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1 USTC made breakthrough in the Sb2(S,Se)3 solar cell efficiency
2 Manipulating non-magnetic atoms in a chromium halide enables tuning of magnetic properties
3 Alaska is getting wetter. That's bad news for permafrost and the climate.
4 Genetic mutations predispose individuals to severe COVID-19
5 Photochromic bismuth complexes show great promise for optical memory elements
6 Elevated levels of a specific protein found to correlate with inflammatory symptom severity in COVID
7 SARS-CoV-2 infection of non-neuronal cells, not neurons, may drive loss of smell in patients with COVID-19
8 Neurons are genetically programmed to have long lives
9 Machine learning reveals recipe for building artificial proteins
10 Citizen science at heart of new study showing COVID-19 seismic noise reduction
11 Wrong number of fingers leads down wrong track
12 Sputum testing provides higher rate of COVID-19 detection
13 High-protein distillers dried grains with solubles provide high quality pig nutrition
14 Project creates more powerful, versatile ultrafast laser pulse
15 Heart transplants declined sharply during pandemic
16 Proposed framework for integrating chatbots into health care
17 Another mRNA-based vaccine candidate protects animals against SARS-CoV-2
18 Researchers use cell imaging and mathematical modeling to understand cancer progression
19 China 2050: How the US should prepare for an ascendant China--RAND Report
20 Experimental optimal verification of entangled states using local measurements
21 Plant-based diets shown to lower blood pressure even with limited meat and dairy
22 High levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found on equipment in communal gyms
23 Healthy international travelers not likely to acquire Candida auris
24 Brazilian researchers develop an optical fiber made of gel derived from marine algae
25 High-deductible health plans and major cardiovascular outcomes
26 In cell studies, seaweed extract outperforms remdesivir in blocking COVID-19 virus
27 Sci-fi foretold social media, Uber and Augmented Reality, offers insights into the future
28 Pandemic to accelerate adoption of electronic patient portal for epilepsy
29 Pizza study shows body copes surprisingly well with one-off calorie indulgence
30 Ocean features and changes in the past are explored to anticipate future climate
31 sEH enzyme: A new pharmacological target against Alzheimer's disease
32 Antiviral method against herpes paves the way for combatting incurable viral infections
33 Rapid COVID-19 test developed to detect neutralising antibodies with high specificity and sensitivity
34 Discovery of grain-boundary disordered nanolayers in intermetallic alloys?
35 Solving the jigsaw puzzle of regional carbon budgets
36 Look into the mirror
37 Livestock expansion is a factor in global pandemics
38 Serendipity broadens the scope for making graphite
39 Discovery of a rare human gene mutation that causes MAIT cells to disappear
40 Nature study identifies 21 existing drugs that could treat COVID-19
41 Mouse study shows spinal cord injury causes bone marrow failure syndrome
42 Why is obesity so common in COVID-19 patients?
43 Dartmouth-industry collaborations improve computer graphics
44 Tandem catalytic system efficiently converts carbon dioxide to methanol
45 How COVID-19 causes smell loss
46 Big brains and dexterous hands
47 Genetic mutations help MRSA to become highly resistant to antibiotics
48 An origin story for a family of oddball meteorites
49 T cells can shift from helping to harming in atherosclerosis
50 Health, well-being and food security of families deteriorating under COVID-19 stress
51 Coronavirus makes changes that cause cells not to recognize it
52 Risk of sepsis greatest for patients with frailty, older age or urinary tract infections
53 Novel drug delivery particles use neurotransmitters as a 'passport' into the brain
54 New model by CHOP researchers identifies noncoding mutations across five pediatric cancers
55 New study explains 'miracle' of how the Warsaw Ghetto beat Typhus
56 Vacancy dynamics on CO-covered Pt(111) electrodes
57 Blueprint may power up KSA's wind energy future
58 Wetter than wet: Global warming means more rain for Asian monsoon regions
59 Developing a new strategy to selectively deliver therapies to the brain
60 NTU Singapore researchers speed up gold-standard COVID-19 diagnostic test
61 Trapping tiny particles: A versatile tool for nanomanipulation
62 Cycad plants provide an important 'ecosystem service'
63 Potential therapeutic effects of dipyridamole in the severely ill patients with COVID-19
64 Low plasma 25(OH) vitamin D level associated with increased risk of COVID-19 infection
65 Existing evidence suggests face coverings do not lead to false sense of security
66 Wealthier men are more likely to develop high blood pressure
67 GMMIP simulations on global monsoon interannual variability show higher skill than historical simulations
68 New affinity purification technique for therapeutic proteins
69 Rethinking women's mental health following partner abuse
70 Massive seagrass die-off leads to widespread erosion in a California estuary
71 'SoundWear' a heads-up sound augmentation gadget helps expand children's play experience
72 Pesticides can protect crops from hydrophobic pollutants
73 Tendency to select targeted retirement fund ending in zero may impact wealth
74 UCalgary researchers unlock new insights that could help with vaccine development
75 Maternal depression increases odds of depression in offspring, study shows
76 Deep learning algorithm identifies tumor subtypes based on routine histological images
77 Study: Mapping crystal shapes could fast-track 2D materials
78 Highly invasive lung cancer cells have longer 'fingers'
79 Study reveals how different mosquitoes respond to light and time of day
80 Link between education, income inequality has existed for a century
81 Nationwide trends show fewer cancer patients seeking care since start of pandemic
82 Deadly genetic synergy in cancer cells could be exploited for therapy
83 Scientists record rapid carbon loss from warming peatlands
84 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
85 How airway cells work together in regeneration and aging
86 Randomness theory could hold key to internet security
87 University of Hawaii and iconic watercress farm collaborate on sustainability research
88 Safe work protocols can increase the likelihood the business will fail
89 NIST expands database that helps identify unknown compounds in milk
90 Yale to lead trial of potential COVID-19 treatment
91 NASA sees hurricane Douglas brush Hawaii
92 Drug-induced interstitial lung disease in breast cancer patients
93 A new way to target cancers using 'synthetic lethality'
94 Researchers identify microRNA that shows promise for hair regrowth
95 X-rays recount origin of oddball meteorites
96 Origami metamaterials show reversible auxeticity combined with deformation recoverability
97 Model links patterns in sediment to rain, uplift and sea level change
98 Study examines stimulant use in context of state medical cannabis laws
99 Fewer hip fractures may be associated with reductions in smoking, heavy drinking
100 Stopping listeria reproduction 'in its tracks'
101 Jobs for the boys: How children give voice to gender stereotyped job roles
102 Laser inversion enables multi-materials 3D printing
103 Leaving money on the table to stay in the game
104 Mars 2020 mission to be guided by USGS astrogeology maps
105 Medical journals' commercial publishing contracts may lead to biased articles
106 Study challenges idea that lower BMI shields smokers from fat-associated health risks
107 MU School of Nursing programs help nursing homes respond to COVID-19
108 Study identifies top reasons for sewer line failure
109 Immune system variation can predict severe COVID-19 outcomes
110 Same-day IUD placements hard to come by in Ohio, study finds