File Title
1 New research may help identify sex trafficking networks
2 How building features impact veterans with PTSD
3 Analysis of Ugandan cervical carcinomas, an aid for understudied sub-Saharan women
4 New model shows how voting behavior can drive political parties apart
5 Study: Increased presence of law enforcement officers in schools does not improve safety
6 New machine learning tool predicts devastating intestinal disease in premature infants
7 Youth's risks from first-time opioid prescriptions may not be as high as once thought
8 Electronic components join forces to take up 10 times less space on computer chips
9 How boundaries become bridges in evolution
10 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
11 Gene therapy targets inner retina to combat blindness
12 Study: Americans prize party loyalty over democratic principles
13 Agtech to the rescue in a pandemic: adapting plant labs for human testing
14 Schooling is critical for cognitive health throughout life
15 Coronavirus transmission risk increases along wildlife supply chains
16 GI symptoms linked to behavioral problems in children, especially those with autism
17 New study documents increasing frequency, cost, and severity of gunshot wounds
18 Oxytocin can help prevent osteoporosis
19 Adaptive mutations repeat themselves in tiny crustaceans of Lake Baikal
20 Reducing urinary protein for patients with rare kidney disease slows kidney decline
21 Dietary control of the healing of injury-induced inflammation
22 How to get more cancer-fighting nanoparticles to where they are needed
23 What the rest of the world can learn from South Korea's COVID-19 response
24 Biology blurs line between sexes, behaviors
25 Non-fasting blood test can help screen youth for prediabetes and diabetes
26 Forest growth in drier climates will be impacted by reduced snowpack, PSU study finds
27 Evolutionary assimilation of foreign DNA in a new host
28 HPV strains may impact cervical cancer prognosis
29 Breast cancer cells use message-carrying vesicles to send oncogenic stimuli to normal cells
30 Patient experiences in medical imaging and radiation therapy: The importance of skilled patient care professionals
31 Breaking molecular traffic jams with finned nanoporous materials
32 New USask-led research reveals previously hidden features of plant genomes
33 COVID-19 does not directly damage taste bud cells
34 Explosive nuclear astrophysics
35 New study confirms the power of Deinosuchus and its 'teeth the size of bananas'
36 Stronger rains in warmer climate could lessen heat damage to crops, says study
37 Landmarks facing climate threats could 'transform,' expert says
38 NIST's SAMURAI measures 5G communications channels precisely
39 Quality of care at rural hospitals may not differ as much as reported, study suggests
40 Retesting for COVID-19: UPMC shares its experience
41 Detailed molecular workings of a key system in learning and memory formation
42 Theoretical study shows that matter tends to be ordered at low temperatures
43 Individual differences in the brain
44 Globally, only half of women get treatment for preventable killer of newborns
45 New global study shows 'best of the last' tropical forests urgently need protection
46 Army advances learning capabilities of drone swarms
47 Knowledge is power: Learning more about COVID-19 can reduce your pandemic stress
48 Nepal lockdown halved health facility births and increased stillbirths and newborn deaths
49 Rare 'boomerang' earthquake observed along Atlantic Ocean fault line
50 Aspirin may accelerate progression of advanced cancers in older adults
51 McKee CTE staging scheme accurate in diagnosing severity, location of disease
52 Past evidence supports complete loss of Arctic sea-ice by 2035
53 Researchers characterize important regulators of tissue inflammation, fibrosis and regeneration
54 Previously undescribed lineage of Archaea illuminates microbial evolution
55 The brains of nonpartisans are different from those who register to vote with a party
56 Countering anti-vaccination influences from social media--with conversation
57 Discovery of massless electrons in phase-change materials provides next step for future electronics
58 Aquatic robots can remove contaminant particles from water
59 Fighting like cats and dogs?
60 From nanocellulose to gold
61 Land-use change disrupts wild plant pollination on a global scale
62 Fireflies shed light on the function of mitochondria
63 Grasshopper jumping on Bloch sphere finds new quantum insights
64 Wheat and couch grass can extract toxic metals from contaminated soils
65 Inside the ice giants of space
66 Magnesium alloy with eddy-thermal effect for novel tumor magnetic hyperthermia therapy
67 Exact climate data from the past
68 Mouthwashes could reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission
69 The CNIO pave the way for a future gene therapy to reverse pulmonary fibrosis associated with aging
70 TB vaccine research could benefit the elderly and diabetics
71 Personal connections key to climate adaptation
72 How maths modelling helps efforts to eradicate banana bunchy top virus, QUT study
73 Seeing chemical reactions with music
74 Successful school instruction is digital--but not exclusively
75 Restaurant customers frown on automatic gratuities, particularly after good service
76 New tools in the fight against lethal citrus disease
77 Agriculture replaces fossil fuels as largest human source of sulfur in the environment
78 AI-enhanced precision medicine identifies novel autism subtype
79 Genomic sequencing as a standalone newborn screening tool falls short
80 Miscarriage risk increases each week alcohol is used in early pregnancy
81 Fragmented forests: Tree cover, urban sprawl both increased in Southeast Michigan over the past 30 years
82 UT southwestern levels the playing field for testicular cancer patients
83 Berkeley Lab science snapshots: Scientists Say: Expect More Rainfall Variability for California
84 Study finds ATV-related head and neck injuries among youth continue to remain high
85 Math shows how brain stays stable amid internal noise and a widely varying world
86 New treatment targets found for blinding retinal disease
87 Imaging method highlights new role for cellular "skeleton" protein
88 Agriculture replaces fossil fuels as largest human source of sulfur to the environment
89 Tel Aviv University scientists reduce metastatic spread following tumor removal surgery
90 Indigenous property rights protect the Amazon rainforest
91 Study pinpoints five most likely causes of post-traumatic stress in police officers
92 New approach to treating osteoarthritis advances
93 Light swirls provide insights into the quantum world
94 How fish stocks will change in warming seas
95 Poverty alleviation efforts are shaping the success of environmental targets
96 Algal blue light switch control of electrical excitation in plants
97 Photo of eyes provides forecast of longevity in heart failure patients
98 UBC helps Arc'teryx stay green and dry with next-generation water-repellent fabrics
99 Gulf war illness, chronic fatigue syndrome distinct illnesses, Georgetown study suggests
100 Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to a greater risk of autism
101 Nutritional screening a potential tool for determining heart attack, angina prognosis
102 Brain activity during psychological stress may predict chest pain in people with heart disease
103 Space invaders as MOFs act as liquids
104 Air pollution impacts the health of wild pollinators
105 Scientists develop first quantum algorithm to characterize noise across large systems
106 Multi-species bacterial communities bounce back from environmental disturbances
107 An ancient association? Crickets disperse seeds of early-diverging orchid Apostasia nipponica
108 Standardized care may help equalize health outcomes among patients with testicular cancer
109 Confused by whole grain labels on food packaging? Study finds you're not alone
110 Using air to amplify light
111 Third breakthrough demonstrates photosynthetic hacks can boost yield, conserve water
112 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
113 Prenatal depression alters child's brain connectivity, affects behavior
114 Discovery transforms understanding of hydrogen depletion at the seafloor
115 Breakthrough technology purifies water using the power of sunlight
116 KIST finds clue to improve artificial vision for patients with retinitis pigmentosa
117 How to boost tips and donations with the dueling preference approach
118 Researchers find new potential treatment for prion diseases