File Title
1 No more playing with fire: Study offers insight into 'safer' rechargeable batteries
2 Argonne scientists create water filtration membranes that can clean themselves
3 Quick fixes won't stop sexual harassment in academia, experts say
4 Sustained planetwide storms may have filled lakes, rivers on ancient mars
5 Genetic background may affect adaptions to aging
6 This cuttlefish is flamboyant on special occasions only!
7 Older adults with existing depression show resilience during the pandemic
8 Is COVID-19 transmitted through breast milk? Study suggests not likely
9 Unlocking the cell enhances student learning of the genetic code
10 A how-to guide for teaching GIS courses online with hardware or software in the cloud
11 New mechanism for stroke treatment shows successful proof-of-concept
12 UCI develops low-cost, accurate COVID-19 antibody detection platform
13 Machine learning, meet human emotions: How to help a computer monitor your mental state
14 Increasing graduation rates of students of color with more faculty of color
15 Seafood could account for 25% of animal protein needed to meet increases in demand
16 Potential link for Alzheimer's disease and common brain disease that mimics its symptoms
17 Invasive shrubs in Northeast forests grow leaves earlier and keep them longer
18 Young gay men's health care needs not being met
19 Clinical and sociodemographic features of early COVID-19 patients
20 Electronic consultations between primary providers and radiologists improve patient care
21 Termite-fishing chimpanzees provide clues to the evolution of technology
22 Deep learning will help future Mars rovers go farther, faster, and do more science
23 Study sheds new light on certainty of opinions
24 Food from the sea
25 Creating meaningful change in cities takes decades, not years, and starts from the bottom
26 UAlberta researchers find way to speed up nerve regrowth for trauma patients
27 Tennessee agricultural sectors taking a hit from COVID-19
28 New study calculates alarming lifetime risk of death from firearms and drug overdoses in the US
29 New clues to a 500-year old mystery about the human heart
30 One in 10 Tennessee families were food insufficient during early months of COVID-19
31 UCalgary research delivers new insights into how skin can regenerate after severe burns
32 Toward a coronavirus breathalyzer test
33 LSU Health New Orleans team creates better tool to aid COVID diagnosis
34 Words used to describe alcohol intoxication may give clues to drinking habits
35 COVID-19 cytokine storms may prevent a durable immune response
36 Microscopy approach poised to offer new insights into liver disease
37 Toddlers who use touchscreens show attention differences
38 New database could help lead to personalized treatments for breast cancer patients
39 Bacteria can defuse dangerous chemical in Passaic River
40 Making the DNA melt curve more accurate
41 Targeting a chronic pain gateway could bring relief
42 Researchers discovered new information on the regulation of cancer cell motility
43 The most sensitive instrument in the search for life in space comes from Bern
44 Vagabonding female butterflies weigh in on reproductive strategies
45 Castration-resistant prostate cancer at high risk of metastasis: enzalutamide has added benefit
46 Childhood maltreatment linked to higher risk of multiple health conditions in later life
47 Small set of genes may provide unique barcode for different types of brain cells in worms
48 New research highlights 'challenging nature' of vested interests in the energy transition
49 COVID-19 patients who experience cytokine storms may make few memory B cells
50 Telemedicine may well outlast the pandemic, say mental health care staff
51 Hypoxia in hospitalized COVID-19 patients may be treatable
52 Pumice arrives delivering "vitamin boost" to the reef
53 Osteoarthritis: Conservative therapy delays need for knee and hip joint replacement surgery
54 Crust and upper mantle velocity structure in SE Tibet and its geodynamic implications
55 Ultrafast electrons in magnetic oxides: A new direction for spintronics?
56 Heating our climate damages our economies--study reveals greater costs than expected
57 Disorders in movement
58 Research challenges popular belief that 'unbridled ambition' costs female candidates votes
59 World record: Plasma accelerator operates right around the clock
60 Controlling the electron spin: Flip it quickly but carefully
61 Lactobacillus hilgardii LMG 7934 genome deciphered at Kazan Federal University
62 Trust is key to effectiveness in virtual communities, researchers find
63 Study of one million Danish children: Childhood adversity increases the risk of early death
64 Protein influences regeneration of vascular cells
65 Liquid sulfur changes shape and goes critic under pressure
66 Toward an ultrahigh energy density capacitor
67 Partner selection ultimately happens in the woman's reproductive tract
68 High blood pressure and salt, anti-aging factor Klotho key
69 A key to cheaper renewable fuels: keeping iron from rusting
70 Quest for quantum Internet gets a boost with new technique for making entanglement
71 Brain remapping dysfunction causes spatial memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease
72 Unconventional monetary policy and bank risk taking
73 Mystery gas discovered near center of Milky Way
74 Researchers find link between gut microbiome and cancer treatment outcomes
75 Researchers identify better classification system for adult idiopathic scoliosis
76 Observational study identifies drug that improves survival in sickest COVID-19 patients
77 Leading-edge technology unmasks protein linked to Parkinson's disease
78 Portrait of a virus
79 Top coma experts develop plan to improve patient outcomes
80 Major weight loss--whether from surgery or diet--has same metabolic benefits
81 Affordable Care Act key to keeping people insured amid COVID 19-related job losses
82 Illegal trade with terrestrial vertebrates in markets and households of Laos
83 Patients with recently discovered antibodies have more severe myasthenia gravis
84 Lungfish fins reveal how limbs evolved
85 High blood pressure during pregnancy associated with more bothersome menopause symptoms
86 Shifting public health messaging about face coverings could improve uptake
87 A touch of gold sends crystals electric with excitement
88 Prevention of heart disease can start before birth
89 Out of sync: Ecologists report climate change affecting bee, plant life cycles
90 High blood pressure during pregnancy may mean worse hot flashes during menopause
91 Protein structural insights chart the way to improved treatments for heart disease
92 Understanding the inner workings of the human heart
93 Single dose radiotherapy as good as conventional therapy for most women with early breast cancer
94 Air pollution linked to higher risk of young children developing asthma
95 Premature delivery linked to heightened risk of early death for mothers
96 New study identifies better treatment option for common complication of dialysis
97 First immune-evading cells created to treat type 1 diabetes
98 Biomorphic batteries could provide 72x more energy for robots
99 Alaska's salmon are getting smaller, affecting people and ecosystems
100 Can a healthy diet reduce risk of Parkinson's?
101 Is risk of Alzheimer's linked to specific sleep patterns?
102 Combo therapy may prevent blood vessel complications in children with Kawasaki disease
103 Migration and dispersal of butterflies have contrasting effect on flight morphology
104 Hydrogen economy with mass production of high-purity hydrogen from ammonia
105 The secret of lymph: How lymph nodes help cancer cells spread
106 Biomedical research may miss key information by ignoring genetic ancestry
107 Researchers predict deficits in female birth numbers in India over coming decades
108 Microbial ecology yields new insights for future shipwreck conservation
109 Improving protein digestibility in sorghum
110 Plastic debris releases potentially harmful chemicals into seabird stomach fluid