File Title
1 'Mummified' plants give glimpse of Earth's future
2 Earliest art in the British Isles discovered on Jersey
3 Climate change: Dams played key role in limiting sea level rise
4 Flint water crisis: Michigan 'agrees to pay $600m'
5 Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The animals at risk from Alaska oil drilling
6 Dounreay site available for reuse in the year 2333
7 UK to set limits on harmful airborne particles
8 Elephant shrew rediscovered in Africa after 50 years
9 Scientists unlock Alpine trees' molecular defence
10 'Highest temperature on Earth' as Death Valley, US hits 54.4íC
11 Mauritius oil spill: MV Wakashio captain arrested
12 Why the Mauritius oil spill is so serious
13 Death Valley: What life is like in the 'hottest place on Earth'
14 How developers are using mobile games to help save the planet
15 Robot boat completes three-week Atlantic mission
16 The algorithms that make big decisions about your life
17 Coronavirus: Cullybackey meat plant closes due to Covid cluster
18 Beattock peat extraction plan prompts climate change fear
19 Rhondda ex-mining village looks to forest for its future
20 Ash dieback: NI's native ash trees face fatal disease
21 Chicken rehoming charity gets 52,000 lockdown hen requests
22 The pioneering surgeons who cleaned up filthy hospitals
23 How outdoor advertising can deepen inequality
24 Laos' collective approach to healthcare
25 White Riot: The music activists who took on racism
26 Why plastic waste is an ideal building material
27 The Japanese city that banned 'smartphone-walking'
28 QAnon: Facebook takes action on conspiracy groups
29 AirBnB bans all house parties worldwide
30 Queen's 'uphill battle' to stop Trump using songs on social media
31 A-levels: Ofqual's 'cheating' algorithm under review
32 Mukbang: Why is China clamping down on eating influencers?
33 Apple first US company to be valued at $2tn
34 Airbnb puts stock market float back on the table
35 Facebook 'danger to public health' warns report
36 Apple helped make 'top secret' iPod for US government
37 Phones could detect drinking over legal driving limit
38 Spotify goes down around the globe
39 Trump gives nod to Oracle buyout of TikTok in US
40 Coronavirus: Romance scams, the Yahoo boys and my friend Beth
41 Tracking down three billion litres of lost water
42 Robots go their own way deep in the ocean
43 Belarus election: How Nexta channel bypassed news blackout
44 Xbox xCloud: How does Game Pass streaming work?
45 Luccombe village phone box 'like an insurance policy'
46 Olivia Wilde set to direct Marvel movie for Sony
47 Pupils get record GCSE grades as BTecs are pulled
48 GCSE results: 'A weight has been lifted'
49 Schools minister Nick Gibb was warned about exam algorithm in July
50 Will GCSE grade inflation cause problems for future students? And other questions
51 Students to be offered first choice places, says minister
52 GCSEs: Inside a school in one of England's lowest attainment areas
53 BTec grades pulled on eve of results day
54 A-levels: Algorithm at centre of grading crisis 'unlawful' says Labour
55 10 charts on what happens after GCSEs
56 BTec Nationals and Firsts: What went wrong with the grades?
57 GCSEs 2020: The 9-1 grading system explained
58 A-levels and GCSEs: How did the exam algorithm work?
59 Coronavirus: 'My dad built me a beauty salon in the garden'
60 Exam results: Where did it go wrong and what happens next?
61 A-levels and GCSEs: Student tells minister 'you've ruined my life'
62 Coronavirus: Exam results day rituals put on hold
63 Isle of Man GCSE grades 'not easily gained'
64 A-level and IGCSE U-turn: Isle of Man students to get predicted grades
65 Coronavirus smell loss 'different from cold and flu'
66 Coronavirus vaccine: Australia rules out mandatory immunisations
67 South Korea tightens Covid-19 curbs amid warning of new 'crisis'
68 Coronavirus: UK to ramp up coronavirus monitoring programme
69 Coronavirus: France to make face masks mandatory in most workplaces
70 Wuhan coronavirus: From silent streets to packed pools
71 Coronavirus: Spanish regions ban smoking over Covid-19 risk
72 Coronavirus: The hidden heroes of India's Covid-19 wards
73 Nigerians' double blow: Currency woes and Covid-19
74 Coronavirus: The bogus meme targeting Dr. Fauci, and other fake claims
75 Leicester health trust awards cancer patient's family 100,000 pounds
76 Coronavirus: Jobs created at Welsh Lighthouse testing lab
77 Coronavirus in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?
78 Coronavirus cases in Wales: How many people have died?
79 Coronavirus: How is the pandemic affecting life in Scotland?
80 Coronavirus: Surviving intensive care is just the start of the journey
81 Linda Nolan and Bill Turnbull urge public not to delay cancer checks
82 Can Facial Recognition Algorithms Identify You When Wearing a COVID Mask? Surprising Research Results
83 NIH-Moderna Investigational COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise
84 These Unusual Metallic Blue Fruits Have Incredible Dazzling Color--Now Scientists Know How and Why
85 Physicists Cast Doubt on Neutrino Theory--Exotic Subatomic Particle May Not Exist at All
86 Ancient Genomes Suggest the Real Reason Woolly Rhinos Went Extinct
87 Hubble Finds Cause for Betelgeuse's Mysterious Dimming--Is Aging Red Supergiant About to Supernova?
88 Domestic Violence Injuries Increased During COVID-19--With More Severe Injuries Suffered by Victims
89 Drug, Already Approved to Treat Multiple Sclerosis, Blocks HIV Infection and Transmission in Human Immune Cells
90 How MIT Built Its Own COVID-19 Testing Trailer that Can Test Up to 1,500 People a Day
91 Using Air to Amplify Light in Hollow-Core Optical Fibers
92 Incredible Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views of Craters, Dust Devils, and Avalanches on the Red Planet
93 Dark Matter Breakthrough Allows Probing Three of the Most Popular Theories, All at the Same Time
94 Rare 'Boomerang' Earthquake Tracked by Scientists in the Ocean for the First Time
95 After Four Months of Darkness, the Sun Finally Rises at Concordia Research Station
96 A Crazier Crazy Straw for Cutting-Edge Science
97 Quantum Researchers Create an Error-Correcting Cat--New Device Combines Schrodinger's Cat with Quantum Error Correction
98 Perovskite and Organic Solar Cells Rocketed into Space for the First Time
99 Quantum Materials Could Mimic Colossal Magnetic Fields Using Graphene that Buckles
100 Scientists Have Been Warning About an "Insect Apocalypse" for Years--Not So Fast
101 Scientists Discover Simple Innovation to Make Quantum States Last 10,000 Times Longer
102 Ultrathin Flat Lenses for High Resolution Imaging Using Monolayer Transition Metal
103 Mystery of Auroral Beads Uncovered with NASA's THEMIS Spacecraft
104 Scientists Build a Better Nanoscale LED--a Tiny, Bright Light that Can Transform into a Laser
105 MIT's Azra Aksamija: Rebuilding Cultures Through Art, Design, and Community
106 Herd Immunity to COVID-19 Fails to Materialize in Sweden
107 Human, Bird and Reptile Tears Aren't So Different--Critical to Healthy Eyesight Across Species
108 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Powered Up for the First Time in Interplanetary Space
109 Here's What Happens When a Supermassive Black Hole Fails to Do Its Job [Video]
110 NASA STEREO Spacecraft's Lone View of Betelgeuse Reveals More Strange Behavior--Is Supernova Imminent?
111 Innovative Approaches to COVID-19 Vaccine Taken by Molecular Engineers