File Title
1 Vitamin D and Calcium Twice a Day May Keep Vertigo Away
2 In HEPA We Trust: How to Make the Indoors Safer During COVID-19
3 Astronomical First: Differences Detected Between Discs of Active and Non-Active Galaxies
4 Understanding Human Evolution: Neanderthal DNA Contributes to Genetic Diversity
5 Saturn-Sized Exoplanet Discovered by the Gravitational "Wobble" in the Small, Cool Star It Orbits
6 8 Thrilling Martian Postcards to Celebrate NASA Curiosity Mars Rover's Anniversary
7 Learning of Foreign Language Sounds Boosted by Non-invasive Nerve Stimulation
8 It Came Alive!--NASA SpaceX Dragon Astronauts Recount Thrilling Return to Earth & Surprising "Below Zero" Altitude Splashdown
9 Loop Quantum Cosmology Theory: Cosmic Tango Between the Very Small and the Very Large
10 Lithium in Public Drinking Water May Have an Anti-suicidal Effect--"Magic Ion" Has Potential to Improve Community Mental Health
11 Discovered in Deep Ocean: New Current that Transports Water to One of World's Largest "Waterfalls"
12 New COVID-19 Study Shows Disposed PPE Can Be Turned into Biofuel
13 A Quintillion Calculations a Second: DOE Calculating the Benefits of Exascale and Quantum Computers
14 Deflated Croissant--Uncovering the True Shape of Our Solar System
15 Hubble Uses Moon as "Mirror" to Study Earth's Atmosphere--Proxy in Search of Potentially Habitable Planets Around Other Stars
16 Solved: Mystery that's Been Puzzling Scientists Since 1852--Bizarre Giraffe-Necked Reptile Hunted Underwater
17 Shocking Research Finds DNA from an Ancient, Unidentified Ancestor Was Passed Down to Humans Living Today
18 Sexual Parasitism: Loss of Adaptive Immunity Helps Deep Sea Anglerfish Physically Fuse with Their Mates
19 Large Proportion of NHS Workers May Have Already Had COVID-19 with Only Mild Symptoms
20 See the Amazing Wildlife Photos that Won the 7th Annual BMC Ecology Image Competition
21 Surprisingly Young Galaxy--Discovered by AI--Breaks Low-Oxygen Record
22 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reveals Jupiter's Unusual Electrical Storms: "Shallow Lightning" and "Mushballs"
23 MIT Engineers Discover How Shaving Soft Hair Dulls Even the Sharpest of Razors
24 Medication Used for Alcoholism Treatment Is Potentially Effective Against COVID-19
25 Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon May Be Suitable for Planetary Bases--Up to 1,000 Times Wider than Those on Earth
26 New Research Finds that Mask Mandates Have Major Impact--Tens of Thousands of Lives at Stake
27 Seeds of Life in the Universe: Stars Rich in Phosphorus Challenge Theoretical Predictions
28 Interface of Advanced Materials Key to Safer, Longer-Lasting Energy Storage
29 NIH Launches ACTIV-3 Clinical Trial to Test Antibody Treatments in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients
30 Violent Impact May Have Caused Huge Ring-Like Structure on the Surface of Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
31 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Matchpoint Rehearsal: Final Practice Before Touching Down on Asteroid Bennu
