File Title
1 Perseverance "Phones Home"--Next Stop Confirmed: Mars!
2 Encyclopedia Created to Detail the Inner Workings of the Human and Mouse Genomes
3 Surprising Similarities Between Humans and Flies: Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle of How the Brain Evolved
4 New Technique Makes It Easier, Cheaper, and Faster to Analyze Precious Antarctic Micrometeorites
5 New Insight into How Quarks Combine by Tracking Particles Containing Charm Quarks
6 Remarkable New Fabric Efficiently Transfers Heat--Could Help Keep You Cool Even Without A/C
7 Perfect Launch Sends NASA's Perseverance Rover on Seven-Month Journey to Mars
8 Brilliant New Technique to Study Superheavy Elements
9 Solid Acid Nano-Sponges Transform CO2 into Fuel and Plastic Waste into Useful Chemicals
10 We Are Mutating SARS-CoV-2--The COVID-19 Virus--But It Is Evolving Back
11 Mysteriously Long, Thin Cloud Returns on Mars--Not Linked to Volcanic Activity
12 Surprising Discovery Brings Scientists a Step Closer to Room Temperature Superconductivity
13 NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Launched on Ambitious Mission to Red Planet
14 Warning: Some "Inactive" Drug Ingredients May Not Actually Be Inert
15 New Technique to Capture CO2 More Efficiently Could Reduce Power Plant Greenhouse Gases
16 Incredible New COVID-19 Testing Technologies
17 Data from Solar Dynamics Observatory Helps NASA Predict Big Solar Flares
18 How Human Sperm Fooled Scientists for 350 Years
19 Plastic Flow into Ocean Expected to Triple by 2040, but Action Could Stem Tide More than 80%
20 Counterintuitive Discovery Leads to New MXene Material with Extraordinary Electromagnetic Shielding Ability
21 Surprisingly Recent Galaxy Discovered Using Machine Learning--May Be the Last Generation Galaxy in the Long Cosmic History
22 Discovery of Unconventional Spin Transport in Quantum Spin Liquids May Enable Next-Generation Electronics
23 How Mosquitoes Got Their Taste for Human Blood--What It Means for the Future
24 Best Place on Earth to See Stars--Where They Can Finally Be Seen Without Their Twinkle
25 COVID-19 Is Disrupting Weather Forecasts--Here's How
26 MIT Scientists Create Giant "Artificial Atoms" to Enable Quantum Processing and Communication in One
27 Solving a DNA Mystery: "The Bizarre Thing About the Bubbling DNA"
28 Raw Genetic Basis of Bats' Unique Adaptations and Remarkable Superpowers Revealed
29 NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Cruising at 24,600 MPH on Its 300 Million Mile Journey to Mars
30 Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Robustly Protects Non-human Primates Against SARS-CoV-2
31 Witness Incredible Phytoplankton Surge in Arctic Waters
32 Powerful DNA Manipulation: Improved Gene Editing with New Understanding of CRISPR-Cas9 Tool
33 Shrinking (Ultra)Violet: Using Narrow Wavebands of UV Light to Kill Germs in Drinking Water
34 The Stars that Time Forgot: Remnant of Strange Dismembered Star Cluster Discovered at Galaxy's Edge
35 Researchers Eliminate SARS-CoV-2 and Bacteria from N95 Masks with Low-Cost Moist Heat Treatment
36 Specialized Nanoparticles Create a "Breath Signal" to Diagnose Diseases by Analyzing a Patient's Breath
37 U.S. Department of Energy Unveils Blueprint for Quantum Internet
38 SpaceX Crew Dragon Is on Its Way Home--Planned Splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico
39 Global Cooling 13,000 Years Ago Was Caused by Volcanic Eruptions, Not Meteors
40 33-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Solved? Hot "Blob" Discovered in Supernova Remnant--Not a Pulsar or Black Hole
41 Powerful Photon-Based Processing Units Enable Complex Artificial Intelligence
42 Advanced Cryo-EM Reveals Viral RNA Replication Complex Structure in "Game-Changing" Detail
43 NASA's Perseverance Rover Is Carrying First Spacesuit Materials to Mars--Here's Why
44 Butterfly Effect in Quantum Realm Disproven by Simulating Quantum 'Time Travel'
45 COVID-19 Breakthrough: Scientists Identify Possible "Achilles' Heel" of SARS-CoV-2 Virus
46 Scientists Discover "Fool's Gold" May Be Valuable After All
47 NASA Astronauts Wake Up, Prep SpaceX Crew Dragon for Splashdown
48 Crew Dragon Astronauts Target Splashdown off Coast of Pensacola, Florida
49 Sexual Parasitism: Deep-Sea Anglerfish Evolved a New Type of Immune System to Physically Fuse with Their Mates
50 Abstract Mathematical Noodling Leads to New Insights into an Old Fusion Problem
51 Stunning Shimmering Space Butterfly Captured by Very Large Telescope
52 Lung Ultrasound Reveals Duration and Severity of COVID-19
53 Quantum Physicists Crack Mystery of "Strange Metals"--a New State of Matter
54 Meandering Mississippi River: Photo Taken by Astronaut on Space Station Shows Divergence from State Boundaries
55 New Class of Semiconducting Entropy-Stabilized Materials Discovered
