File Title
1 Self-collected saliva and deep nasal swabs are equally effective for diagnosing COVID-19
2 Synthesis of organophilic carbon nanodots with multi-band emission from tomato leaves
3 Elevated "hunger" hormone leaves trauma-exposed teens at higher risk for PTSD
4 Foiling illicit cryptocurrency mining with artificial intelligence
5 The impacts of gentrification on transportation and social support
6 Your in-laws' history of drinking problems could lead to alcohol issues of your own
7 Stanford scientists slow and steer light with resonant nanoantennas
8 A new lens on the world: Improving the metalens with liquid crystal
9 First daily surveillance of emerging COVID-19 hotspots
10 Firefighters exposed to more potentially harmful chemicals than previously thought
11 Unleashing the immune system's 'STING' against cancer
12 New approach uses wild genes to improve biological nitrogen fixation in soybeans
13 Downstream effects: Sturgeon lifespan, fertility vary strikingly with river conditions
14 Anthropogenic CO2 increase is unprecedented
15 Study focuses on low-carb, high-fat diet effect on older populations
16 UA research finds relationship between COVID-19 deaths and morbid obesity
17 New database shows more than 20% of nursing homes still report staff, PPE shortages
18 Exoskeleton research marches forward with NIST study on fit
19 Dinosaurs' unique bone structure key to carrying weight
20 International team identifies a new regulatory pathway in bladder cancer
21 Sortilin may hold the key to combat pancreatic cancer more effectively
22 Discovery lays blame on supernova for extinction event nearly 360 million years ago
23 Study finds signs of altruism in people's COVID-19 worries
24 Graphene sensors find subtleties in magnetic fields
25 Researchers create nanoclusters that mimic biomolecules
26 Greenland ice sheet shows losses in 2019
27 Fighting cancer with rejection-resistant, 'off-the-shelf' therapeutic T cells
28 Dilated blood vessels in the lung may explain low oxygen levels in severe cases of COVID-19
29 IUPUI study looks at prevention strategy for substance use disorder
30 Research shows air pollution could play role in development of cardiometabolic diseases
31 Trapping and controlling light at the interface of atomically thin nanomaterials
32 February lockdown in China caused a drop in some types of air pollution, but not others
33 New research finds association between COVID-19 hospital use and mortality
34 Clear will and capacity to help emergency care in crisis
35 A healthy lifestyle for cardiovascular health also promotes good eye health
36 Development of serological assays to detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
37 Contact tracing apps unlikely to contain COVID-19 spread
38 Generic public health messages work best at shifting dietary behaviours
39 Inconsistencies in data presentation could harm efforts against COVID-19
40 Fewer serious asthma events in Philadelphia area following COVID-19 stay-at-home orders
41 CU student helps bridge teams at Clemson
42 Mount Sinai researchers identify master regulator genes of asthma
43 Yale-led surgical innovation promises better dialysis outcomes
44 A metabolic enzyme as a potential new target for cancer immune therapies
45 Routing apps can deliver real-time insights into traffic emissions
46 A quantum thermometer to measure the coldest temperatures in the universe
47 Studies of gut microbiota and contractility help deal with chronic constipation
48 Microscopic deformation of a neutron star inferred from a distance of 4500 light-years
49 Dynamic kirigami shoe grip designed to reduce risks of slips and falls
50 New research showcases Italian town as blueprint for 'anchor entrepreneurship' framework
51 Defiance and low trust in medical doctors related to vaccine scepticism
52 Scientists revealed shifting spring phenology of Arctic tundra with satellite and ground observation
53 Superfast o-phthalaldehyde/N-nucleophile cross-linking strategy for biomedical hydrogels
54 Aerogel--the micro structural material of the future
55 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads more indoors at low humidity
56 Lipid-Oligonucleotides (LONs)--Promising materials for bioapplications
57 An active lifestyle reduces fearfulness in dogs--differences between breeds are great
58 When learning on your own is not enough
59 Blood clots and lung injuries found in patients who have died of COVID-19
60 NTU scientists develop "biorubber" glue for faster surgical recovery and pain relief
61 Cyclohexyl phenyl sulfide cleavage studied for degradation of sulfur-containing heavy oil
62 Move over Michaelis-Menten!
63 Unique protein structures could hold the key to treatment for Parkinson's disease
64 Save the data: A new approach to database management in solid-state drives
65 Dementia education
66 Using estimation of camera movement to achieve multi-target tracking
67 Affirmative action incentivizes high schoolers to perform better, new research shows
68 Researchers measure the global magnetic field in solar corona for the first time
69 Vaccine developed for human herpesvirus 6B (HHV-6B)
70 Research reveals cilia's role in cardiovascular functions and genetic diseases
71 Study adds to evidence that cells in the nose are key entry point for SARS CoV-2
72 How misinformed vaccine beliefs affect policy views
73 COVID-19: How South Korea prevailed while the US failed
74 University of Louisville immunologist summarizes functions of protein family for scientific community
75 Australia's wish list of exotic pets
76 Past rapid warming levels in the Arctic associated with widespread climate changes
77 Community health workers reduce maternal, foetal and new-born deaths, study finds
78 Broccoli and Brussels sprouts a cut above for blood vessel health
79 A new iron based superelastic alloy capable of withstanding extreme temperatures
80 Robotic surgery may improve outcomes in mouth and throat cancer
81 Larger variability in sea level expected as Earth warms
82 Genetic background influences disease risk from single-gene variants
83 Promising discovery for patients with diabetic retinopathy
84 UMass Amherst scientists invent new sensing eye mask
85 Declining US plant breeding programs impacts food security
86 Animal mummies unwrapped with hi-res 3D X-rays
87 Handgun purchaser licensing laws are associated with lower firearm homicides, suicides
88 Black/white disparity in lung cancer incidence reversed or eliminated among young adults
89 Genetics: Romantic relationship dynamics may be in our genes
90 Archaeology: X-ray imaging provides unique snapshot of ancient animal mummification
91 New 'molecular computers' find the right cells
92 Researchers show children are silent spreaders of virus that causes COVID-19
93 Fossil leaves show high atmospheric carbon spurred ancient 'global greening'
94 Anorexia may stunt young women's growth
95 Small enzyme-mimicking polymers may have helped start life
96 Paying attention to the neurons behind our alertness
97 Ichthyosaur's last meal is evidence of triassic megapredation
98 Massive, well-preserved reptile found in the belly of a prehistoric marine carnivore
99 A smart eye mask that tracks muscle movements to tell what 'caught your eye'
100 Vaccine that harnesses antifungal immunity protects mice from staph infection
101 Ancient gene family protects algae from salt and cold in an Antarctic lake
102 A new tool to create chemical complexity from fatty acids
103 Heart failure, hypertensive deaths rise in black women and men
104 3D printing 'greener' buildings using local soil
105 Studying viral outbreaks in single cells could reveal new ways to defeat them (video)
106 Argonne scientists use artificial intelligence to strengthen power grid resiliency
107 Genomic analysis reveals many animal species may be vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 infection
108 Gaps in early surveillance of coronavirus led to record-breaking US trajectory
109 UCF researchers generate attosecond light from industrial laser
110 COVID-19 pooling test method from Ben-Gurion U. IDs asymptomatic carriers