32 Scientists Use CRISPR to Target Gene Messages Involved in Early Development
33 The Large Hadron Collider Is Breaking New Ground in the Search for Dark Matter
34 NASA/NOAA Satellites Observe Surprisingly Rapid Increase in Scale and Intensity of Fires in Siberia
35 New Vaccine Platform--With No Needles--Has Potential to Be More Effective with Fewer Side Effects
36 Rapid Changes Detected in a Black Hole May Explain Origin of the Most Energetic Radiation in the Universe
37 Stunning 99-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals "Hell Ants" in Detail: Hunted with Bizarre, Deadly Mandibles
38 Unusual Sound Waves Induced Using Laser Pulses--140 Years After Alexander Graham Bell Reported that Light Can Be Converted into Sound Waves
39 New Quantum Approach for Sharing Secrets Sets a Record with 11 Dimensions
40 Clever Trick Allows Precision Measurement of Exoplanet--Surprisingly High Density Challenges Planet Formation Theories
41 Easy, Efficient Way to Sanitize N95 Masks Using an Electric Multi-Cooker [Video]
42 How Venus and Mars Can Teach Us About the Past and Future of Earth
43 Discovery Could Lead to More Potent Garlic, Boosting Flavor and Aroma
44 NIH Harnesses Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19 Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring
45 Space-Time Refraction Defies Fermat's Principle: New Class of Laser Beam Doesn't Follow Normal Laws of Refraction
46 NASA Advanced Rapid Imaging Satellite Maps Blast Damage: Beirut Explosion Aftermath
47 New Electrocatalyst Turns Carbon Dioxide into Liquid Fuel
48 Penguin Poo Is a Clue: Discovering New Penguin Colonies from Space
49 Overcoming a Fatal Flaw: Lasers on Earth Can Now Detect Space Debris in Daylight
50 COVID-19 / 5G Infodemic: A Perfect Storm for Conspiracy Theories
51 Irregular Outbursts from a Double Star System--Energy Equivalent to 10 Million Trillion Hydrogen Bombs
52 Large Hadron Collider Detects Evidence of a Rare Higgs Boson Process: God Particle Decaying into a Pair of Muons
53 An Ancient Reptile in Peril: The Curious Genome of the Tuatara, a Vulnerable Species that Is NOT a Lizard
54 Black Hole Fails to Do Its Job, Unleashing a Remarkable Torrent of Star Formation
55 Cells Communicate by Doing the 'Wave'--Scientists Reverse Engineer Cellular Mechano-Chemical Feedback System
56 NASA Dropping Cosmic Nicknames that May Be Considered Racially Insensitive--"We Must Make It Inclusive"
57 NASA InSight Lander Takes Deep Mars Measurements: Seismograph Data Reveals Boundaries from Crust to Core
58 Transgender and Gender-Diverse Individuals Far More Likely to Be Autistic
59 COVID-19 Can Lead to Obstruction of the Blood Vessels in the Lung, Heart and Kidneys
60 SMILES: Chemists Create the Brightest-Ever Fluorescent Materials
61 Scientists Clash in Coffee Roasting Competition [video]
62 New COVID-19 Virus-Filtering Mask Material Being Fast-Tracked to Market
63 Stunning Image Gallery Documents Thrilling SpaceX Splashdown--First Splashdown of American Astronauts in 45 Years
64 Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Viruses Can Steal Our Genetic Code to Create New Human-Virus Genes
