File Title
1 LSU health pathologists publish first report on likely MIS involving the heart
2 Group-based smoking cessation help US inmates quit tobacco
3 Gut microbiome translates stress into sickle cell crises
4 One-size does not fit all for post-disaster recovery, PSU study finds
5 Cell competition in the thymus is crucial in a healthy organism
6 Researchers find increase in comorbidities among hospitalized patients with heart failure
7 FSU engineering researchers harness wind data to help meet energy needs in Florida
8 Obesity linked to social ties in older women, more so than in men
9 AJR study associates coronavirus disease (COVID-19) with large vessel occlusion strokes
10 North Atlantic climate far more predictable following major scientific breakthrough
11 Major depressive episodes far more common than previously believed, new Yale study finds
12 Pooling strategy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: A solution for mass population screening of SARS-CoV-2
13 Origami microbots: Centuries-old artform guides cutting-edge advances in tiny machines
14 Re-engineering antibodies for COVID-19
15 Your brain parasite isn't making you sick--here's why
16 New risk tool developed for cardiac arrest patients
17 Plastics, pathogens and baby formula: What's in your shellfish?
18 ALMA finds possible sign of neutron star in supernova 1987A
19 New method lets scientists peer deeper into ocean
20 Looking up to the Joneses: Consequences of the perceptions of white wealth
21 Using protons to tune interlayer forces in van-der-Waals materials
22 'Drawn-on-skin' electronics offer breakthrough in wearable monitors
23 Study highlights mental health risks facing healthcare workers during pandemic
24 Quantum chip fabrication paves way for scalable processors
25 Tierra del Fuego: marine ecosystems from 6,000 to 500 years ago
26 Two for the price of one
27 Researchers describe structure of SARS-CoV-2 proteins suitable for design of new drugs
28 Study suggests new approach to improve radiation therapy resistance in glioblastoma
29 Researchers discover a new and unique class of carbohydrate receptors
30 Stunning space butterfly captured by ESO telescope
31 New study confirms extensive gas leaks in the North Sea
32 Coastal cities leave up to 75% of seafloor exposed to harmful light pollution
33 Immune cell steroids help tumours suppress the immune system, offering new drug targets
34 Single-shot COVID-19 vaccine protects non-human primates
35 The enemy within: Safeguarding against the spread of intracellular bacteria
36 Laughter acts as a stress buffer--and even smiling helps
37 Experts make weak recommendation for remdesivir in severe COVID-19
38 Faster LEDs for wireless communications from invisible light
39 Rapid test for the determination of antibodies against SARS-Cov-2
40 Helicopter parents should step back and watch, study recommends
41 In defense mode: this is how Zika virus protects key parts of its genome
42 TU Graz researchers synthesize nanoparticles tailored for special applications
43 Remote islands: Stepping stones to understanding evolution
44 Challenging a central dogma of chemistry
45 Partnerships with bankrupt companies could be double-edged sword for investors
46 Economic and food supply chain disruptions endanger global food security
47 Spin, spin, spin: researchers enhance electron spin longevity
48 Investment, health policy changes are key for new Alzheimer's treatments
49 Increasing Arctic freshwater is driven by climate change
50 NIH researchers discover new set of channels connecting malaria parasite and blood cells
51 Cell antennas lacking in Fragile X syndrome, study finds
52 Forty percent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life (cf.63)
53 Gut feelings can be good for us
54 Compounds show promise in search for tuberculosis antibiotics
55 Academic achievement is influenced by how pupils 'do' gender at school
56 Coastal flooding set to get more frequent, threatening coastal life and global GDP
57 Immune functions traded in for reproductive success
58 Hearing loss linked to neurocognitive deficits in childhood cancer survivors
59 Headline news: Botox injections may lessen depression
60 New understanding of CRISPR-Cas9 tool could improve gene editing
61 Are cover crops negatively impacting row crops?
62 Inflammation induced blood-brain barrier dysfunction studied in organoids
63 The Lancet: 40% of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life (cf.52)
64 American Cancer Society updates guideline for cervical cancer screening
65 Investigational breast cancer vaccine plus immune therapy work well in tandem
66 Transcranial stimulation to prevent fear memories from returning
67 Hengduan Mountain alpine flora history shown to be longest on Earth
68 Copper-catalyzed enantioselective trifluoromethylation of benzylic radicals developed
69 Young kids could spread COVID-19 as much as older children and adults
70 Most women treated in New York City for gynecologic cancers
71 Climate change: Coastal flooding could threaten up to 20% of global GDP
72 Ancient mountain formation and monsoons helped create a modern biodiversity hotspot
73 Stay or leave? A tale of two virus strategies revealed by math
74 Alzheimer's risk factors may be measurable in adolescents and young adults
75 Physician practices with more female doctors have smallest gender pay gaps
76 First gene knockout in a cephalopod is achieved at Marine Biological Laboratory
77 New printing process advances 3D capabilities
78 Scientists discover new class of semiconducting entropy-stabilized materials
79 Cooling of Earth caused by eruptions, not meteors
80 To distinguish contexts, animals think probabilistically, study suggests
81 Insights on the gut microbiome could shape more powerful, precise treatment
82 Google searches during pandemic hint at future increase in suicide
83 Adjustable lordotic expandable vs. static lateral lumbar interbody fusion devices
84 The need for progressive national narratives
85 A rebranding of 'freedom'?
86 Rosalind Franklin University Researcher awarded NIH grant for CLN3 Batten disease study
87 Physicists find misaligned carbon sheets yield unparalleled properties
88 To improve students' mental health, Yale study finds, teach them to breathe
89 'Little brain' or cerebellum not so little after all
90 Mandatory country-wide BCG vaccination found to correlate with slower growth rates of COVID-19 cases
91 Epilepsy: International researchers propose better seizure classification
92 Satellite survey shows California's sinking coastal hotspots
93 Huntsman Cancer Institute illuminates potential new treatment in acute myeloid leukemia
94 NASA sun data helps new model predict big solar flares
95 A new chemical analysis upends conventional explanation for global cooling
96 Pandemic leads to higher depression, anxiety and fear, studies show
97 Youth more likely to stick with CGM if they are part of decision to start
98 Insight on novel genetic approaches to metabolic liver diseases
99 Portable, injectable clotting agent could treat trauma victims on the front lines
100 HudsonAlpha scientists help identify important parts of the human genome
101 Memory loss reversed or abated in those with cognitive decline
102 Inbreeding detrimental for survival
103 Sharing a secret...the quantum way
104 Low-cost moist heat treatment of N95 masks eliminates SARS-CoV-2, bacteria
105 The Lancet Public Health: UK and US healthcare workers report higher rates of COVID-19 compared to general population in early pandemic period
106 Study reveals COVID-19 transmission rate on trains
107 Way, shape and form: Synthesis conditions define the nanostructure of manganese dioxide
108 Short wind turns with strong cooling effect
109 When Dirac meets frustrated magnetism
110 Differences between discs of active and non-active galaxies detected for the first time