File Title
1 Tabletop Quantum Experiment--4000x Smaller than Current Devices--Could Detect Gravitational Waves
2 Ghost Galaxy Offers Breakthrough in Deciphering Birth of Supermassive Black Holes
3 Laser-Etched Metal Purifies Contaminated Water Using Sunlight with Greater than 100% Efficiency
4 A Sign of Troubled Times: Daytime Aardvark Sightings
5 New Remote Weight-Loss Method Helps Slash Pounds--Maximum Weight Loss for the Lowest Cost
6 NASA to Broadcast Final Spacewalks to Upgrade Space Station Power System
7 Engineered Nanobodies--Derived from Llama Antibodies--Neutralize COVID-19 Virus
8 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Completes First Full Systems Evaluation
9 Printing Solar Cells on Thin Films for Cheaper and More Efficient Solar Energy
10 29,000 Years of Aboriginal History: Uncovering New Layers of River Murray Occupation
11 First End-to-End DNA Sequence of a Human Chromosome--"New Era in Genomics Research"
12 New Physical Paradox Discovered by Russian Scientists: "Ballistic Resonance"
13 NASA Mini Payload Challenge Winners Announced--"Honey, I Shrunk the NASA Payload"
14 Ups and Downs in COVID-19 Data May Be Caused by Problems with Diagnosis and Reporting
15 Virtual Reality System for Small Animals Based on Raspberry Pi
16 Watch NASA/ESA Solar Orbiter Mission First Image Release--Closer to Sun that Any Spacecraft in History
17 Global Methane Emissions Soar to Record High, Even as Pandemic Has Reduced Carbon Emissions
18 Thermonuclear Blast Sends Supernova Survivor Star Hurtling Across the Milky Way at 560,000 MPH
19 Carnian Pluvial Episode Revealed: Climate Change During Origin of Dinosaurs
20 Tiny Bubbles Make a Quantum Leap: Key Breakthrough to Quantum Technologies and Future Photonic Circuitry
21 Want the Best View of Comet NEOWISE? NASA Experts Discuss and Answer Public Questions
22 How Iron Transforms Under Pressure: Planetary Cores and More Resilient Materials
23 Fascinating Evolution of White Thistle-Down Velvet Ants--Which Are Actually Wasps in Disguise
24 Dying Stars and Stellar Winds Breathe Life into Earth
25 Satellite Mission Keeps a Steady Eye on Sea Level Change from Space
26 Is What I See, What I Imagine? Neural Overlap Discovered Between Vision and Imagination
27 Microbiologists Discover Bacteria that Feed on Metal, Ending a Century-Long Search
28 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: 6 Things to Know About this Marvel of Engineering
29 Turning Seawater into Fuel with a Low-Cost Catalyst
30 GoPro for Beetles: Robotic Camera Backpack Developed for Insects and Tiny Robots
31 Omega-3 from Eating Fish May Protect Our Brains from Toxic Effects of Air Pollution
32 Customizable Smart Windows Generate Electricity and Improve Energy Efficiency
33 Devices Can Reduce Fibers Produced from Washing Machines by Up to 80%
34 COSMA Supercomputer Reveals Dramatic Impact of Massive Planetary Collisions
35 Ground-Breaking Research Shows that Laser Spectral Linewidth Is Classical-Physics Phenomenon
36 Powering the Future: New Room-Temperature Liquid-Metal Battery
37 Lesions of Doom--How a Parasitic Bacterium Disrupts Blood Vessels in the Human Body
38 Bold Plan to Determine if Planet Nine Is a Primordial Black Hole
39 A Balanced Approach to Weaving Indigenous Knowledge with Scientific Research
40 Astronomers Watch a Black Hole's Corona Mysteriously Disappear, then Reappear
41 Sticker-Like Medical Device Offers Continuous Monitoring for COVID-19
42 Great, Warm Lakes--Heat Records in Jeopardy
43 Campfires Spotted on Sun in First Solar Orbiter Images--Closest Pictures Ever of the Sun
44 How Deep-Sea, Ultra-Black Fish Disappear--Science Behind Skin that Absorbs More than 99.5% of Light
45 Moon Formed 100 Million Years More Recently than Thought--Had Magma Ocean Over 1000 Km Deep
46 COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1 Trial Results: Safe, Generates High Levels of Neutralizing Antibodies
47 Astrophysicists Shocked by Short Gamma Ray Burst Afterglow 10 Billion Light Years Away
48 MIT "Light Squeezer" Reduces Quantum Noise in Lasers, Enhances Quantum Computing and Gravitational-Wave Detection
49 Fear to Anger: Global Sentiments Towards COVID-19 Shift
50 Light Picoscope--Laser Takes Pictures of Electrons in Crystals
51 New Target Launch Date for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
52 United Nations: Climate-Friendly Cooling Could Massively Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Save $ Trillions
