File Title
1 Cognitive Impairment in 9/11 Responders Tied to Brain Atrophy
2 Prenatal Flu Vaccine Not Linked to Adverse Early Childhood Outcomes
3 Jury Out on How Best to Screen for Health-Related Social Needs
4 Acetaminophen Use Linked to False-Positive Test for Chronic Granulomatous Disease
5 Virus Testing in the US Is Dropping, Even as Deaths Mount
6 High BMI in Early Adulthood Linked to Increased Dementia Risk
7 More than Half of Doctors Now Part of Healthcare Systems
8 COVID-19 Update: Conspiracy Theories, Cutaneous Clues
9 Some Seniors May Be Left Behind as Telemedicine Becomes More Popular
10 Postpartum Tubal Ligation Safe in Women with Obesity
11 New Topicals for Excessive Sweating Are in Sight
12 Amid Quarantine, Ecuador Women Speak in Code to Seek Protection from Domestic Violence
13 Canada Signs Deals with Pfizer, Moderna for Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines
14 Spain's Canaries to Cover All COVID-Related Costs for Tourists
15 Respiratory Therapist Struggles to Catch Her Own Breath After COVID-19
16 Doctors Say Turkish COVID-19 Outbreak Worse than Reported as Hospitalizations Swell
17 With No Nationwide Rule, Amsterdam Insists on Virus Masks
18 New York City Erects Quarantine Checkpoints to Curb Coronavirus
19 Fauci Says Regulators Promise Politics Will Not Guide Vaccine Timing
20 Gene Therapy Promising in BCG-Unresponsive Bladder Cancer
21 New Roadmap for CRC Screening: Use More Stool Tests, Says AGA
22 Obesity Epidemic Threatens Effectiveness of Any COVID-19 Vaccine
23 HCWs of Color Twice as Likely as Whites to Get COVID-19
24 Cardiac Device Interference Risk 'Low' with Smartphones, Smartwatches
25 Ofatumumab Phase 3 Multiple Sclerosis Trials Published
26 Anti-Affirmative Action Paper Blasted on Twitter Now Retracted
27 Vitamin D May Reduce Recurrence of Positional Vertigo
28 ED Visits for Mental Health, Substance Use Doubled in One Decade
29 Consider Trichoscopy for Suspected Hair Disorders
30 SGLT2 Inhibitors Have a Breakout Year
31 Regular MRI Screening Suggested for Women with Familial Breast Cancer Risk
32 Beyond PSA: New Prostate Cancer Screening Options
33 Vitamin D Fails to Prevent Late-Life Depression, Boost Mood
34 A Call to Test Men with Prostate Cancer for COVID-19 Higher Death Rate in NYC Cohort
35 Experimental Nonstimulant Effective, Fast-Acting for ADHD
36 Trump Says Coronavirus Vaccine Possible Before November 3
37 Government Health Experts Warn US Cities of "Trouble Ahead"
38 US Lifts Global Health Coronavirus Travel Advisory
39 Children Rapidly Deported from the United States Strain Guatemalan Shelters
40 Severe COVID-19 in Kids Rare with Variable Symptoms and Generally Good Outcomes
41 Pediatric EDs Using CT Less Often; Ultrasounds, MRIs on the Rise
42 Hospitalization for IBD Should Not Be Delayed in Pandemic: Experts
43 Urgent Care Membership Programs May Expand Access, Not Cut Costs
44 Physicians Overlook Some Preventive Services Tied to Longer Life
45 NY Home Health Workers Report Personal Risks During COVID-19 Pandemic
46 Worldwide, Gout Cases and Years of Disability Rising
47 Dermatology Atlas Will Profile Disease in All Skin Types
48 Appendix May Be Common Site of Endometriosis
49 AHA on Cannabis: No Evidence of Heart Benefits, but Potential Harms
50 Weight Gain Persists as HIV-Treatment Issue
51 Guidance Covers Glycemia in Dexamethasone-Treated COVID-19
52 Only 42% Would Get Vaccinated Against COVID
53 US Surpasses 160,000 Coronavirus Deaths as School Openings Near
54 ACP, Others Call on Schools to Waive the MCAT for 2021 Cycle
55 Does Stirrup Choice Influence Vaginal Surgery Outcome?
