File Title
1 Study shows frequently used serology test may not detect antibodies that could confirm protection against reinfection of COVID-19
2 PARP inhibitor becomes new treatment option for some men with advanced prostate cancer
3 Preexisting drug shows promise in fight against COVID-19
4 Traces of ancient life tell story of early diversity in marine ecosystems
5 Mathematical tool helps calculate properties of quantum materials more quickly
6 Poor hygiene is significant risk for antimicrobial-resistant bacteria colonization
7 TGen review suggests postmenopausal women at risk for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
8 Researchers one step closer to bomb-sniffing cyborg locusts
9 Montana State researcher featured in Nature for work on rare reptile genome
10 Oregon study rewrites the recent history of productive Cascade Arc volcanoes
11 Climate stabilization: Lessons from the corona crisis
12 Historical redlining linked to premature births, lower birth weight babies
13 For pregnant patients, number of clinic visits not tied to risk of getting COVID-19
14 Decline in US bird biodiversity related to neonicotinoids, study shows
15 Aurora mysteries unlocked with NASA's THEMIS mission
16 Study identifies social connection as the strongest protective factor for depression
17 Research helps explain source of pathogen that causes bitter rot disease
18 Researchers capture footage of fluid behaving like a solid
19 Study explores the association of malaria, HIV with anemia during pregnancy
20 An AI algorithm to help identify homeless youth at risk of substance abuse
21 Gene variants help explain connection between skin disorder and food allergy risk
22 Linking sight and movement
23 Dynamic membranes set to solve problems of liquid waste treatment
24 NIH-supported scientists demonstrate how genetic variations cause eczema
25 Changes in climate and land cover affecting European migratory bird populations
26 The flax wilt agent has been sequenced
27 The flax wilt agent has been sequenced
28 200,000 years ago, humans preferred to kip cozy
29 German-Argentinean doctoral program bears first fruits
30 Organic chemistry--a brilliant tool
31 Remains of 17th century bishop support neolithic emergence of tuberculosis
32 Achieving highly efficient ammonia synthesis by altering the rate-determining step
33 Watching changes in plant metabolism--live
34 How people and ecosystems fit together on the Great Barrier Reef
35 Sounds of action: Using ears, not just eyes, improves robot perception
36 Anschutz researchers overturn hypothesis underlying the sensitivity of the mammalian auditory system
37 Weight between young adulthood and midlife linked to mortality: BU study
38 This online calculator can predict your stroke risk, study finds
39 A light bright and tiny: NIST scientists build a better nanoscale LED
40 UMD discovers a new role for a well-known molecule as a plant hormone
41 Patients' access to opioid treatment cumbersome
42 Newly identified gut cells nurture lymph capillaries
43 Cardiovascular risk factors tied to COVID-19 complications and death
44 Program achieves 85% reduction in malaria cases, but does not eliminate the disease
45 Green electricity for Europe: Small scale solutions also affordable
46 Targeting the LANDO pathway holds a potential clue to treating Alzheimer's disease
47 Liquid crystals that can replace color shifting ink in preventing counterfeiting
48 How power distance belief affects consumers' price sensitivity
49 Antibiotic overuse reduces bladder cancer survival rates
50 NUS study finds that air pollution is a driver of residential electricity demand
51 New diagnostic criteria shine light on early dementia mimics
52 Nitrate supplementation could help breathing and lung clearance in the elderly
53 Researchers got busy: After nearly allowing the solution to a math riddle
54 Method proposed for more accurate determinations of neutron star radii
55 Scientists use photons as threads to weave novel forms of matter
56 Targeted treatment for depression could benefit patients with psychosis
57 Experiments replicate high densities in 'white dwarf' stars
58 Harmonizing models and observations by Earth system science data assimilation
59 Cormorant predation may reduce perch catches, especially close to breeding areas
60 Naturally occurring antibodies against prion proteins found in humans
61 Farmers help grow water plan
