File Title
1 High levels of mercury, plastic toxins found in stranded whales, dolphins
2 Mixed bag projected for Atlantic fish stocks as temperatures rise
3 Scientists turn seawater into drinkable freshwater using metal compounds, sunlight
4 World's most pristine tropical forests remain vulnerable to deforestation
5 Researchers, growers seek vanilla production in Florida
6 Math models developed by Alan Turing help scientists explain bird behavior
7 Increasing indigenous property rights could help save the rainforest
8 Digital content to total half Earth's mass by 2245
9 Primate voice boxes are bigger, evolve at a faster pace, study says
10 Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico damaged by broken cable
11 Red bricks can be charged, store energy
12 Astronomers discover most-distant Milky Way-like galaxy ever observed
13 Male frog in Brazil loyal to two females during breeding season
14 Bird, reptile tears similar to human tears, study says
15 Humans have been cremating the dead since at least 7,000 B.C.
16 Fossil fuels not the only source of deadly air pollution, study says
17 Friendships in Iraqi soccer league show 'contact hypothesis' works, but has limits
18 Genomic analysis suggests climate change caused the extinction of wooly rhinos
19 Study: Humans have been sleeping on beds for 200,000 years
20 Breakthrough extends quantum state stability by 10,000 times
21 Northern California wildfire spawns rare firenado
22 Sierra Nevada aims to complete Dream Chaser space plane in March
23 Climate change worsens effects of nutrient pollution on marine ecosystems
24 Gas cloud's gamma-ray heartbeat puzzles astronomers
25 U.S. may see 30-fold rise in extreme heat exposure by 2100
26 SpaceX sets rocket booster reuse record in satellite launch
27 Farmers should share burden of cultivating wild bees, researchers say
28 Dust allows virus particles to become airborne, study shows
29 Humidity helps virus particles remain airborne, travel farther
30 Supernova could explain extinctions at the end of the Devonian period
31 Google honors periodic table pioneer Julius Lothar Meyer with Doodle
32 Alaska's salmon are getting smaller
33 Plastic debris leaches toxins into the stomachs of sea birds
34 A bit of gold grants crystals new electric properties
35 Cold gas ejected from the center of the Milky Way puzzles scientists
36 Biomedical research often ignores the diverse genetic ancestry of Black Americans
37 Fossil leaves prove elevated CO2 triggered greening 23M years ago
38 X-rays reveal details of animal mummification in ancient Egypt
39 Paleontologists find giant lizard in stomach of a prehistoric marine carnivore
40 Fruit flies reveal first known social cue of safety
41 Incredible mobility of flying foxes complicates conservation efforts
42 Magnetic flux powers black hole's powerful jet
43 One-quarter of drugs approved by FDA had reviewer objections
44 Mild COVID-19 symptoms can last up to 3 weeks, CDC says
45 Smoking, heart disease increase midlife mental decline risk
46 Summer toxic algae blooms may be growing threat to health
47 Flu shot may lower risk for Alzheimer's disease, study says
48 Three-quarters of adults with COVID-19 have heart damage after recovery
49 Lab-created virus may aid COVID-19 research, scientists say
50 Study: Post-menopausal women don't need 2nd test for osteoporosis
51 Spanking on the decline among American parents, survey says
52 Experts: Rush to publish makes some COVID-19 research unreliable
53 Alcohol abuse increases death risk after hospitalization for arrhythmia
54 PTSD therapy doesn't trigger drug relapse in addiction patients
55 Masks can mitigate risk of COVID-19 'super spreaders' in rooms
56 School lunch program changes improved children's diets
57 Concussion increases odds for brain conditions, study shows
58 Smoking raises aneurysm risk for women
59 Yet another study finds vaccines are safe
60 CBD a safe treatment for cannabis use disorders, study finds
61 New blood test 96% accurate at spotting Alzheimer's disease
62 Survey: Many parents worry children will catch COVID-19 at school
63 Certain COVID-19 antibodies may treat, prevent infection
64 9/11 first responders have higher odds for Alzheimer's
65 Child care stress, hunger harming U.S. families during pandemic
66 Study: COVID-19 outbreaks worse at nursing homes with more complaints
67 Virus sparked global mask-wearing, but not much in U.S.
68 Science unclear on whether artificial sweeteners are healthful
69 School closures reduced COVID-19 cases, deaths up to 60%, study finds
70 HPV shots are safe and effective, but many parents still hesitate
71 Study: 65% of early COVID-19 cases globally linked to Italy, China, Iran travel
72 Music lessons may not help children master math, study says
73 Progress against cardiovascular death in U.S. slowing, study shows
74 Young kids, adults may have same amount of coronavirus in upper airways
75 11 states may face ICU doctor shortages as COVID-19 cases climb
76 Fibroid treatments can provide relief without hysterectomy
77 Opioid prescriptions after knee, hip replacement on rise, study finds
78 CDC: 93K Americans die from alcohol-related causes each year
79 Experts: Telemedicine boom may outlast COVID-19 pandemic
80 Botox may help relieve depression for some patients
81 Most women unaware cancer can develop near breast implants
82 HPV test recommended for cervical cancer screening
83 Testing every two days, masks, distancing may limit COVID-19 spread at colleges
84 Streetlights may raise risks for colon cancer
85 Post-op delirium in seniors causes longer hospital stays, higher costs
86 Study reveals how coronavirus travels indoors
87 44% of attendees at Georgia overnight camp test positive for COVID-19
88 Study: COVID-19 risk 3 times higher for front-line health workers
89 Many in U.S. using social media less as national tension rises
90 Abused, neglected kids show increased signs of biological aging
91 Racial disparities in death rates widen in U.S. rural areas, study says
92 Nearly a third of young Black Americans have high blood pressure
93 Fit patients fair better after A-Fib treatment
94 Testing, tracing needed to prevent COVID-19 spread at schools, study finds
95 Australian study suggests children less likely to spread COVID-19 than adults
96 Study: Anti-inflammatory drug may be first to slow arthritis
97 Mask use against COVID-19 not causing false sense of security, study says
98 November election in U.S. can be held safely, experts say
99 Breastfeeding safe after mom has anesthesia, experts say
100 Obesity puts older African-Americans at higher risk for severe COVID-19
101 PPE shortages, little guidance plague home health workers during pandemic
102 Rare nervous system condition outbreak expected in 2020, CDC warns
103 Pandemic reveals resiliency of many older Americans
104 Common cold could boost COVID-19 immunity, study finds
105 Many COVID-19 patients given useless antibiotics, study shows
106 Cancer diagnoses drop as many skip screening due to COVID-19
107 Study questions benefit of cholesterol drugs
108 Google promotes wearing a mask in new Doodle
109 Social media boosting COVID misinformation, researchers say
110 Depression, violence risk higher in men with 'harmful masculinities'
111 Sick, injured Americans avoided ERs amid COVID-19 fears