File Title
1 Monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide lens for high resolution imaging
2 WTF, when will scientists learn to use fewer acronyms?
3 Native trees thrive in teak plantations and may protect the Panama Canal
4 People power and satellites help scientists study climate impacts on Antarctic seals
5 Research recommends integrated approaches to managing reniform nematodes in cotton
6 Many medical 'rainy day' accounts aren't getting opened or filled, study finds
7 Unread second-opinion radiology reports waste health care resources
8 Big dogs face more joint problems if neutered early
9 Effective new tool created for discerning fake news
10 To understand the machinery of life, this scientist breaks it on purpose
11 Study focuses on a different kind of liquid biopsy to detect cancer
12 Cover crop roots are an essential key to understanding ecosystem services
13 UChicago scientists discover way to make quantum states last 10,000 times longer
14 Academia from home
15 Bacterial enzymes hijacked to create complex molecules normally made by plants
16 Exercise Enhancement
17 New catalyst efficiently turns carbon dioxide into useful fuels and chemicals
18 Researchers develop cell injection technique that could help reverse vision loss
19 Pancake bonding as a new tool to construct novel metal based magnetic materials
20 Researchers assemble first comprehensive list of Panama's trees with geographic ranges
21 Pollution linked to antibiotic resistance
22 Studying how skin cancer starts
23 Busting Up the Infection Cycle of Hepatitis B
24 Reconstructing global climate through Earth's history
25 UCalgary researchers discover the microbiome's role in attacking cancerous tumours
26 New tools catch and release molecules at the flip of a light switch
27 Researchers design efficient low-cost system for producing power at night
28 Hepatitis B: Natural controllers shed light on immunity mechanisms
29 COVID-19 symptom tracker ensures privacy during isolation
30 Child disability can reduce educational outcomes for older siblings
31 Snowshoe hare carcasses feed more then the usual suspects, study shows
32 Recalling memories from a third-person perspective changes how our brain processes them
33 Contaminants from Mount Polley tailings spill continue to affect Quesnel lake
34 Study suggests new potential approach against fatal childhood brain cancer
35 Hubble helps uncover the mystery of the dimming of Betelgeuse
36 Hubble finds that Betelgeuse's mysterious dimming is due to a traumatic outburst
37 Single-cell analysis provides new insights into mitochondrial diseases
38 FEFU scientists propose to restore neural tissue with hydrogels based on modified pectins
39 Research captures how human sperm swim in 3D
40 Researchers demonstrate fundamentally new approach to ultrasound imaging
41 Task force examines role of mobile health technology in COVID-19 pandemic
42 New study shows increase in domestic violence injuries during COVID-19
43 Sustainable nylon production made possible by bacteria discovery
44 Seasonal flu vaccinations don't 'stick' long-term in bone marrow
45 USC scientists identify the order of COVID-19's symptoms
46 Radiology reveals alarming rise in intimate partner violence during COVID-19 pandemic
47 The larynx has evolved more rapidly in primates
48 Flavonoids' presence in sorghum roots may lead to frost-resistant crop
49 UMD researchers identify structure of blue whirls
50 Sufficiently distant parks and public services facilitate older adults' physical activity
51 Warming Greenland ice sheet passes point of no return
52 Artificial intelligence recognizes deteriorating photoreceptors
53 Scientists sound the alarm: Lockdowns may escalate the obesity epidemic
54 Restoration helps forests recover faster
55 How a protein stops cells from attacking their own DNA
56 How do we prioritize what we see?
57 Analyzing the factors that enable fish to reproduce in the Gulf of Cadiz
58 Strict diet explains metabolic effect of gastric bypass surgery
59 Global deaths due to smokeless tobacco are up by a third, according to new study
60 EULAR: Amputations of body parts: The combination of diabetes and gout significantly increases
61 Spread of monsoon circulation changes explains uncertainty in global land monsoon precipitation projection
62 Independent search engines respect your privacy but give more visibility to misinformation
63 Employers reject transgender people
64 A new, 20-minute assay for COVID-19 diagnosis
65 Perovskite and organic solar cells prove successful on a rocket flight in space
66 Strianassa lerayi anker, new shrimp species from Panama's Coiba national park
67 NTU Singapore scientists develop artificial intelligence system for high precision recognition of hand gestures
68 Virus uses decoy strategy to evade immune system, Otago research reveals
69 Study finds cancer mapping may solve puzzle of regional disease links
70 NUS research breakthrough: CircASXL1-1 regulates BAP1 deubiquitinase activity in leukemia
71 Who's your daddy? Male seahorses transport nutrients to embryos
72 Systemic racism has consequences for all life in cities
73 Research gets to the heart of organ shape in nature
74 Delaying prostate cancer radiation therapy offers room for flexibility in pandemic peak
75 Syphilis may have spread through Europe before Columbus
76 Heavy class A drug use linked to heightened risk of sight loss in US military
77 Smoking strongly linked to women's lower take up of cancer screening services
78 A new neurofeedback strategy to treat pain
79 When you're smiling, the whole world really does smile with you
80 'Critical' questions over disease risks from ocean plastics
81 'Madsen' wheat as source of disease resistance
82 Becoming a nerve cell: Timing is of the essence
83 A watershed moment for US water quality
84 MS drug may be used to inhibit HIV infection and reduce latent reservoir
85 Radiation to treat pediatric cancers may have lasting impact on heart and metabolic health
86 Positive contact between muslims and christians in soccer league built cohesion, with limitations
87 Adding a meter between meals boosts vegetarian appeal--study
88 Study: Medical marijuana associated with fewer hospitalizations for individuals with SCD
89 Food-based approach to lowering cholesterol provides significant healthcare cost savings
90 In Iraq, mixed-religion soccer teams helped build social cohesion, healed wounds after war
91 Breast cancer 'ecosystem' reveals possible new targets for treatment
92 Racial and ethnic disparities in flu vaccination rates among US dialysis facilities
93 Restoring degraded tropical forests generates big carbon gains
94 Sex, flies and videotape
95 The behavior of therapeutic antibodies in immunotherapy
96 Palaeontology: 429-million-year-old eye provides a view of trilobite life
97 Insect diversity boosted by combination of crop diversity and semi-natural habitats
98 Ancient genomes suggest woolly rhinos went extinct due to climate change, not overhunting
99 New type of taste cell discovered in taste buds
100 Landmark paper calls for need to develop the world's microbiome biobanking infrastructure
101 Multiple sclerosis drug blocks HIV infection and transmission in human immune cells
102 Bird and reptile tears aren't so different from human tears
103 Is the COVID-19 virus pathogenic because it depletes specific host microRNAs?
104 AI software enables real-time 3D printing quality assessment
105 Pregnant mother's immunity tied to behavioral, emotional challenges for kids with autism
106 Using infrared eye tracking to study infant behavior
107 Exploring connections between ovarian cancer and blood cells
108 A method has been developed to study extreme space weather events
109 Versatile new material family could build realistic prosthetics, futuristic army platforms
110 UCLA computer scientists set benchmarks to optimize quantum computer performance