62 Does city life make bumblebees larger?
63 New kind of interaction discovered in hydrogen-producing enzymes
64 2D materials for ultrascaled field-effect transistors
65 Energy-efficient tuning of spintronic neurons
66 Immune response to SARS-Cov-2 following organ transplantation
67 A new treatment concept for age-related decline in motor function
68 Simultaneous stimulation helped a spinal cord injury patient regain the ability to walk
69 Why aren't sea trout thriving anymore?
70 World film premiere: Watch cell infected by tuberculosis die
71 Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm
72 Social distancing decreased paediatric respiratory tract infections in Finland
73 Negative side effects of opioids could be coming from users' own immune systems (video)
74 Social distancing decreased paediatric respiratory tract infections in Finland
75 Scientists develop approach to synthesize unconventional nanoalloys for electrocatalytic application
76 Extrachromosomal DNA is common in human cancer and drives poor patients outcomes
77 Lack of continuous infectious disease pandemic research endangers responses
78 DNA damage triggers reprogramming into stem cells
79 Tumour gene test could help to predict ovarian cancer prognosis
80 New study reveals strength of the deep ocean circulation in the South Atlantic
81 Desert greenhouses offer growth opportunities
82 Realtime observation of structural dynamic of influenza A hemagglutinin during viral entry
83 Stomach SIDT1 mediates dietary microRNA absorption: ending of the 10-year debate
84 Novel method can efficiently create several 'building blocks' of pharmaceutical drugs
85 Smartphones may help detect diabetes
86 To perceive faces, your brain relies on a process similar to face recognition systems
87 UCI materials scientists study a sea creature that packs a powerful punch
88 Stomach SIDT1 mediates dietary microRNA absorption: ending of the 10-year debate
89 Novel method can efficiently create several 'building blocks' of pharmaceutical drugs
90 Smartphones may help detect diabetes
91 Gender parity & heart failure research: Female authors could mean more female participants
92 How the brain's internal states affect decision-making
93 New Guidelines for Phage Preparation Can Accelerate Lifesaving Treatment
94 Telehealth visits have skyrocketed for older adults, but some concerns & barriers remain
95 Stanford researchers develop new way to study ocean life
96 New model for pricing carbon will help meet net-zero climate change goals
97 Patients taking long-term opioids produce antibodies against the drugs
98 More than half of world's oceans already being affected by climate change
99 First ever observation of 'time crystals' interacting
100 Strange gamma-ray heartbeat puzzles scientists
101 New practice guidelines on non-invasive ventilation in chronic stable Hypercapnic COPD
102 Shock to bacteria activates nature's electrical grid
103 Switching off 'master regulator' may shield the brain from Parkinson's-related damage
104 Scientists further cowpea research--boosting canopy CO2 assimilation, water-use efficiency
105 Experts question need to wait days between introducing new solid foods to infants
106 Effects of nutrient pollution in marine ecosystems are compounded by human activity
107 Are tipping points suitable concepts for developing environmental policies?
108 Half of parents report butting heads with child's grandparent over parenting
109 Discovery promising for millions at risk from antibiotic resistance
110 Researchers discover how enzyme protects cells from DNA damage
111 Converting solar energy to hydrogen fuel, with help from photosynthesis
112 Mixing silk with polymers could lead to better biomedical implants
113 Safer, more comfortable soldier uniforms are in the works
114 Stopping tooth decay before it starts--without killing bacteria
115 How sour beer gets so...sour (video)
116 'Cyborg' technology could enable new diagnostics, merger of humans and AI
117 Targeting iron uptake to create a new class of antibiotics against UTIs
118 Bio-based communication networks could control cells in the body to treat conditions
119 Ocean microbes could interact with pollution to influence climate
120 More healthful milk chocolate by adding peanut, coffee waste
121 Micro- and nanoplastics detectable in human tissues
122 Immunotherapy extends survival in mouse model of hard-to-treat breast cancer (video)