, Precious Plasma Donations Lag
114 Only 8% of People in German Coronavirus Hotspot Had COVID-19, Study Finds
115 EU Agrees to First COVID-19 Vaccine Deal with AstraZeneca in WHO Blow
116 Risk of Small-Bowel Cancer Increased in Celiac Disease