File Title
1 Fostering a sustainable use of phosphorus
2 Work absences in April highest on record, suggesting under-count of COVID cases: New study
3 Army project turns to nature for help with self-healing material
4 Lithium in drinking water linked with lower suicide rates
5 Flu vaccine may reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease, new study shows
6 Ferried across: Figuring out unconventional spin transport in quantum spin liquids
7 Study seeks to explain decline in hip fracture rates
8 Researchers offer unprecedented look into 'central engine' powering a solar flare
9 Better measure of 'good cholesterol' can gauge heart attack and stroke risk in some populations
10 Artificial intelligence finds patterns of mutations and survival in tumour images
11 Viral hepatitis: Europe needs to close the testing gap
12 What are the properties of the cryptocurrency market?
13 Return of the zombie cicadas: WVU team unearths manipulative qualities of fungal-infected flyers
14 Double surgery improves chances for heart transplant in patients with obesity
15 Protecting beta cells against stress may guard against type 1 diabetes
16 Molecular cause underlying rare genetic disorder revealed
17 Study shows three medications currently on the market may have unexpected effects
18 Overweight and obesity are associated with a low sperm quality
19 Make your own greenhouse gas logger
20 Higher end of normal blood platelet count could indicate cancer
21 Identified a new regulatory mechanism of response to metabolic stress
22 Water molecules are gold for nanocatalysis
23 SMART finds new and safe method that enhances dengue vaccination--Paving way to wide use
24 Hydrogel mimics human brain with memorizing and forgetting ability
25 Government urgently needs to gauge public perception of new track and trace app
26 New depth map of the Arctic Ocean
27 Not just light: The sensitivity of photoreceptors to mechanical stimuli is unveiled
28 Hedonism leads to happiness
29 Video camera in a public place knows the density of people or vehicle more accurately
30 Unparalleled inventory of the human gut ecosystem
31 Artificial Intelligence to identify individual birds of a same species
32 European and American maize: Same same, but different
33 Recent advances in 2D, 3D and higher-order topological photonics
34 New review on management of osteoporosis in premenopausal women
35 Researchers develop new cytosine base editors with high specificity and precision
36 New study provides valuable historical dataset for Yellow River water management
37 Photonic amorphous topological insulator
38 Temporary salt crystals may provide a permanent solution to Alzheimer's
39 European maize highlights the hidden differences within a species
40 Pathological regression of lymph nodes better predicts esophageal cancer survival
41 Heat smarter, not harder--How microwaves make catalytic reactions more efficient
42 Inchworm pattern of Indonesian earthquake rupture powered seismic "boom"
43 How to stack graphene up to four layers
44 Duke-NUS: Cancer mutations caused by bacterial toxin preventable
45 Glacial stream insect may tolerate warmer waters
46 RNA biology provides the key to cell identity and health
47 Men are more likely than women to endorse COVID-19 conspiracy theories
48 New approach refines the Hubble's constant and age of universe
49 Flu, pneumonia vaccinations tied to lower risk of Alzheimer's dementia
50 Novel label-free imaging technique brings out the inner light within T cells
51 Lead white pigments on Andean drinking vessels provide new historical context
52 COVID-19 increased anxiety, depression for already stressed college students
53 'Selfish and loveless' society in Uganda really is not
54 Antibiotics alone successfully treat uncomplicated appendicitis in children
55 Population genetic screening shown to efficiently identify increased risk for inherited disease
56 Link confirmed between a healthy diet and prostate cancer prevention
57 Artificial intelligence identifies prostate cancer with near-perfect accuracy
58 Lockdown saw modest drop in China air pollution--study
59 Epstein-Barr virus rewires host epigenomes to drive stomach cancer
60 Ultra-low power brain implants find meaningful signal in grey matter noise
61 Life in the pits: Scientists identify the key enzyme behind BO
62 How the zebrafish got its stripes
63 New genome mapper is like "upgrading from dial-up to fibre-optic"
64 Remote, real-time monitoring of post-operative lung transplant patients significantly decreases hospital stays
65 Rising temps put desert shrubs in high-efficiency mode
66 Trial finds drug safe and effective in treating hep-C during pregnancy
67 Insulin cost-sharing caps may help kids, young adults with type 1 diabetes
68 Which bacteria truly qualify as probiotics?
69 NSAIDs increase cardiovascular, bleeding risk in Korean heart attack patients
70 Concussion linked to heightened risk of dementia and Parkinson's disease
71 Women smokers 4 times as likely as non-smokers to harbour brain aneurysm
72 The big gulp: Inside-out protection of parasitic worms against host defenses
73 Pristine environments offer a window to our cloudy past
74 Brain cell types identified that may push males to fight and have sex
75 Grape pips reveal collapse of ancient economy in the grip of plague and climate change
76 Invisible barriers cut down on cheating
77 Controlling streams of liquid metal at room temperature
78 Seismic waves help scientists 'see' chemical changes beneath a watershed
79 Anti-climate action statements get more visibility in news coverage, study finds
80 Offshore wind power now so cheap it could pay money back to consumers
81 Study finds increase in number, severity of suicide-related calls to US Poison Control
82 Soft robot actuators heal themselves
83 Comprehensive study of vaccine safety concludes that vaccines are 'remarkably safe' [plus additional topics]
84 Changes in brain cartilage may explain why sleep helps you learn
85 Researchers build first AI tool capable of identifying individual birds
86 Despite debate, even the world's oldest trees are not immortal
87 Top Science Tip Sheet on heart failure, heart muscle cells, heart attack and atrial fibrillation results
88 Weight loss not always best strategy to enhance athletic fitness in young women
89 Difference in a single gene may boost stress on heart from e-cigarettes in people of East Asian descent
90 Alcohol abuse may raise risk of death in patients with abnormal heart rhythms
91 Flu vaccine could protect against serious heart and stroke complications
92 Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Have Low Risk of Stroke
93 Studying COVID-19's envelope protein
94 How climate change impacts prescribed burning days
95 Scientists prove bird ovary tissue can be preserved in fossils
96 Image processing algorithm allows indoor drones to fly autonomously
97 Media coverage fostered support for gun control in wake of NZ mosque shootings
98 NZ-China agreement has brought strong economic gains, Otago research
99 Antibiotics use early in life increases risk of inflammatory bowel disease later in life
100 Using artificial intelligence to smell the roses
101 How Salt Lake's buildings affect its climate future
102 Researchers discover 'Marie Kondo' protein which aids in organizing fruit fly embryos
103 Phosphoprotein biomarkers to guide cancer therapy are identified
104 What jigsaw puzzles tell us about child development
105 Human coagulation factor XIIIa expressed in pichia pastoris as fXIIIa hemostatic agent
106 Solving materials problems with a quantum computer
107 Text messaging: The next gen of therapy in mental health
108 Quitline plus surgery are big motivators for giving up smoking
109 Your brain on birth control
110 How clean water technologies could get a boost from X-ray synchrotrons