File Title
1 Calcium and vitamin D nutrient deficiencies lead to higher risk for osteoporosis
2 University of Cincinnati ergonomics expert says work smarter at home
3 Medicaid-covered mothers have less say in birthing experience: BU study
4 New blood test shows great promise in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
5 For rufous hummingbirds, migration looks different depending on age and sex
6 Research could save years of breeding for new Miscanthus hybrids
7 Casting a wider net to catch more cases of pulmonary hypertension
8 Alzheimer's protein in blood indicates early brain changes
9 A new cell & gene therapy approach to treat common bleeding disorder
10 Owe the IRS? No problem, some Americans say
11 UMass Amherst biologists zero in on cells' environmental sensing mechanism
12 Microbiologists clarify relationship between microbial diversity and soil carbon storage
13 Solving a DNA mystery
14 New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2, climate change
15 Metal-breathing bacteria could transform electronics, biosensors, and more
16 BU national survey of gun owners: Majority favor gun violence prevention policies
17 Computational gene study suggests new pathway for COVID-19 inflammatory response
18 Iowa State University scientists examine reproductive effects of glyphosate in mice
19 Oldest South American fossil lizard discovered in Brazil
20 Higher BPA levels linked to more asthma symptoms in children
21 Experimental COVID-19 vaccine protects upper and lower airways in nonhuman primates
22 CHOP spine surgeons outline how to prioritize procedures amid pandemic
23 Increased attention to sad faces predicts depression risk in teenagers
24 Discovery will allow more sophisticated work at nanoscale
25 Increasing global consumption of Watch antibiotics reflects stewardship challenges
26 Mental fatigue of multiple sclerosis linked to inefficient recruitment of neural resources
27 Injury patterns may help differentiate between accidents and physical abuse in elderly patients, new study finds
28 'Etch-a-Sketching' critical p-n nano-junctions for 2D Semiconductor diode
29 Research suggests combating a pandemic is 500 times more expensive than preventing one
30 Researchers urge the scientific community to #StopPandemicBias
31 Eavesdropping on trout building their nests
32 The Lancet Psychiatry: First clinical trial of its kind studies whether cannabidiol could help treat cannabis use disorder, compared to placebo
33 Decline of bees, other pollinators threatens US crop yields
34 Experimental drug for Alzheimer's may help children with autism
35 Therapy helps children with food allergies manage severe anxiety
36 Probing the properties of magnetic quasi-particles
37 Acute exercise has beneficial effects on the immune system during prostate cancer
38 Artificial intelligence could speed up and improve Alzheimer's diagnosis
39 Prescribed CBD could help people quit cannabis
40 Multiomics investigation revealing the characteristics of HIV-1-infected cells in vivo
41 Immunoprotein impairs SARS-Cov-2
42 Winning the digital transformation race: three emerging approaches for leading transition
43 Researchers identify evolutionary origins of SARS-CoV-2
44 Iron deficiency during infancy reduces vaccine efficacy
45 The amazing travels of small RNAs
46 New studies reveal inside of central energy release region in solar eruption
47 Ammonia synthesis from selective electroreduction of nitrates over electron-deficient Co
48 New scenario for the India-Asia collision dynamics
49 New technique enables mineral ID of precious Antarctic micrometeorites
50 Adjusting FRAX estimates to account for site of recent fracture
51 Identification of new "oxidative stress sensor" MTK1
52 Shrinking dwarves
53 How will the population accept COVID-19 tracing apps?
54 To end King Coal's reign, must his most loyal subjects get paid?
55 Scientists unlock genetic secrets of wine growers' worst enemy
56 The mystery of the less deadly mosquito nets
57 Deep sea microbes dormant for 100 million years are hungry and ready to multiply
58 A practicable and reliable therapeutic strategy to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection
59 Supportive communities and progressive politics can reduce suicide risk among LGBTQ girls
60 New machine learning method allows hospitals to share patient data--privately
61 New study finds racial disparities in COVID-19-related deaths exist beyond income differences in 10 major US cities
62 Study: A plunge in incoming sunlight may have triggered 'snowball earths'
63 Adult stem cells/glaucoma drug combo promotes diabetic wound healing in mice
64 NYUAD astrophysicist investigates the possibility of life below the surface of Mars
65 Seafood products made from cells should be labeled cell-based
66 Gorilla relationships limited in large groups
67 Madagascar: New mouse lemur species discovered
68 ADHD services map reveals major gaps in care, failing the vulnerable
69 Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections
70 Researchers discover cell communication mechanism that drives cancer adaptation
71 Study: COVID-19 pandemic has negatively influenced subjective well-being
72 Gene variations at birth reveal origins of inflammation and immune disease
73 A blood test for Alzheimer's? Markers for tau take us a step closer
74 Study pinpoints women who benefit less from 3D mammograms
75 Econometric study on the JUUL system's market entry in Canada finds vaping product availability could reduce combustible cigarette sales
76 Scientists reveal an explosive secret hidden beneath seemingly trustworthy volcanoes
77 Music training may not make children smarter after all
78 Acute depression, stress, anxiety higher during peak of COVID-19 pandemic
79 What's the best way to estimate and track COVID-19 mortality?
80 Studies demonstrate further evidence WTC responders are at risk for dementia
81 Tracking symptoms with app an inexact predictor of coronavirus infection
82 Sweat science: Engineers detect health markers in thread-based, wearable sweat sensors
83 Novel diabetes drug candidate shows promising properties in human islets and mouse models
84 Study reveals how renegade protein interrupts brain cell function in Alzheimer's disease
85 Black phosphorus future in 3D analysis, molecular fingerprinting
86 Best place on Earth to see stars is at remote site in Antarctica, study shows
87 Keep safe and cool in the pool: Novel chip sensor makes swimming pools safer
88 'Good' virus for common infection
89 Whale 'snot' reveals likely poor health during migration
90 Monash scientists expose fascinating 'compartments' in bacteria
91 Peering into the secrets of phages to see how they kill bacterial superbugs
92 Pre/postnatal lead exposure affects neurodevelopment in Japanese children
93 Research brief: 'Fool's gold' may be valuable after all
94 Adjusting planter parameters to match field conditions can maximize emergence and yield
95 New current that transports water to major 'waterfall' discovered in deep ocean
96 Nondestructive positron beams probe damage, support safety advances in radiation environments
97 Social distancing varies by income in US
98 Report provides new framework for understanding climate risks, impacts to US agriculture
99 COVID-19 risk model uses hospital data to guide decisions on social distancing
100 Cosmic tango between the very small and the very large
101 In HEPA we trust: making the indoors safer during COVID
102 First results of an upgraded device highlight lithium's value for producing fusion
103 Genetically similar fungi cause severe infections in different hospitals
104 Pimavanserin reduced symptoms of dementia-related psychosis in phase 3 trial
105 Talbot helps ID muscle gene that, when altered, causes joint disease
106 FSU biologist uses genome database to investigate cancer cells
107 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Study reveals where first cases of COVID-19 outside China may have originated based on case travel histories
108 Pregnant Black and Hispanic women five times more likely to be exposed to coronavirus
109 Anti-Asian racism during COVID-19 has historical ties in United States
110 Researchers outline need for evaluation of gene expression profiling in melanoma