56 New NASA Research Projects Probe COVID-19 Impacts on Environment, Food & Water Supply
57 Hubble Space Telescope Sees Near and Far
58 Welcome Home, Bob and Doug!--First Splashdown of American Astronauts in 45 Years
59 Speech Processing Hierarchy in the Dog Brain--Exciting Similarities with Humans
60 Some Tropical Coral Reefs Resilient to Rising Temperatures--May Show "The Key to Survival for Future Reefs"
61 Ancient Part of Immune System May Underpin Severe COVID-19--Key May Be in Your Eyes
62 NASA's Innovative New Telescope Will Study Jupiter, Its Rings, and Two Intriguing Moons
63 While Birds Chirp, Plasma Shouldn't: New Plasma Physics Insight Advances the Development of Fusion Energy
64 Experiencing Childhood Trauma or Abuse Makes Body and Brain Age Faster
65 Ancient River Systems on Mars Seen in Unprecedented Detail
66 COVID-19 Vaccine Innovation Could Massively Speed Up Worldwide Production
67 Quantum Blackjack: Using Quantum Entanglement to Gain an Advantage in the Game of Blackjack
68 New Findings Throw Cold Water on Ancient Mars Hypothesis
69 Our Brains' Information Processing Capacity Is Constrained by a Constant but Limited Energy Supply
70 Anatomy of an Acne Treatment: What Makes First New Antibiotic Approved to Treat Acne in More than 40 Years Effective
71 Study of 94 Countries Shows Immunization Programs Yield High ROI, Saving Hundreds of Billions of Dollars
72 Origin of Oddball Meteorites: Exploring Magnetization Preserved for Billions of Years
73 Asthma Drug Can Boost Sprint and Strength Performance--"Would Change the Outcome of Most Athletic Competitions"
74 Surprise Finding of Ancient Offering at the Bottom of Lake Titicaca
75 Unexpected Ripples Generated by Chemical Reactions Violate a Central Tenet of Chemistry
76 An Incredible Day: Splashdown Successfully Concludes NASA's SpaceX Demo-2
77 Synthetic Lethality--Exploiting Cancer-Specific Genetic Defects to Target Cancers
78 Advanced International Analysis Narrows Range of Climate's Sensitivity to CO2
79 Reef Sharks in Decline--Already Functionally Extinct on Many of the World's Reefs
80 Mars Terraforming: Cultivating Ideas for Mars on Earth
81 Quantum Leap Challenge: UC Berkeley to Lead $25 Million Quantum Computing Center
82 MIT Makes Their Own Lava, Discovers Lava Oceans May Not Explain Brightness of Some Hot Super-Earths
83 Minimizing Spread of COVID-19 and Reducing Fatalities: Face Masks and Social Distancing Not Enough
84 Droplet Spread from Humans Doesn't Always Follow Airflow--Important Implications for Spread of COVID-19
85 Long-Standing Tension in the Standard Model of Particle Physics Addressed by ATLAS Experiment at CERN
86 The Six Strains of SARS-CoV-2: Despite Its Mutations, the Virus Shows Little Variability
87 Tracking California's Sinking Coast from Space: San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Los Angeles, and San Diego Majorly Affected
88 Larger Trees More Likely to Die from Drought in the Amazon--Small Trees Offer Hope for Rainforests
89 NASA's Lucy Mission--Which Will Study Trojan Asteroids--Passes Critical Mission Milestone
90 Study Finds that Increase in Immigration Has Little Impact on the Wages of US Citizens
91 Vultures Carry Microorganisms that Can Cause Disease in Humans, but Do They Put Human Health at Risk?
92 How the Election of Donald Trump Affected European Support for US Trade Agreement
93 80% of Older Adults Have at Least One Skin Disease--39% Have 3 or More
94 Gout Increasing Across the World at an Alarming Rate
95 COVID-19 Rates Significantly Higher Among Minority, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Children
96 Men Scoring Higher on "Man Box" Scale Are Prone to Mental Illness and Violence
97 Many States Ill Prepared for Safe Elections During the COVID-19 Pandemic
98 Tracking Humanity's Latest Plastics and Chemical Toxins in Stranded Whales and Dolphins
99 Why Bird Nests Attract Flying Insects and Parasites
100 Cannabis Use Shows Substantial Risks, No Benefits for Cardiovascular Health
101 Incredible New Images from ExoMars Orbiter Captures Spring in Martian Craters
102 Dinosaur Diagnosed with Malignant Cancer for the First Time--Cancerous Bone from 77 Million Years Ago
103 Stirred-Up Planet Factory Captured by the Revolutionary ALMA Telescope
104 Canadian Ice Caps Completely Disappear, Confirming Scientific Prediction
105 Remaining Space Station Crew Busy with Fascinating Research: Free-Flying Robots, Planetary Bodies and Water Droplets
106 Meeting Growing Demand for Increased Storage Capacity with Improved Graphene-Based Supercapacitors
107 Half of All the Calcium in the Universe: Unprecedented Observations Shine Light on a Dying Star's Final Moments
108 Mushballs: Exotic Ammonia-Rich Hailstones Shed New Light on Jupiter's Weather
109 Scientists Say Oriole Hybridization Is a Dead End
110 Life at Its Limits: Microbes in the Seabed Survive on Far Less Energy than Shown Ever Before