53 Brand New Type of Organic LEDs Speed Up Data Transfer
54 Neural Vulnerability in Huntington's Disease Tied to Immune Response to Genetic Material
55 Students Make Critical Breakthrough in Separating Gamma-Ray Bursts
56 Revolutionizing Large-Scale Energy Storage: Better Multivalent Metal Batteries
57 Nanostructure of Mosquito Eye Could Help Engineer Enhanced Water Repellent Coatings
58 You're Using Disinfectants Wrong. Here's How to Destroy 99.9% of Viruses/Coronaviruses and Bacteria [Video]
59 Long-Standing Problem in Organic Chemistry Finally Solved by Researchers
60 Which Face is Real? Using Frequency Analysis to Identify "Deep-Fake" Images
61 Fresh Twist to Debate Over Universe's Age from New View of the Oldest Light in the Universe
62 Why Do People Believe Con Artists?
63 Beneficial Radiation? Engineers Surprised to Find that Radiation Can Slow Corrosion
64 New Chemistry Used to Synthesize Artificial Energy Source for Muscle
65 Giving Robots Human-Like Perception of Their Physical Environments
66 World Discovered Orbiting a Unique Young Star Provides Astronomers with a One-of-Kind Laboratory
67 How to Best See Comet NEOWISE--Before It's Gone for Another 6,800 Years
68 Landmark Achievement for Genomics Researchers: First Complete Assembly of Human X Chromosome
69 Incredible Views of Utah's Great Salt Lake from Space
70 Forging High-Tech Armor from Shock-Dissipating Fractal Cubes
71 James Webb Space Telescope Set to "Revolutionize Our Understanding of the Universe" in 2021
72 Making a List of All Creatures, Great and Small: For the First Time, an Agreed List of All the World's Species
73 Data-Relay Satellite Beams at Light Speed--The Most Sophisticated Laser Communication Network Ever Designed
74 Pioneering Research Reveals Certain Human Genes Relate to Gut Bacteria
75 How Galaxies Die: New Insights into Galaxy Halos, Black Holes, and Quenching of Star Formation
76 Male Sexual Worries: Trends in the Post-Viagra Age
77 Stunning View of Comet NEOWISE Over Madrid as Space Station Streaks Past
78 New Atomtronic Device to Probe Weird Boundary Between Quantum and Everyday Worlds
79 New Insight into Interstellar Organic Matter and the Origin of Water on the Earth
80 Major Breakthrough for Physics and Engineering: Preserving Integrity of Sound Waves
81 Comet NEOWISE Brightens the Night in Stunning Space Station Video
82 Scientists Learn Secrets from Ultra-Black Skin that Allows Deep-Sea Fish to Lurk Unseen
83 Ion Conducting Polymer Crucial to Improving Neuromorphic Devices
84 Researchers Invent High-Performance Hybrid Solar Energy Converter
85 Exploring the Fundamental Mysteries of the Universe by Seeing the Invisible
86 Sea Turtles Complete Impressive Feats of Navigation Despite Surprisingly Crude "Map"
87 Light from Inside the Tunnel: Advance in Steering and Monitoring the Light-Driven Motion of Electrons
88 Solar Orbiter Snaps Closest Pictures Ever of the Sun--Reveals New "Campfires" Phenomena
89 CBD May Help Reduce the Cytokine Storm and Avert Lung Destruction in COVID-19
90 New World Record: Fermilab Achieves 14.5-Tesla Field for Accelerator Magnet
91 Astronomers Identify Asteroids of Interstellar Origin Inhabiting Our Solar System
92 Secrets of Magnificent Soaring Birds Revealed--Flapping Their Wings for Just 1% of Flight Time
93 Scientists Trace Origin of Smallpox Vaccine Strains Used in the Civil War
94 Scientists Warn that More Bat Research Is Critical to Preventing Next Pandemic
95 Scientists Surprised by Lack of Damage After Secondary Impacts
96 Proteus Technology: New Material Is Strong, Light and Non-Cuttable
97 Pioneering Method Track Molecules in Real Time to Reveal Dynamic Structure in HIV
98 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Teams Up with Observatories Around Solar System
99 Geoengineering Is a Solution to Fight Climate Change--But Not by Itself
100 Improved Advanced Energy Storage Using New Nano-Engineering Strategy
101 Monster Black Hole Found in the Early Universe--1.5 Billion Times More Massive than Our Sun
102 Closer than Ever: Solar Orbiter's First Views of the Sun [Video]
103 Hubble Makes a Discovery of Ghostly Arms
104 Scientists Have a Powerful New Tool to Investigate Triassic Dark Ages
105 Battery Breakthrough to Give Flight to Electric Aircraft and Boost Long-Range Electric Cars
106 Next-Gen. Solar Tech with the Stability and Efficiency to Transform the Solar Energy Industry
107 Mini-Neptunes Could Be Irradiated Ocean Planets
108 Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 2 Trial Results: Safe and Induces an Immune Response
109 Nothing New About the South Atlantic Anomaly: Study Reveals Strange Magnetic Behavior 8-11 Million Years Ago
110 Runaway Star Might Explain Mysterious Black Hole Disappearing Act
111 Geophysicist's "Mind-Blowing" Discovery: Plato Was Right--Earth Is Made, on Average, of Cubes
112 Largest 3D Map of the Universe Ever Created: Astrophysicists Fill in 11 Billion Years of Our Universe's Expansion History
113 Large-Scale Hydrological and Water Resources Model Aids in the Accurate Assessment of Water Supply and Demand
114 Higher-Order Topology Found in 2D Crystal--"A Variety of Exciting Physics to Be Explored"
115 Sharp Decline of Popular Seafood Species Around the World
116 NASA Proclaims Human Exploration of Mars is on the Horizon