56 Woman Is First in US to Get Second Face Transplant
57 Diabetic Amputations Soared Amid Italian Pandemic Lockdown
58 Antiviral Combo Shows Early Promise Against HCV in Pregnancy
59 Coronavirus, Other Respiratory Viruses Can Cause Severe Bronchiolitis
60 Fatal Pulmonary Fibrosis Can Occur with COVID-19
61 Family Wellbeing Similar with Parents or Grandparents Heading Household
62 Beta-2 Agonists Can Improve Athletes' Speed and Strength
63 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Don't Increase Death Risk for COVID-19 Cancer Patients
64 'Doubling Down' on Hydroxychloroquine QT Prolongation in COVID-19
65 Are Human Challenge Trials for COVID-19 Vaccine Worth the Risk?
66 Small Practices, Struggling with PPE, Band Together to Buy in Bulk
67 Consensus Document Reviews Determination of Brain Death
68 AHA Statement Recommends Dietary Screening at Routine Checkups
69 FDA OKs First Oral Treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
70 Coronavirus Vaccine Unlikely Before Election Day: AMA President
71 COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Challenge Trials, Desperate PPE Measures
72 Psoriasis Guidelines Focus on Treatment of Adults
73 Many Children with COVID-19 Present Without Classic Symptoms
74 Test Sites Quickly Attract Thousands for COVID-19 Vaccine Study
75 Molecular Signatures of Nonsmoking Lung Cancer in East Asians Identified
76 Chronic Fatigue May Be Long-term Effect of COVID-19
77 Rare TP53 Mutation Implicated in Familial Cancers in Ashkenazi Jews, but with Low Penetrance
78 FDA Approves First Liquid Biopsy/NGS Test for Lung Cancer
79 University of Washington Forecasts 300,000 US COVID-19 Deaths
80 Pfizer to Make Gilead's COVID-19 Treatment Remdesivir
81 Business Is Booming for Dialysis Giant Fresenius
82 Pandemic Hampers Reopening of Joint Replacement Gold Mine
83 White House Paid Up to $500 Million Too Much for Ventilators
84 AI Could Help Track Response to Anti-VEGF Therapy for Diabetic Macular Edema
85 Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Reduces IBS Symptoms
86 Dedicated Flu Clinics May Reduce Impact of the Illness
87 Common Wrist Fracture Does Not Need Surgical Repair in Most Cases
88 Cancer Researcher Hit with 10-Year Ban on Federal US Funding
89 Vast Underdiagnosis of Monogenic CV Disease Seen in Cath Referrals
90 Can We Prevent the Next 5 Million COVID Cases?
91 Antibody Prevalence Similar for NY Healthcare Workers, Public
92 Chloroquine Linked to Serious Psychiatric Side Effects
93 Only 40% of Residents Said Training Prepped Them for COVID-19
94 FDA Approves IV Opioid Oliceridine for Short-term Use
95 Warp Speed Chief Softens Aggressive COVID Vaccine Targets
96 Candesartan May Improve Cognition Independent of Blood Pressure
97 COVID-19 Update: Chronic Fatigue, Preventing Next 5M Cases
98 Concussion Linked to Risk for Dementia, Parkinson's, ADHD
99 Point-of-Care Test Simplifies Gonorrhea Treatment
100 Chemo-Free Management of Mesothelioma on Horizon
101 Metformin May Benefit Overweight Women with PCOS Undergoing IVF
102 UK Orders Recall of 741,000 Coronavirus Testing Kits Over Safety Concerns
103 Antibiotic Resistance: Personal Responsibility in Short Supply
104 Alzheimer's Drug from Biogen to Get Speedy US Review
105 Women with AF Feel Worse than Men Even After Ablation
106 Online CPR Videos Rarely Feature Women, Study Finds
107 Scientists Ask: Without Trial Data, How Can We Trust Russia's COVID Vaccine?
108 Is the Kidney Merely a 'Bystander' When it Comes to COVID-19?
109 Alan Alda, Helen Riess Urge Pandemic-Era Empathy
110 WHO Decries 'Vast Global Gap' in Funds Needed to Fight Coronavirus