65 Surfer Waves--NASA Rocket Sees Curling Waves High Above Alaskan Sky
66 Helium Structures Found in Sun's Atmosphere by NASA Sounding Rocket
67 From Seed to Supermarket: What Does It Really Take to Put Produce on Your Plate?
68 Behind the Strange Dead-Water Phenomenon: What Makes Ships Mysteriously Slow Down or Even Stop?
69 NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft Observes Weird Glowing and Pulsing in Mars' Night Sky
70 Scientists Monitor Brains Replaying Memories in Real Time
71 Return of the LIDAR: In a Peninsula Far, Far Away, a Laser Shoots into the Sky
72 Research Shows Exposure to Common Cold Coronaviruses Can Teach the Immune System to Recognize SARS-CoV-2
73 Dazzling Photo of Chinese Port Cities at Night Taken by an Astronaut on the International Space Station
74 Gorgeous Ring of Stellar Wildfire Captured by Hubble Space Telescope
75 Decoy Receptor Neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Coronavirus in Cell Cultures
76 Large Hadron Collider: Could the Higgs Boson Decay into Dark Matter?
77 How Far Does COVID-19 Spread Through Air? Researchers Monitor Virus Transmission in Hospital Rooms
78 Astronomers Sink Their Teeth into Special Supernova--Exploding Stars Produce the Calcium in Our Bones and Teeth
79 The IBCAO 4.0 Bathymetric Chart: New Depth Map of the Arctic Ocean
80 Food Security: Satellites Provide Crucial Data on Crops During COVID-19
81 Engineers Create Surface Coating with Visual "Decoys" that Can Create False Infrared Images
82 Inside the Ice Giants of Space: Scientists Reconstruct Physical Processes on a Small Scale
83 Super Simple: Mouthwash Could Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Coronavirus Transmission
84 Quantum Algorithm Developed to Characterize Noise Across Large-Scale Quantum Computers
85 Researchers Examined What COVID-19 Does to Taste Bud Cells--Here's What They Found
86 Explosive Nuclear Astrophysics: New Method Developed to Determine Origin of Stardust in Meteorites
87 Prenatal Depression Weakens Child's Brain Connectivity--Associated with Increased Aggression and Hyperactivity
88 Hydrothermal Fluid from Piccard Vents Leads to Discovery that Transforms Understanding of Hydrogen Depletion at the Seafloor
89 Opioid Overdose Deaths May Be Grossly Underestimated: Many Found to Be Misclassified as Sudden Heart Attacks
90 Pupil Size of Eyes Can Predict Death and Hospital Readmission in Heart Failure Patients
91 Five Most Likely Causes of Post-traumatic Stress in Police Officers Identified in New Research
92 NASA Scientists Develop Instrument for Analyzing Mars's Boundary Layer--"We Have Great Capabilities in Lidar, Space Lasers, and Detectors"
93 Researchers Show Mathematically How to Best Reopen Your Business After COVID-19 Lockdown
94 Antiviral Treatment for COVID-19 Could Come Much Sooner Thanks to Malaria Breakthrough
95 How Airplanes Counteract Luminous Plasma Phenomenon, St. Elmo's Fire, During Thunderstorms
96 NASA Scientists Map Beirut Blast Damage--Devastating Explosion Rocked Port Area
97 Generic BCG Vaccine Could Be Effective Against COVID-19
98 Advance in Programmable Synthetic Materials: Artificial Molecules Could Power Future Computers
99 Immune-System Paralyzed in Severe COVID-19 Cases
100 Researchers Create COVID-19 Mask Filtration Effectiveness Hierarchy--Dozens of Types of New, Used, and Expired Masks Tested
101 Mystery Solved: NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Close-Up of Ceres Reveals Origin of Mysterious Bright Regions on Dwarf Planet
102 Evolutionary Investigation Across Species Reveals Primate Voice Boxes Are Evolving at Rapid Pace
103 Unusual New Species of Dinosaur Discovered--"We Were Struck by Just How Hollow this Animal Was"
104 Monoclonal Antibodies to Prevent COVID-19: Phase 3 Clinical Trials Now Enrolling
105 Terror Crocodiles with "Teeth the Size of Bananas" Preyed on Even the Very Largest Dinosaurs
106 Stack and Twist: Physicists Accelerate the Hunt for Revolutionary New Materials
107 Mauritius Oil Spill Spotted from Space--Island Has Declared a "State of Environmental Emergency"
108 NASA's TESS--The Space Agency's "Planet Hunter"--Completes Its Primary Mission with "Roaring Success"
109 Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine--Made from a Genetically Modified Virus--Prevents Severe Disease
110 Astronomers Peer 12 Billion Years Back in Time--Surprised to Find a Milky Way Look-Alike
111 Secrets of the Past Unlocked with Accurate New International Carbon Dating Standard
112 Like Sharks to Blood--Health Sector and Big Pharma Spent Big on Lobbying for COVID-19 Funding as Congress Doles Out $3 Trillion
113 Multifocal Contact Lenses Slow Progression of Nearsightedness in Children
114 Mysterious Blue Whirl Flame--Which Consumes All Fuel It Encounters--Revealed by New Research
115 NASA Launched Laser Beams at the Moon--For the First Time, They Received a Signal Back
116 Stunning Video of "Matchpoint" Rehearsal Shows NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Skimming Asteroid Surface
117 Lipoic Acid Supplements Help Overweight People Lose Weight in Clinical Trial
118 Sea Ice in Denmark Strait--Drifted More than 1,000 Km (600 Miles) from the Arctic Ocean